How to Take a Screenshot on Your Android phone

Once upon a time, to take a screenshot on an Android phone, you need to install the Android development tools. Take a screenshot of the screen of your Android phone can be a little confusing because the process is not the same on all devices. Here are the different ways to take a screenshot on Android. These days, you can take screenshots on phones running Android 4.0 or later with the press of a couple buttons.

On most Android phones, you can take a screenshot by pressing the Sleep / Wake button and the volume down button simultaneously. Press and hold simultaneously until the screen

The process differs in some phone models, however. For example, Samsung Galaxy phones and some phones from other manufacturers that feature a home button press and hold the power button and the home button until the screen flashes as shown below above. If your Android phone has a home button, and if the Android standard method does not work, try the power button combination at home.


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How to take a screenshot: Summary

There is no option to print screen in Android as it is on a PC or a Windows laptop, but taking a screenshot is easy. Press and hold all the keys of power and volume down, or if your device has a home button instead of trying the power and home as you would on an iPhone or iPad.

How to take a screenshot on HTC

To get a screenshot from HTC device. then Press and hold power and volume-down buttons together. And Capture screenshot on HTC.

How to take a screenshot on Samsung Galaxy

To get screenshot from Galaxy device, then Press and hold power and home buttons together. Alternatively, enable the ability to take a screenshot with a palm swipe in Settings, Motions & gestures, Palm swipe to capture.

Ex: Android phones and tablets more often have a way to take a screenshot. For example, the S6 lets you take a screenshot with a swipe of the palm. You can enable this feature in the settings, motions and gestures, Palm swipe to capture, although we found the home button method works much more reliable.

Take a palm swipe screenshot:

  1. Open the content you wish to screenshot.
  2. Place your hand vertically along the left or right edge of your android device(ex. Note 7), and swipe in from that edge with your hand touching the screen.
  3. You’ll see the screen briefly flash, and a notification appear.
  4. Check your notifications, where you’ll see the screenshot and an option to share, edit or delete it.
  5. (Optional) If this method doesn’t work, check Settings > Motion and gestures to enable it.

How to take a scrolling screenshot on the Galaxy S7

  1. Take a screenshot, as before.
  2. Tap the “Capture more” option to scroll down and grab more of the screen.
  3. Keep on tapping until you’ve got what you need.

How to take a screenshot on Nexus

Press and hold power and volume-down buttons together.

How to take a screenshot on LG

Press and hold power and volume-down buttons together.

How to take a screenshot on Sony Xperia

Press and hold the power and volume buttons down together. Otherwise, press the power button to access options to take a screenshot and screencast in the Power Options menu.

Ex: And with the Sony Xperia Z5 if you press the power button to access the Power Options menu you will find an option not only to take a screenshot, but to record the screen.

How to take a screenshot on Motorola

Press and hold power and volume-down buttons together.

How to take a screenshot with the ASUS

ASUS has included a setting that lets you press and hold the button of the latest applications to take a screenshot. All you need to do is allow it.

Open your page device settings, and scroll to “ASUS customized settings.” At the top, press recent apps key parameter. A pop-up will appear, and you can choose “Tap and hold to capture the screen.”

With this selected, you can take a screenshot by simply pressing the recent apps.

If you use Lollipop 5.x+ and above

If you  have new android Lollipop(5.x), Marshmallow(6.x), Nougat(7). then Press and hold power and volume-down buttons together. or press device Power buttonand tap on Screen Capture.

If you use Sandwich Ice Cream (4.0) and above

If you have a shiny phone with Ice Cream Sandwich or above, the screenshots are built right into your phone! Simply press the Volume Down and Power buttons at the same time maintaining for a second, and your phone will take a screenshot. He will appear in your Gallery app for you to share with anyone!

If you are using Android 2.3 and below

Unfortunately, Android 2.3 and below did not include screenshots. However, some devices (like many Samsung phones) have these characteristics, but it varies from phone to phone. for example, many Samsung phones, you can press the Home button and simultaneously supply to take a screenshot. Google to see if your phone has a built-in shortcut.

If your phone does not have a built-in shortcut, you will need to use an application like No Root Screenshot It. You will need to install it on your phone and install its free companion application on your computer, allowing screenshots. You’ll have to connect your phone to your computer every time you reboot, but you will be able to take screenshots directly from your phone that is excellent.

If you’re rooted and Android 2.3 or below

If you have rooted your phone, you have some options. You can install an application like Screenshot UX, which allows you to take screenshots through a variety of shortcuts, or you can flash a custom ROM that has integrated screenshots (like CyanogenMod).

Normally, to view your screenshot, go to the Gallery app, then look for the album “Screenshot”. Press it to open and press the screenshot you took to see that screenshot. Tap the Share button represented by a V shape on the side that connects three points for the sharing options, such as messaging and email.

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