How do i Flash a Custom Rom on my Android phone

How to Flash a Custom ROM  on Android.

Android is great OS, but sometimes you just want a little more . If it’s because Samsung’s Touch Wiz does not fully hit the mark, you think your android device is working too slow or just because you get impatient waiting for your device to receive the update marshmallow, sometimes your facility clean version of Android (Custom ROM) is the only way to go. Here i how to install a new version of Android (or ROM) on your device for an even better Android experience.

What is a ROM?

One of the major selling points of Android is it’s open and customizable in nature. If you are not completely satisfied with what you have, you can change it to one of the many modified versions of the operating system by independent developers.

These modified releases are what we call ROM. New ROM updates you can as quickly as manufacturers, offer a cleaner alternative than “vanilla” Android, or add some features.


For Flash a custom ROM or install custom ROM on a rooted Android device you will need the following:

  • An unlocked bootloader.
  • A rooted android phone.
  • custom recovery.

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These conditions are described in detail in our  Custom ROM and root explained post…


This time, we know what we are dealing with. but there are still a few things to check before starting to flash your custom ROM. And before proceeding further, make a backup of all important data.

Step-1: Unlock the bootloader

The bootloader is the program that starts when your phone starts. It differs between devices. Normally, it acts as a prelude to the opening of your Android system, but the right combination of buttons open recovery mode. Key combination of each phone will be different, but we have a series of guides that explain the process here at therefore, simply look yours in the search bar.bootloader-android

step-2: Get root permissions

The term “root permissions” comes from the techy world of Unix and Linux and it essentially means becoming your device system administrator, thus having the maximum administrative authorizations. Once enabled, you can modify system files, settings, applications default uninstallation, and all kinds of useful things.

Although it is not as complex as it may sound, using root permissions still involves a bit of technical know-how, and can cause problems with warranties and get up-to-date official Android. Take a look at the articles below for how to do root your phone and decide if it is right for you.

step-3:  Install a custom recovery tool

The standard recovery section of your phone is a black screen with white lettering (similar to what you would see on a PC), which allows you to perform certain low-level functions without properly access the system. This is present in all Android devices and is normally activated by pressing a combination of buttons – you’ll have to Google to find the combination that suits your device.Nexus-6-TWRP-recovery

In case you need to get restore the factory settings, when installing the custom ROM, it is wise to also install a custom recovery tool. The best are ClockworkMod Recovery and TWRP Recovery, both are available in the Play Store.


Once you have downloaded, you can select Flash ClockworkMod Recovery or TWRP install from your recovery menu and will be installed on your device. It is interesting to note that on some phones you will need to use the volume keys to browse this menu.

After you have made your choice, here’s the surest way to flash your custom ROM:

  • Download your chosen ROM and copy it to SD card or internal memory.
  • Turn the phone in recovery mode with the hotkey that you found earlier.
  • Make a backup by choosing Backup and Restore to save backup. Wait until it is finished and back to the main menu. If you do that, you will be able to restore your device in case of trouble.
  • Select the options erase data / wipe data ( it will remove the old ROM), wipe Dalvik Cache  and wipe cache (which is in the advanced section).
  • Then press Install zip from sdcard then choose zip from sd card. Then find a copy of the ROM that you made earlier and the device automatically starts a series of processes.
  • Wait for the process and restart the phone. The first startup takes longer than normal, but if it lasts more than 15 minutes about something is probably wrong. But do not panic. Simply remove the battery (if possible – otherwise press the reset button or the power button) and repeat the procedure from step-1. If the error occurs again, try a different custom ROM or hit Backup & Restore> Restore to go back to where you started this.

Remember, if you backed everything up with titanium, then do a factory reset is not that bad, since you can simply restore most of it. Keep in mind that even if you are just updating your existing ROM, factory resets can be helpful. If you wipe your cache, note that some applications may experience problems, but to reinstall or wipe the data from this app usually fixes the problem.

When you reboot, you should be in your shiny new ROM, ready to play! But what? There is no Play Store? Read on to the final step of the process …

step-4: Download and Flash Google Apps

Download and Flash Google Apps

Because Google is applications are not open source, custom ROMs can not combine applications like Gmail, Google -Hangouts or the Play Store-ROM with their. That means you’ll need to download and flashes separately. Download Google Play Store Via  XDA Developers forum.

Fortunately, this is pretty easy to do: just head to this page on RootzWiki ZIP file to find out what you need, download on your phone, and flash just as you did the ROM in step-3: Gapps Manager ( play store) is a great application that will help you find the right package if you’re stuck.


After you have flashed the latest package Google Apps, you should be all set! You will have a new ROM with tons of settings to play with, the Play Store to download new applications, and-if you made a backup with Titanium you can now head into Titanium Backup and restore all your applications and their settings . Enjoy!

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