How to Enter Download Mode on Samsung Galaxy Devices(Before Rooting)

Enter Download Mode on Samsung Galaxy: Galaxy Devices offers the Android download mode which is a subsystem of the device that can be used to flash firmware files stock or any other type of customization file. In this post you will find instructions on how you can easily start the download mode for your smartphone.
Samsung devices use the download mode for their devices instead of fashion Bootloader/Fasboot which is used by HTC and Nexus. Enter the download mode using Samsung Galaxy Devices is one of the simplest tasks the Android user should complete, as you simply press multiple buttons simultaneously and power on the smartphone. Below you can find different methods you can use to boot into Download mode stock and rooted devices.
Download the manual for Samsung devices allows you to install new updates OTA pushing them from your computer directly to your phone using only a data cable.Enter Samsung Galaxy Devices Download Mode

If flashing you need to do the Odin flashing tool if flashing a custom recovery, the rooting files as CF-Auto-Root Chainfire or just a stock-ROM device must be in Download mode before that he works. The Samsung download mode is what the Bootloader mode is to many other suppliers and manufacturers.

Download mode for all Samsung devices is a universal mode is accessed by pressing the same combination of hardware button. the rooted users can install an application such as Quick Boot that helps startup in the various modes available for a smartphone or tablet, but regular Android users who need no roots to enter the download mode using the key combination that can be found on the device. The only exception to this is if you want to run some commands ADB from a computer.


Using ADB’s kind of a weird idea just to enter Download mode in the same way that most people do not use the ADB to take full backups, although hit is possible to do. There is nothing you can not do Android Debug Bridge, and you can follow our step by step guide to setting up if you want to give it a go.

Usually the stock and Rooted Samsung Galaxy phones can be launched mode download the same way. However, in both cases, you are forced to turn off the device and then use a button combination to load the required files. This can easily be changed if your phone is rooted.
For everyone, we recommend using a combination of hardware keys for Samsung devices in the download mode, and the following guide shows you how it’s done.


  1. Power off the phone completely by removing its battery for just for 5+ seconds.
  2. Restart the Samsung Galaxy smartphone by pressing the Power + Volume Down + Home buttons at the same time. Keep the three buttons firmly pressed until you read the next step.
  3. Continue to hold the buttons until you can see on the screen the first Samsung Galaxy large that tells you to press the Volume Up button.
  4. Release the 3 buttons – Volume Down + Home + Power – then simply press the Volume Up button by itself.
  5. Release the buttons only when the ‘Warning!!’ message appears.
  6. Then, press Volume Up button to confirm you wish to enter Download Mode.
  7. Release all key when Download / Odin mode appears. (Your device will now show a green Android with “Downloading … Do not turn off the target ‘text under.)
  8. Well, now you can connect your device with your PC after launching ODIN.

Disclaimer: The author will not be responsible if you damage or brick your Galaxy mobile. Do it at your own risk and follow the instructions correctly. 

For any other questions, use the comments section below. These instructions should be easy enough for anyone to understand them.

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