Samsung Galaxy S7 tips and tricks

The Samsung Galaxy S7 has Samsung returned to the top of the Android shaft and it offering powerful and useful functions. In this way, we have shared  Samsung Galaxy S7 tips and tricks that will help you make the best of the best Samsung Galaxy S  available phone yet.

Samsung Galaxy S7: move applications onto a micro SD card

After a brief stay in the S6, expandable storage is back in the galaxy – and that means you can free up internal storage by moving apps to the memory card. Glue the card, then select Settings> Applications> Application Applications. You can not move the default applications, but you can move third-party applications.

Samsung Galaxy S7: dial the screen down

a big fan of super-light Samsung’s Super AMOLED displays, which provide eye-popping color. But not everyone enjoys the features of the retina-blasting, so Samsung offers an alternative: go to Settings> Display> Screen Mode and select the base color profile. It calms the Super AMOLED slightly.


Samsung Galaxy S7: Always turn on off

We really like the Galaxy’s Always On screen, which displays the time and key information without powering up the whole screen, but if you do not want or need, you can disable it by going to Settings> Display> Always display. Do not expect to see a massive increase in battery life, however: Samsung says Always not used more than 1% of the battery power per hour, so that its effect on your battery life is hardly worrying.

Samsung Galaxy S7: do not let anyone interrupt your game

The Game Launcher widget is not only a game launcher: it is a sanity saver. You can use it to ensure that notifications will not interrupt your game sessions, so you will not miss a headshot because someone tries to sell you insurance, and it can also ensure that accidentally hitting buttons do you start on and the camera application. You can also save your game sessions to share with others, and if you feel particularly good about yourself that may include the front camera so that people can see your in-game Gurning. That one is for the brave players, we think, this is Samsung Galaxy S7 tips and tricks..Samsung galaxy_s7_game_launcher - tips and tricks

Samsung Galaxy S7: get complete control over the camera

This Samsung Galaxy S7 tips and tricks. Automatic camera modes usually make Samsung a great job of taking pictures in all kinds of conditions, but if you want to mess with ISOs, contrast and white balance, then you will find the equivalent of a manual fashion DSLR Application Mode Camera Pro. Press the Mode> Pro in the application of the camera to access and tinker with camera settings to your heart’s content.galaxy-s7-camera-app - Samsung Galaxy S7 tips and tricks

Samsung Galaxy S7: get the camera faster

Regardless scroll through applications to find the camera: put instantly with a double-click the Home button and use the volume buttons to take pictures. And while we’re on the subject of the camera, you can also take motion pictures Apple style that captures the moments before and after a shot to give you short videos when you press them in the Gallery.Samsung-galaxy-s7-REVIEW-11 = Samsung Galaxy S7 tips and tricks

Samsung Galaxy S7 : see more icons simultaneously

Wish your home screen was even bigger? Samsung offers the next best thing: a small grid of application icons, allowing you to fit more icons on one screen. Press and hold on an empty spot on your home screen and you should see the customization options, including the grid of the screen. The default is four by four icons, but you can choose 4 x 5 or 5 x 5 to take more application icons.

Samsung Galaxy S7: use the split-screen mode

You should not wait for Android N to get the split screen mode on your Galaxy S7: you can do by pressing the square button and looking for a rectangular icon doubles with each application. Not all applications have – some applications do not support the split-screen mode – but the applications will not pop up on the screen and allow you to select another application to the lower half.

Have you found other Samsung Galaxy S7 tips and tricks to get the most out of your Samsung Galaxy S7, or did you find third-party applications that make it even more useful and fun? Let us know in the comments!

Samsung Galaxy S7 tips and tricks

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