Which is the Most Lightweight Launcher in Play Store (Best Lightweight Launcher For Android)

Best Lightweight Launcher For Android:   Android and its beauty! Without a shadow of a doubt, he has the upper hand when it comes to flexibility and customization. With this fundamental aspect of Android, almost any manufacturer out there usually branches a home-brewed user interface suite on their devices. HTC’s Sense and TouchWiz (from Samsung) are probably the most popular personalized UIs for Android. But let’s face it – not everyone likes the look and bag features that come with. Today Apk Fact are going to talk about the “Most Lightest and Fastest Android Launchers for Android 2022′.

Fortunately, you can easily change the appearance of your Android device’s interface and make it suitable for your taste. The best way to do this is probably to install a custom third-party launcher. Not only do custom launchers give you different looks, they also come with a wide range of customization features and options that are rarely found in stock UIs.

While we’re on the topic of home screen replacements, we’ve decided to search the depths of Google Play and choose some of the best Android launchers out there. Check them out and do not forget to tell us which is your favorite!


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Top Most Lightest Android Launchers for Android 2022 Mobiles/Tablets.

So let’s get into our basic theme as the most top lightest launchers for Android 2022 is much sought after as users get confused on the pile of launchers that are available in the game store. To select the best that works much cooler they will go Look and so we decided to help you guys.

Google Now Launcher – Best Lightweight Launcher For Android

If you do not really care about customization (we get it, it’s tedious and irrelevant, all things considered) then you would probably want to get a simple launcher that simply works from the box. Like Google Now.

The incarnation of the Android experience with vanilla, Google Now does not try to drown you with a considerable amount of options and features to the right of the bat. On the other hand, it looks like “home”, providing a solid experience and especially nice to the regular user who likes his own aesthetic and having Google Now just a push away.

Until (and if) the latest pixel launcher officially arrives on all Android devices, Google Now is your best choice if you want your device to appear more stock-ish.

=>  Download Google Now Launcher (free).

Arrow Launcher – Best Lightweight Launcher For Android

Yes, apart from everything else, Microsoft also maintains a fairly impressive portfolio of Android applications as well, with its arrow launcher being one of the most popular and highly rated on the Play Store. What distinguishes it from all the rest?

Its main attraction and point of sale is undoubtedly the paged screen installation, which stretches a little further from what a regular launcher does. By default, your home screen with a bunch of apps appears right away, but dragging left or right will allow you to access custom screens that will display your favorite contacts, to-do lists, preview screen Notifications and finally, Your OneDrive documents. Oh, and the dock at the bottom of sports a quick slide-out quick settings menu, which allows you to easily access some essential device functions, just remind us of iOS ‘Control Center.

Customizable, Microsoft allows you to change the icons pack, enable double-tap-to-lock, hide some applications and tweak several other features that are not notable. The beautifully embedded wallpapers are also a nice touch. Really worth the time to download and configure!

=> Download Arrow Launcher (free)

Best Lightweight Launcher: ZenUI Launcher

Name a feature and ZenUI will probably – from different layouts, custom icon packs, custom transitions, unread account badges, launcher themes, icon/text scale, it seems All have.  It offers custom wallpapers, styles to download, widgets etc. 

Do not want an application drawer? Well, ZenUI allows you to have all your applications scattered on a few screens ( All your apps are on the front multiple screen so you can access them with in no time). Love this custom icons pack you’ve seen represented by us? No worries, just download it and apply it in ZenUI in a jiffy. Are you bored with the look of your home screen? Well, could we suggest downloading a complete theme for ZenUI and thickening things?

While it may not be as snappy as some of the other entries in this selection, we certainly suggest ZenUI launcher if you are looking for a completely free and highly customizable alternative to your stock or favorite Android launcher.

=> Download ZenUI Launcher (free)

Nova Launcher / Nova Launcher Prime (The best, lightest and most impressive Android launcher)

The best, no bar. It’s been a few years since Nova Launcher was our favorite choice for a custom Android launcher. By the end of 2020, this remains true, now even more so. Like other applications that have gradually deteriorated over time, Nova is still growing, marking new features and polishing existing ones to the point of being able to serve as a model of excellence. World should strive to match.

Enough with flattery, what are Nova Launcher’s outlets? The answer is simple – customization, snappiness, and great user experience. Delivery with classic AOSP looks by default, Nova could be easily transformed into what you want because of its focus on tweaking and deeply customize your interface.

That’s why some of the best and most beautiful screenshots of Android interfaces are based on the Nova Launcher backbone – there’s almost nothing you can not do with it. Meanwhile, it plays very well with almost any hardware you launch it, offering a snappy and enjoyable experience, even on older phones.

Recently, Nova has marked some of the features introduced recently by Pixel Launcher, such as the application drawer and the sliding search bar, as well as the new search view including a group of new tabs.

Oh, and if you’re considering this one, we strongly recommend that you get the Prime version – it’s worth it.

>> Download Nova Launcher / Nova Launcher Prime ($3.99)


So this is peeps, we have updated you the Top Most Best Lightweight Launcher android 2022 and should try every pitcher and feel the beauty. If you have any questions related to this article, just let us know the comment option!

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