Shadow Fight 2 Cheats Hack for Android: Unlimited free money & gems Mod

Want to know the Shadow Fight 2 Cheats and Hack for free unlimited in-app purchases for unlimited coins and gems and it’s shadow fight 2 mod for no survey? Read! here’s Shadow Fight 2 Mod Apk Download for Unlimited Money/Gems/Gold.

Since its release on Android version, The Shadow Fight 2 has been successful in the one-on-one fight against the genre and we listed it on our Top and Best Android Games Ever & also added on it Best Free Fighting Games. While praised for its intensity and graphics and beautiful soundtrack (… not really !!), the game was criticized for its difficulty (mission impossible – literally). It is almost impossible to finish the game without spending (rather load shedding) tons of money to buy virtual currency – money and precious stones. And oh! there is a limit on the number of matches that you can play as you need “energy” for this – which is filled at a rate of 10 minutes / bar!

Shadow Fight 2 about

The second part of the cult toy Shadow Fights with excellent graphics and animation. In the toy, characters created in the form of a silhouette. In the toy only two buttons for conducting attacks – strikes foot and hand. As you progress in the game, we will earn money the money, what we can buy ammunition, weapons, and armor. Be the first and win all the battles .

So there you have it! The reasons for you to use shadow Fight 2 Cheats and Hack and get money and unlimited free gems without any survey.

Upgradeable weapons, armor and fighting styles

As you fight your way through the game, you will earn gold which can be used to upgrade your fighter. Shadow Fight 2 has hundreds of types of weapons, and each type changes the fighting style of your character. If you are armed with a sword, for example, you have a style and movements that make sense with a sword, while with two daggers, your attacks are much faster and accurate slower fighting.

With each fight, you gain experience, and when your character levels, you will also be able to improve your fighting style with both active and passive benefits. For example, you can select the passive perk despair, which gives you 30 percent damage when your health is below 10 percent. You can also get the active benefit, such as Double scanning, which allows you to scan the feet of your opponents to shoot them. Every decision you make on the skill tree perk change your fighting style, so it’s important to learn what works and what does not.

For a weapon, you can bring your coins won at the store in the game between fights and choose from several types of different weapons. Once you have a weapon, you can also use gold to improve his stats for more power in the arena. The same is true for armor and helmets, with many different levels of quality and upgrading of roads that give you a better defensive stats.

Pre-requisites for Shadow Fight 2 Cheats and Hack

  • In order to use this Shadow Fight 2 Hack, you must have a rooted android phone
  • A rooted android phone. If you don’t know what is rooting , refer to this post .
  • Hack Google play store in-app purchases with Freedom App For Rooted Phones
  • Shadow Fight 2 game
  • Download Freedom App:

    • Download free Market Unlocker Pro v3.5.1.apk >>
    • Latest Freedom 1.0.8b >  – 04/27/2016
    • Freedom 1.0.6.apk >


Note : The following procedures can be used for hacking (almost) any game or app that supports the option of in-app purchases for android apps only.

Method #1Shadow Fight 2 Cheats and Hack Using Freedom App for unlimited money and gems

This is the easiest way to hack Shadow Fight 2. Freedom app comes with an in-built “free card” that can make in-app purchases for free. Just follow these simple steps and you’d hacked Combat Shadow 2 for unlimited money in no time.

  • Download and install the Freedom app on your android device.( from above)
  • Open the App; if prompted for a super user access, grant it. (Root permission )
  • Be patient; You’ll see a list of apps that have in-app purchases – Tap on Shadow Fight 2.Shadow-Fight-2-Cheats-Hacks-unlimited-coins-gems
  • Now don’t worry… The game will take some time to load up, wait for it.
  • Once the game loads, go to the store to buy gems, money or energy.Shadow-Fight-2-Cheats-Hacks-unlimited-coins-gems-2
  • Pay with the ‘Free Card xxx’ and you’ll complete the transaction without paying anything!! Shadow-Fight-2-Cheats-Hacks-unlimited-coins-gems-31
  •  Now Enjoy your game at free unlimited in-app purchases for unlimited coins and gems.Hack Google play store in-app purchases with Freedom App For Rooted Phones

Method #2 – Shadow Fight 2 Cheats and Hack Using Lucky Patcher for unlimited coins and gems

Lucky Patcher is known to be one of the best Android hacking tools. Among the many features it has, Lucky Patcher has the ability to make free shopping app. This can be used for shade Fight 2 Hack to get unlimited free coins and gems. now follow the instruction for Shadow Fight 2 Hack:

  1. Download and install Lucky Patcher.
  2. Open the App; if prompted for a super user access or any root permission, grant it. (Update the App if prompted – it might allow you to hack more games using the same procedure.)
  3. Wait for all the apps to appear in the list; then your select Shadow Fight 2 game.
  4. Go to Open menu of Patches > Support patch for inApp and LVL emulation > Apply.Shadow-Fight-2-Hacks-using lucky patcher
  5. And this time wait for the Lucky Patcher app to perform automated hacking for in-app purchases
  6. Now open Shadow Fight 2 and perform any shopping for free (Purchase for free)(rest is similar to method 1).Shadow Fight 2 Hack Using Lucky Patcher for unlimited coins and gems
  7. As it this.. tap on any purchases and it prompt you on lucky patcher InApp purchases hack… Now tap on a yes button.How do I use lucky patcher and Hack In-App Purchases without rooting?
  8. Now see a Congratulations pop window to conform your Purchase. Shadow-Fight-2-Cheats-Hacks-unlimited-coins-gems-12

Note: If want to hack shadow fight 2 android hack no root as it hack shadow fight 2 android without root. Then follow this guide How do I use lucky patcher and Hack In-App Purchases without rooting?

Shadow Fight 2 Hack apk no root download

Original version
Shadow_Fight_2_v1.9.22.apk download from here [90.11 Mb]
Mod (Unlimited Gems / Gold)
Shadow_Fight_2_v1.9.22_Mod_Money.apk download from here [118.48 Mb]
2 Mod (Unlimited Gems / Gold)
Shadow_Fight_2_v1.9.22_Mod_2_Money.apk download from here [121.96 Mb]


Hope you found this guide to  Shadow fight 2 hack unlimited coins and gems helpful. If it did not work for you, do not worry, there are other ways to go. Just leave a comment below.

Want to know hacks on any other game? Tell us in the comments section below! 😛

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