Make Hardest Pattern Lock Tips & ideas for your Android Phone

Probably you are looking for Android Hardest Pattern Lock Tips, ideas and you landed here! So let’s discuss how you can create the most difficult to unlock designs for your Android phone or perhaps its Android tablet. Also We will discuss about some very common models for Android lock screen to a ordinary person trying to enter.
In addition, we will discuss about how to set a good pattern lock and a few unique tips you need to follow when setting up a model lock your Android smartphone.

Here are some of the most common lock pattern habits

  1. 77% of users started their patterns in one of the corners.
  2. 44% of people usually start their patterns from the top-left corner dot.
  3. Over 10% of blocking reasons have been made in the form of a letter (often representing the first initial of the person, or a loved one).
  4. Most users use only 5 knots, and a significant amount used only four.weak-android-lock-patternsSee also: Download CM Security Antivirus AppLock for Android


Tips for Setting a Good Pattern Lock in 2022:

Here are some unique tips you should follow when configuring a pattern lock for your Android smartphone.

  1. Pattern lock should not be the first letter of your name or your loved one name.
  2. Never use common configuration lock ideas that are presented above.
  3. Try using a maximum 6-8 points to create your good model.
  4. Do not use visible pattern to unlock your smartphone.
  5. Never tell your boss to someone else.
  6. If you configure a latter as your pattern lock then put it in reverse order, therefore, less likely to get crack.
  7. Keep changing your pattern lock screen regularly.
  8. Set up a complicated pattern lock. (No more complicated because there are likely to forget model.)
  9. So what are the main key tips for the establishment of a good and hard lock model for your Android - tips

my collection of some harder, and the coolest android pattern lock ideas. (It is advised not to put your Android smartphone, due most likely to forget yourself.)


Hardest as well as Coolest pattern lock ideas :

So here I will use the best ideas Android pattern lock which are the freshest, most difficult and also I will serve the best advice for a set of extraordinary reasons and also some ideas for easy configuration lock screen and conman that nearly 80% of Android users are using it.
Hardest Pattern Lock Tips & ideas for your Android
Easy to remember, Reason… Pattern is undeniably cool (a player of his friend calls “entry stamp”),and by far the easiest to use every day. Unfortunately, it is also by far the easiest to crack, the more often by checking the touch screen for residues left by sweeping frequent. unless you keep your screen clean so it shines or dirty nobody would steal anyway, this option is the least secure.

It is advised not to put your Android smartphone, due most likely to forget yourself. Now let’s see my collection of some harder, and the coolest android pattern lock ideas.

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Patterns in All-In-One Toolbox

1st Difficult pattern locking idea is shown in the picture below, the sequence number for this pattern is 4-8-9-6-2-1-7-5-3-2. You can see it is a very complicated model to unlock!

Hardest Pattern Lock 1

 2nd Difficult pattern lock idea is somewhat looking like a star, so it is also known as the android star patten lock. The sequence number for this patten lock is 5-2-7-6-1-8-3-4-9-2. The image of the boot android pattern lock is shown below.

all-in-one-toolbox-app-lock 3
Hardest Pattern Lock 2

3rd Difficult patten lock idea is an unusual shape and very hard to crack it. It starts from the number 1 and ends to number 7. The number sequence for this pattern is 1-5-9-4-8-2-6-3-7.

all-in-one-toolbox-app-lock 2
Hardest Pattern Lock 3

As like…

Hardest Pattern Lock 4
Hardest Pattern Lock 5


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It is this kind of information makes me more of a lawyer of biometrics. Create your own security authentication proved to be a weak solution (in a larger scale, of course). fingerprint readers, scanners retinal and facial recognition are very reliable methods that may be more difficult to forge.
So what are the toughest and coolest motif. If you enjoyed this patterns and tips for setting up a good patterns then do not forget to share with your friends.

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