Some useful yet sometimes forgotten android tricks and features

I was looking Android Marshmallow posts here and I noticed that some people forget / do not know some Android tricks and features, mainly because they are not advertised or talked much.

Android is stacked with so many tools and configuration options, we often overlook some of its most useful features. Sometimes they are hidden from view. Other times they are buried so deeply, you’d never find them without spelunking deep in submenus, groping blindly in the dark.

But do not let a killer get this feature. Even if you consider yourself an Android power user, you had better make sure you’re familiar with all the simple menu, and toggle utility on this list. We did our best to identify the precise locations of the properties listed below, but you may have to hunt around a bit if your appliance maker excessive interface customizations menus.


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So here are a few that I know, feel free to comment on any other not yet known android functionality / cool thing.

  1. When you press recents button to switch between apps, you can press recents button again to go back to the app which you had opened in case you change your mind.
  2. Use two fingers to swipe down from the status bar to quickly get into quick settings, specially in lollipop and above where you would need to swipe down twice for the same (or tap three times on the status bar).
  3. If the touch to hold delay is too quick for you (like for Google Now on tap in M) go to settings>accessibility>touch and hold delay and set it to medium/long.
  4. Google Now Launcher: when you move an icon to a folder, hover on the folder and you’ll get to move the icon in a specific place in the folder inseas of being kept last automatically.
  5. If you have any game or other app which produce notifications but you don’t want them to, just go to app settings, look up the app, and uncheck “notifications enabled”. here’s How to View Old Notifications in Android.
  6. When pasting a text, just touch the text entry line. When you see the text scroll bar (the arrow blob on the text entry line), touch the arrow blob and you’ll get the option to paste. Useful when you’re pasting between letters. See here’s How to Copy Any Text to Clipboard on Android
  7. To see which WiFi networks you have saved, go to WiFi settings and in the three dot menu go to ‘saved networks’. check also >> How To Boost WiFi Signal on Android
  8. If you have any game or other app which produce notifications but you don’t want them to, just go to app settings, look up the app, and uncheck “notifications enabled”.Another option- When you get the notification, tap and hold the notification. Press the info button that comes up and you can disable notifications for that app. here’ Take control of notifications with Android Marshmallow.
  9. Quickly tap the status bar twice. One press will only bring the notification shade down by a little and goes back up quickly. But when you quickly tap twice the second touch keeps the notification shade down. Now touch the bar where it reads the time and date again, and quick toggles will open.
  10. I was avoiding to say selection as that means those two thingies which appear which is used to highlight the text you want to copy/cut etc.

Side note: There is no instruction “how to use the intuitive Android features or hidden” or anything about buying an Android device. All of these are cases of “Cool, but I never knew if I came across it by accident.” What I feel is the way most of the features found. People who do not realize / learn what they have done or just do not have the patience to be thrown into an ecosystem without instruction can be easily disabled by it. I do not mean people who love Android . I take the average user. I’m sure there are many features that I do not know as well. The only difference is that I love tweaking, modding and get the most out of these devices. These people just want something they can easily use.

** Feature not working all android device..

This is my collected some forgotten android tricks and features. If you wish to including some android tricks, tips, features. Then just leave in comment section.

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