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The Google Maps apps for Android mobile and tablets makes navigating your world faster and easie
Those of us of a certain age remembers a time before Google Maps. A time before the cards that came before Google Maps. A time when we unfolded large pieces of paper in a car while driving at high speed – or worse, like a tourist in a distant country – watched the mysterious symbols and hope that we knew how we were shown first location.
These were the dark ages.

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In February 2005 Google launched Google Maps. And today it is an integral part of our daily lives, not to mention the experience Google say. At its simplest, it is a way of understanding where you are, or where you go. But it’s grown so much more than that. Google Maps now ties in your search results. Looking, for example, the Chinese food? You will see recommendations. Or, better yet, is what you might see recommendations from your friends, thanks to the integration with Google +.
And what Google has done from top to bottom with satellites, it is also made from the driver’s seat. Google has a fleet of cars in the world that maps roads and highways, and ensure accuracy – which is the really cool part – taking 360 degree “Street View” photos so that you can actually see where you’re going and what does it look like before you get there.
Google Maps has made the transition from the web browser for mobile, of course, and there are now an indispensable part of our lives online.

WHAT’S NEW (October 12, 2015 )
• New Google Maps logo
• Find the best places to eat & drink around you, with curated recommendations in San Francisco, London & New York .
• Easily compare ETAs across driving, transit, walking & biking
• Old  Bug fixes

Popular tips
• Improve voice navigation
• Get better location accuracy
• Report wrong directions
More tips

Visit Google Maps help center:

Version: Varies with device
Vendor: Google Inc.
Install and Download Price: Free


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