How to Factory Reset your Android Phone or Tablet

Whatever device you have, over time your Android operating system can start making things you do not want – like crush, running slower than you like or kill your pets.  We can not do much as the last, but for everything else a factory reset might do the trick. Here’s how to reset to factory Android.

How to factory reset Android : compulsory warning on Safeguards and tricks

A factory reset is designed to return your device to factory fresh state (with a few exceptions: If you have updated Android itself you will not be traveling back in time to the version of your camera comes with) and this means that no applications, data, or your settings.

Your Google, Samsung or other account you should be able to get all your stuff back after a factory reset with the minimum of fuss, but occasionally things can go wrong. If something is important, make sure you have a backup you can count on, and if it is really important, make sure you have more than one backup. There is no sound sadder than the scream of someone who now has a device that is shiny and new, but none of their data.

Do not even think of a factory reset without first backup your device.

How to factory reset Android : the quick and easy way

In most cases you will be able to perform a factory reset on your Android device via the Settings menu, and is by far the easiest way to do it. The very design of the screens may vary slightly from device to device, especially when manufacturers put their fingers on the muddy stock Android to add their own artistic interpretations, but the main procedure is the same.

Here’s how:

  • Go to Settings
  • Go to Personal> Backup and Reset
  • Enter your password or PIN code if asked
  • Make sure System Restore is enabled
  • Data Tap Factory Reset> Reset Phone
  • Again, you may be prompted for your password or PIN code here
  • Press Delete All
  • Select Reboot

And that’s all. Your phone should reboot into a shiny new state. You can now use your Google Account (or a Samsung account, or other account specific to the manufacturer) for your applications, data and settings restored.

The quickest way to reset your android phone is at the head of the Settings screen.

How to factory reset Android when you can not go into the Settings screen

Resetting the device via the setting screen is great if you can get there, but if the camera is frozen or touchscreen refuses to accept their taps, it’s time for Plan B. The good news is that Plan B is not much more complicated than Plan A. It involves a bit of playing with the camera buttons.

To do it:

  • Switch off your device
  • Press & hold Volume Down button & Power while the device is switched on
  • When you see the options screen, use Volume Down to scroll down and highlight recovery mode
  • Press the power button to confirm
  • Wait until the image of the Android sad, then hold the Power button. Keep it instead and press and release the volume button.
  • Again, use the Volume Down button to navigate. This time, you want to reset Wipe data / Factory. Use power to confirm the selection.
  • Use the Volume Down to Yes – delete all user data options. Use the power to confirm.
  • Wait a while to reset do his thing and then select Restart to restart your device.

Once again, the next step is to use the appropriate cloud account to restore your android phone information.

If you can not go into the Settings screen, you can reset by using the hardware buttons.

What Android backup service backup and restore?

If you used the Android backup service to backup your Android device, it can restore some settings and data automatically for you after you have reset your device.

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It can backup and restore:

  • Google Calendar Settings
  • Wi-Fi networks and stored passwords
  • Wallpapers
  • Gmail Settings
  • Applications you have installed via Google Play and saved on the Play Store app
  • The brightness and sleep settings
  • Language and input settings
  • Date and time
  • Some parameters of the third-party application and data

The reason we said applications “some” third is because the Android backup service can save as applications that actually use, and it is up to the developer (s) of the application if a particular application and uses if it does, What are the parameters and the data is actually stored.

When it comes to backing up important data, documents, files or settings, it is always a good idea to assume the worst and make sure you have a backup of everything. Do not assume that your favorite application using the backup service and then discover the hard way that does not!

Did you have reset problems of happy or unhappy factory? Is it known cure all ills, or do you have problems began to return? Let us know in the comments!

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