How To Capture Animated GIF Screenshots In Android

This method relies on a cool Android application whereby you can combine up to 2 screen shots and make an animated GIF screenshot and will be very smaller size than other applications creates. Then follow the steps below to continue. See here’s How to Take a Screenshot on Your Android phone.

Now How To Capture Animated GIF Screenshots

  1.  1st download & install this android application  Grafica-live photo maker your Android device.
  2. Now take the normal screen shots in your android you want to combine and transform animation.
  3.  Now, open the app and choose the option to Live photo gallery and see all the images in your gallery.
  4. Now navigate to your screen shots and select the two you want to combine into one another to make them animated, you can also select multiple photos to combine.
  5.  Now just click the Next button to continue.
  6. Now you will see the preview of the GIF images that you have chosen one, and it will be small cursor below, you can use the slider to change the speed of the preview images.
  7. If you move the cursor right and GIF will get slow speed and if to the left and the animation speed will increase if the change accordingly.
  8. Now, after that, click Save to gallery option and the GIF image will be saved to your gallery.

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Thats it finished your Capture Animated GIF Screenshots In Android. And your screen is ready GIF in your gallery is to have multiple screen effects in one and there is not a huge video that can load from memory, only GIF images will be a little memory in KBS.


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