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Lot of things have changed since the days of playing snake in an old browser site or on our mobile phones vintage. You may have heard of a game called “” which became very popular in the last few months. Today, a new game is called its place! This game is played similar to with very similar rules, however, a snake has been set up! Your main objective is to find other snakes and crush them so they explode, once this has been accomplished, you eat their leftovers! The longest snake is left alive on the server is the only one to claim the rank! Cheats, Hack and Remove Ads

By taking the gameplay of the popular massively multiplayer action game, creates an extremely fun and surprisingly competitive space to boast off the most impressive snake from over 400 other players. encourages competition in you and around 400 other snakes putting all in a large map where you can grow taller than your opponents and try to win a place in the ranking omnipresent. There is an inherent satisfaction to see your own name in the world rankings in 2022.  We have compiled a list of top cheats, tips and strategy.


To download for iOS please click here and please click here for Android.

This is how you cheat for speed and length!

Your main goal is to trap opponents and to do that, you will need to use your brain and speed. You can speed up your duplicate snake tapping the screen and maintain. While doing that your snake will begin to grow and move at a much faster pace. Continuing to maintain the momentum of the speed that you will lose the end of your tail, leaving small particles of your tail behind. You will lose about 5 per second, however, it is worth it if you are able to get the kill.

To have a better and more sustainable speed, you can use this website, you can also double your length and score, it is indeed a nice cheat, tested and can confirm that it works perfectly: D.

Isolate Yourself by using the small map in the bottom right.

The point is that you and tell your where you are on the current map. You will see that the world is much larger than expected, allowing you to explore it all. If you prefer to avoid confrontation, you can stay in outlands and avoid agitation. This is one of the easiest to absorb stray particles without worry about being destroyed areas.

Go On The Hunt

This is where the fun part begins, I like aggressive as I’m sure many of you are also.

As your snake starts to grow, you can go after other snakes using speed boost and take them by surprise. You may have noticed that this game can be a bit slow depending on the area you touch. You can use this to your advantage by riding and other snakes and use a boost to catch them and make them crush you. If you are able to be fast enough, they have no way to respond quickly enough and get a direct hit!

Too Big

Just because you get big, does not mean that you are indestructible. There will be players still looking for a way to drag you up and beat them. You must be at your best at all times. You have enough space that you are so long, it can be used to your advantage that you can capture other snakes much easier. Remember that unlike the classic snake game, you have no way of being able to plant in your own body. This means that even as big as you get you can not trap you. You’ll have to be very careful small snakes trying to trip you up when they are smaller than you, they have much more maneuverability around the head of your Cheats, Hack and Remove Ads (2)

Vulture Time

Try to pay attention to other snakes getting into a fight and stay close to reap the fruits of their carnage. When one of them turns into dust, you can easily melt and recover the remains. If you stick to this strategy alone, you will never have to work too hard for your food. Just look for players who see you working this strategy because they hunt you down.

How to Remove Ads:

You may be find about slitherio remove ads price.. Yes… Here’s we talking about how to remove ads, but it’s worked on rooted device.( If your device non-rooted, then need to first root your device).

  1. First Download Lucky Patcher App
  2. Open Lucky patcher and grand Root permission.
  3. Select “Open menu of patches“.
  4. Now Select “Patch To Remove Advertisement“.
  5. Now Enable all options same as shown in picture below. (Don’t tick on Make full offline )[All Method] How To Use Lucky Patcher full tutorial 2016
  6. Apply And Wait Till completes, Launch and Now you got rid of ads.

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This is a fun and exciting game, one you will get addicted to. If you have any other tips let us know in the comments. How far will you go?

So much for cheats and remove ads tricks appear guys, hope you enjoy and have a nice day.

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