Train Conductor World Cheats, Tips, and Strategies Guide

Train Conductor World Cheats, Tricks, Tips, and Strategies Guide.

World Train Conductor: European Railway is a friendly and welcoming puzzle game that is much harder than it first lets on as Train Conductor World Cheats. It is a satisfying blend path switching and Prevention trainwreck with puzzle action for players of all skill levels. But you may find that you end up needing help when playing because it can ramp up the difficulty quite quickly. Our advice Train Conductor World, cheats and strategies should help keep your gear on the straight and narrow … and get to their destination in one piece. Here’s some Train Conductor World Cheats, Tips, and Strategies Guide.


 Complete the objectives!

After a certain period of time has passed, the levels will earn bonus objectives. If you see a flashing icon next to a city, which means that the level has a purpose for you to try! Making these bonus objectives is generally worth a lot of coins, so try to do every time you see a pop up. When complete, the target will disappear and you have to wait for each other to appear. They remain until you are successful, so do not worry about messing up. Make sure to enable notifications to find out when the next goals appear!




Stop the train! – Train Conductor World Cheats, Tips, and Strategies

Trains can often be barreling towards you pretty quickly, and it can be difficult to understand what to do next in the heat of the moment. That’s why you should not hesitate to use the ability “stop” if you need so you can catch your breath. This will help you take some time to plan your next move. Remember, if you have an accident, level more, and you’ll be stuck watching another video ad if you want to continue. And stopping a train is easy. All you have to do is tap it with your finger to make the stop and press again to make things happen again. You will not get the best possible score if you do this, but at least you’ll make progress.

Every single accident can happen to you may be prevented by quick reflexes and most importantly, an eye. Be careful and watch all the messages! train stops flashing when a train is about to happen again on this rail. Listen loud horns and a red, flashing stop. This means a train is faster than the other trains is about to spawn, so be careful! Also, if you leave the trains come too close for comfort, the game will slow down and you hear the breath of the audience in shock. You have about a second to correct your mistake (s), so be quick!

Do not start moving around all willy nilly trains – Train Conductor World Cheats

You can see all the trains from all directions and be tempted to start distributing redirects and paths for each set of cars as soon as you see them. Do not. And do not automatically assume every car should be sent on a different path. Sometimes this is not the case. And sometimes you can not assume that the easiest path is going to solve all your problems. It’s like life that way. Instead, be patient. If you fail to succeed and then sit down, stop the trains, and the Situation. You can swap the front and back as much as you need and it will not hurt your score or your game as long as you get them to where they need to go. Then you have cleared your goal, you played strategically, and you’re good to go.

Bend the rules (Train Conductor World Cheats, Tips, and Strategies)

If you are not really concerned about the game “fair” and you just want to keep as many stars as possible, you can keep your finger held on a train as long as you want to avoid an accident. It may seem like cheating, but it is not really. It is more of you using all the resources at your disposal. And nobody could ever blame you for it, especially not a Gamezebo!

Collect your income!

Rotterdam freight trains automatically from any connected city. The more cities you connect to it, the more coins you earn over time. Rotterdam is filled with pieces of cargo in about three hours or from, be sure to come back from time to time to collect your winnings.

Ignore the numbers in Train Conductor World Cheats

Trains numbered sides of the tracks may seem beneficial to your cause, but they are not really worth worrying about. They are designed as a guide to help you stay on track, so to speak, but do not be dismayed if you must eventually take track 1 to track 2 or something to that effect. It will trip you the more you play, so just get used to continue along as if they were not even there.

Once you yourself have won a number of railway tiles, you might be able to do some reorganization. Check your tiles and see if you can put down better plans, or heck, you might even be able to reach a new city that was once out of reach. There are even tiles that have branching paths on them – use them to your advantage!

Keep the star combo going!

When trains first appear on the tracks, they will be wearing a silver star on them. As trains are not stopped, this will add to your star count once they reach their destination. All five stars you collect will speed trains, which do not sound like a good thing at first, but in the long run, this means more points and freight for you! Try to keep everything that flows in an efficient manner so that you do not need to stop all trains, but not to risk an accident to a star!

Keep your switches short! Train Conductor World Cheats

When passing vertically from one train to another track, be sure to do it as “right” as possible. By this we mean not long switches. Tap and drag the train directly above or below, not in front of the station. The longer you keep a train in the space between the rails greater chance for a collision, you might not see coming!

Train Conductor World Cheat Codes

  • Pack of 12 Wooden Track Tiles $1.99 >>> “pCMvVYaIqwO3mQs_Qq”
  • Train Style Kit: Royal Aero Express $3.99 >>> “3Jk2jgc28MK2O04_ja”
  • Pack of 12 Mystery Containers $1.99 >>> “ouzjppiKG30R5YW_yt”(Updated cheat code)
  • Pack of 8 Iron Track Tiles $3.99 >>> “gldr3EXSHkJaa9W_qZ”
  • Pack of 8 Iron Track Tiles $3.99 >>> “MfP40w71odZlMtK_pf”(Updated cheat code)
  • Pack of 8 Iron Track Tiles $7.99 >>> “2u9oXpwTq44GXuo_Uy”
  • Train Style Kit: Urban Rolling Stock $3.99 >>> “0rw8sUmsf8V0xbg_Sp”
  • Pack of 12 Iron Track Tiles $12.99 >>> “sgzZ903eG1I4Vh8_FB”

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So much for World Conductor Train: European Railway about Train Conductor World Cheats! If you have any other driving tips or tricks to share, leave a comment below!

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