Samsung Galaxy S7 Review : a return to old ways


The Samsung Galaxy S7 is about to hit stores worldwide. With this device, Samsung has integrated all the strengths of its past phones to deliver a new standard in smartphone technology. The Galaxy S7 is not perfect, but it is one of the best Android phones currently on the market. Find out why in our full review Samsung Galaxy S7.
Update: Two more versions of the Galaxy S7 have been reported. The different versions refer to their various chipsets, and we have already seen Samsung release two separate versions. Visit our performance section for more details.

Samsung Galaxy S7 design and build quality

On the front of the S7, everything remains the same as the Galaxy S6. Externally, the Galaxy S7 is a minor – but in some very important ways – the update to its predecessor. From the front, you could be forgiven for confusing the two devices, and sensor button with similar investments.Samsung-galaxy-s7-REVIEW-On the front of the S7, everything remains the same as the Galaxy S6.

Comparing the Samsung Galaxy S7 to other Android phones, it is probably more compact, with a 5.1-inch screen, but it is also perhaps a little thicker than most 7.9 mm (although you would never be describing the device itself as thick).


The curved rear of the S7 gives it a gorgeous feel.  As two years  Samsung Galaxy S5, Galaxy S7 is water resistant. It can survive unscathed a quick dip with IP68 certification: a feature that is also found on the Sony Xperia flagships.Samsung-galaxy-s7-REVIEW-2

The dimensions of the  Samsung Galaxy S7 are 142.4 x 69.6 x 7.9 mm and it houses an aluminum frame with a layer resistant to scratches Gorilla Glass 4 front and rear.

It is 1.1 mm thicker than its predecessor, but it is a facet of the design with a dual advantage. Firstly, additional space allows a capacity of 17.6 percent more battery. Second, the camera’s sensor is smaller (more than one second).

The backside of the Galaxy S7 is where the most visible design changes can be seen. The S7 is laterally curved glass, such as the Galaxy Note 5, which combined with its small frame, provides a tight fit sumptuously in hand.

Then there is the objective mentioned above. The sensor exceeds only 0.46 mm, which helps the device to stay flat when lying on the back. It is barely noticeable, really, while the Galaxy S6 camera stuck distraction of 1.7 mm of the unit.

Regarding the Samsung Galaxy S7, stays true to previous design decisions. The proximity and light sensors are located on the top left of the device (next to the LED notification). The speakerphone for calls is in the center, and the front camera is at the top right. Even the physical home button with fingerprint sensor, centered below the display is identical in shape and placed on the S6.

Differences of S7 can be better understood with the hands with the eyes. There are some small details that have a big impact on the overall design, and this means that the S7 is nothing but a pleasure to look at and hold.

1. Upstairs there is a microphone and a slot for the microSD and SIM cards. 2. The side profile is rounded to perfection. Thanks to its curved back, the S7 can easily be picked off the table. 3. The power button on the right of the phone can easily be reached with an ambitious thumb.
1. Upstairs there is a microphone and a slot for the microSD and SIM cards.

2. The side profile is rounded to perfection. Thanks to its curved back, the S7 can easily be picked off the table.

3. The power button on the right of the phone can easily be reached with an ambitious thumb.

Samsung Galaxy S7 display

The Samsung Galaxy S7 has a Super AMOLED screen with a  resolution of 1440 x 2560: the same characteristics as the S6. The screen is typical Samsung: that is to say, it is sublime. Thank you to the resolution QHD display and 5.1 inches, a pixel density of 577 pixels per inch is achieved, which ensures high sharpness and detail.Samsung-galaxy-s7-REVIEW-10

Similarly, contrast and saturation are the highest standard display: blacks are true, and even in bright sunlight the screen is easily readable Samsung S7.

Samsung provides other optimizations on the Galaxy S7, and through these, the contrast and brightness of the screen can adjust according to ambient light. In very dark conditions, you can watch this transition to work, and because it automatically improves readability, it is a nice addition.

Samsung Galaxy S7 some  special features

Dust-resistant and water IP68 certification

After waiting two years, the Galaxy S series is again dust and water resistant. This time, instead of just survive temporary immersion, the Samsung Galaxy S7 is now able to survive at a depth of up to 1.5 meters for up to 30 minutes.

So it has a better class of protection that the Samsung  Galaxy S5 and much better than the Galaxy S6, which promised no protection against these.
During my trial period, I own the Galaxy S7 some times without problems. What is particularly clever is the recognition by the combined wet connections: try plugging your charging cable while a drop in the USB port and the S7 prevent the load to avoid short circuits.

Always-on display

Always on the screens are “a thing” for 2016: both the Samsung S7 and LG home G5 technology. Always-on means a portion of the Galaxy S7 screen remains active permanently. This part of the screen may contain calendar information, date and time, notifications, and more. The implementation of this function has caused concerns about the effect it would have on the life of the battery. It’s small, but it is notable.
According to Samsung, the function always on low power consumption, as only individual pixels are activated. But I could see the effect it has had on the life of the battery, so I disabled it.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Game Launcher and Vulkan

A new feature of the Samsung GalaxyGame Launcher. This software feature, unique to the Galaxy S series, acts as a home for all of your gaming activities. Installed games are collected here, and it also has other functions related to the game as the ability to take screenshots, record gameplay videos, and post them on social networks.Samsung galaxy_s7_game_launcher

Game Mode can be interesting for the players more “hardcore” as to mean all notifications can be turned off and the power and resources can be directed to the game in question (a feature that could become even more necessary as S7) ages.

Since the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge Galaxy smartphones are among the first that the new Vulkan gaming API supports, we can continue to expect more realistic graphics in Android games that are optimized for these devices.

Samsung Galaxy S7 fingerprint sensor

The Galaxy S7 holds a fingerprint sensor as a physical home button. The Samsung S7 supports Samsung Pay, which is already available in the United States and rolls in the UK and Australia soon. In addition, the wireless payment service currently has the edge over Android Pay as it is compatible with existing payment terminals (to be integrated with Android Payer many older terminals will be replaced in stores).

Samsung Galaxy S7 Software

The Galaxy S7 runs Android 6.0.1 out of the box Marshmallow with Samsung’s TouchWiz interface. There is little in the way of pre-installed applications and what is it is quite convenient. Made monthly software updates are in store for the Galaxy S7 to defend against security vulnerabilities and software errors.

In addition to seven Samsung applications, there are five Microsoft and Facebook, WhatsApp and a selection of Apps. Your carrier will probably pre-install its own software to make specific adjustments to the network for voice over LTE support or mobile payments.Samsung-Galaxy-S7-edge-3 / Samsung Galaxy S7 Review

Samsung Galaxy S7 performance

The performance of our Galaxy S7 was very quick, but I experienced some dropouts and accidents. Future updates will probably cancel these bugs and increase overall stability.

Samsung has delivered an improvement worthy of the already extremely fast Galaxy S6; in many measures, the Galaxy S7 is faster than all other Android devices we’ve seen in the press room.

Gaming performance is in the range of Pixel C tablet; the graphics chip was produced by experts from game to Nvidia’s performance. Combined with software enhancements planned Vulkan, I foresee a revolutionary gaming experience for the Galaxy S7, but currently, there are only a few titles by the new technology. [table id=1 /]

The Samsung Galaxy S7, we used is the European version with the Exynos 8890 processor (a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 release is available in the US and we expect similar performance numbers thereof). Samsung’s new high-end processor has four more four processor cores and Mali-T880 graphics.

If only one or two cores are used, they will be automatically overclocked to 2.6 GHz, which provides faster performance on most daily tasks and the heat pipe cooling solution implemented in the S7 prevents thermal limitation daily life.

The internal memory is 32GB UFS 2.0 memory. This flash memory provides the fastest speeds we’ve seen on an Android device. With 389 MB / s read and 68 MB s speed / write stored in metal Vellamo, the Galaxy S7 is 2.45 and 1.39 times faster, respectively, than the (almost) equally expensive Nexus 6P.galaxy_s7_antutu_geekbench_store

In everyday life, you see that speed presented during the installation or restarting the device and, more significantly, when installing and opening applications. If you are upgrading from an older device, you immediately notice the difference.

A weak point of the S7 is the small internal memory it comes with, such as around 7 of its 32 GB of internal storage are chewed before installing anything. Fortunately, this can be expanded by microSD card to house music, movies, images and even entire applications. Despite this, he does not lodge the true Adoptable storage functionality that provides Marshmallow.galaxy_s7_vellamo_score . Samsung Galaxy S7 Review

The device we tested crashed once in five days, and once the TouchWiz user interface had to restart. As Samsung provides monthly security updates, the first patch should improve the already impressive stability.
In addition to the two processors previously reported, we now have reports that two more versions of the Galaxy S7 chipset are currently under construction. In the Geekbench database, a smartphone called the Samsung SM-G930W8 was spotted with three different chipsets. SM-930 Samsung is the code name for all versions S7.
The two new processors are the possible MediaTek Helio X20 or X25 Helio. Both chips integrate CPU deca-core. The X25 runs at higher clock speeds, although they are basically the same chipset. The W in the code name could return to Canada; he has in previous editions. If the leaks are true could mean two alternative versions of the S7; four versions in total.

Samsung Galaxy S7 audio

The integrated Samsung Galaxy S7 speakerphone is loud and clear. It is optimized primarily for audio conferences, so it is not so well adapted to low frequencies that make for better listening to music. A pair of in-ear headphones are included, and they come with an extra pair of rubber covers. These offer enough quality to listen to music. Using the software equalizer, sound can be adjusted to your liking.

The Galaxy S7 also features a smart voice recording application that uses high speakers and bottom to produce stereo recordings. The microphone signals are divided into stereo channels when recording. It makes a distinction between the multiple voices much easier.galaxy_s7_voice_recorder - Samsung Galaxy S7 Review

Samsung Galaxy S7 camera

The camera of the Galaxy S7 is one of the best of any smartphone I’ve tested. Snappy time to focus and the shutter of the camera in conjunction with the Quick Launch feature, make it fun, functional and an undeniable point of sale. The results speak for themselves: very few photos do not do well in the first attempt.Samsung-galaxy-s7-REVIEW-11

Samsung has reduced the number of members on the sensor of the main camera 16 to 12. However, the quality of pictures produced shows a marked improvement. This is mainly due to technology dual pixel camera employs now something that can be found on more expensive Canon SLR cameras. The advantage of the double pixel technology is, in essence, that the autofocus works extremely fast.

With the shutter, Samsung goes further than the Galaxy S6. The size of the opening is increased from f / 1.9 to f / 1.7. This larger opening allows more light to be left, so images, especially in low-light conditions are better. Of course, the Galaxy S7 also features an Optical Image Stabilizer that compensates for shaky hands.

As always, the photo app offers several features that offer a variety of exciting and fun things to play with. These include slow motion and time-lapse imaging, access to many presets, as well as fixed values of focus and exposure.galaxy-s7-camera-app - Samsung Galaxy S7 Review

The Galaxy S7 also packs a 5MP front camera with a / 1.7 aperture of f. It’s also has delivered amazing results in our test; the dynamic range is good, even in low light conditions.

 Samsung Galaxy S7 Battery

With a single charge, the Galaxy S7 will survive through the day, even with heavy use. Furthermore, the supplied charger can fully juice the battery in 90 minutes, and power-saving modes are smart, working better than similar solutions found on other devices.

Galaxy S6 battery was a weak point, and rightly came under fire from many users. Samsung has taken this criticism on board and installed a battery of 3000 mAh in Galaxy S7, from the 2,600 mAh found on the Galaxy S6.

Nacho Nieto, head of technology and platforms at Samsung, explained that the battery in the S7 is malleable and, thus, a variant of 3000 mAh was the only option. The moldable battery can also be customized so that it fills the space available in the phone, which was not possible with the battery used in the S6.

Like the Galaxy S6, S7 also supports wireless charging.galaxy_s7_save_power - Samsung Galaxy S7 Review

Unfortunately, another area of contention on the Galaxy S6, the fact that the battery is non-removable, has not been addressed. The only flagship to feature a removable battery so far this year is the LG G5.

Samsung has also equipped the S7 with some software features intended to save battery life. These features keep an eye on when the device is being used and put apps into a deep sleep mode when they have been ignored for three days.

This provides an extended standby time without limiting functionality. When other manufacturers attempted to include similar features, it meant that sometimes messages or emails arrived late, making the feature more a burden than a boon.[table id=2 /]


Samsung has done a good job of meeting the concerns of users have had with the Galaxy S6. The Galaxy S7 has an increased size of the battery; improved ergonomics and the return of the resistance to water and dust, and the beloved slot for MicroSD card lot. It’s almost as if Samsung wanted to revel in past glories while building toward new ideals.

The Galaxy S7 surely justifies its asking price. It excels in all key areas: its camera is the best we’ve tested to date; its gaming performance is great and the test; the life of the battery is sufficient to withstand heavy use, and it is a catchy and smooth device.

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Above all, the Galaxy S7 has, thanks to its traditional design, but polite, were gilded with a certain prestige that you can not see otherwise with the iPhone. And you get to the US $ 50 less.

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