Kill Shot Bravo Halloween Update 2016 : FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

Halloween Update for Kill Shot Bravo game.

Be Very Afraid: Hothead Games Adds Halloween-Themed Content, Events and Accessories to Kill Shot Bravo Halloween Update. Lot’s of blogger and game developer says, Halloween is best event for game developer. As the Reddit user Zahir_SMASH, First time Niantic’s first Pokemon GO Halloween event is a smash hit! Also Clash of clans update for  Halloween evant. Here’s another big fantastic shooter game Kill Shot Bravo also updated for Halloween event. October 25, 2016. (from Lauren Tascan)

Zombies, skeleton outfits and Halloween gear can now be found in one of mobile gaming’s most popular shooters.

Hothead Games, the developer and publisher of leading shooter games on mobile, announced today a special Halloween-themed update to its hit shooter game, Kill Shot Bravo. – Vancouver, British Columbia – October 25, 2016.


Kill Shot Bravo Halloween Update 2016

Look for exciting new Halloween-themed guns and gear! Coming in 2.3, there will be new Raid Bounties and Raid Global Ops set in the desert. Now available on the Apple App Store and Google Play for all iPhone, iPod, iPad and Android devices, the latest version of Kill Shot Bravo features spooky Halloween updates, including:

  • Halloween-themed Weapons: Exclusive new Sniper Weapons, Machine Guns, Assault Rifles, Shotguns and bullets skinned with bats, ghouls, jacko-lanterns, skulls and other wrappers.
  • Zombies: Now appearing as enemy targets are some of the creepiest, most realistic zombies ever known to mobile games.
  • Halloween-themed Gear: Zombie skins, skeleton outfits with a white skull chest piece and mask, and more gear now available.
  • Special Halloween Events: Compete against other zombie slayers during special Global Ops events in which players earn points for every Zombie killed and win pieces to an exclusive Halloween-themed gear set.bravo-castleregion-kill-shot-bravo-halloween-update-for-immediate-release
  • New Region: The Snowy Castle Region — Region 16 — features a snowed-in Transylvanian castle village in which shooters must eliminate hostile forces that have taken over the village.
  • And lot’s of added for Kill Shot Bravo’s Happy Halloween updates.

With over 25 million installs since its launch less than a year ago, The Kill Shot Bravo game offers the premier first person shooter experience for mobile phones and tablets. The game offers over 500 missions, an intense Player-versus-Player sniper duel mode, a multi-player Alliance mode, and other action-packed game play.


The Kill Shot Bravo Halloween update can now be downloaded from the following locations:


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Credit: Kill Shot Bravo Halloween Update’s post and image from Lauren Tascan.

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