How to save Google Maps for offline use

Google Maps offers an insane amount of information at your fingertips, but what is really the case that if you have an Internet connection.

Step by step, navigation, location search and other advanced features require your device to be online, but Google Maps does offer you the opportunity to save a part of the experience for offline use. It’s not the best situation more and it will feature-complete, but it is how you get someutility on Google Maps when you happen to be near a network connection.

It is practical, and it is easy to use. Let’s explore.


Save and offline access Maps google-maps-offline-screens

Saving a map is quite simple – to start, move the map to the location you want to save for offline use. Then just touch the top search bar of the application, scroll to the bottom of the interface and press Save to use the map offline. If you have searched for a place rather than manually find the area, press the bottom bar and click the menu button in the upper right corner and tap Save the online map. In both cases, you will be redirected to the area of ​​the map you were previously on, with a new interface.

Move on the map to select the area you want to record – the application will save everything on the card that is in sight, and nothing more. You notice that there is a limit to the area you are allowed to register – there’s enough room for you an entire city or two, but you will not save States or entire regions with this method. Once you have found the area you want to save, touch Save at the bottom of the screen, then fill in a name for the area saved when the dialog box appears.

To see the state of your offline maps and manage, drag from the left edge of the application and select your place at the top of the menu. Scroll down and select Show All, and manage in the section of offline maps. Here you will see all your offline maps currently available, their expiration dates and their size in megabytes. You can tap any selection to be taken to that saved area , or you can press the menu button on the right to rename, edit or delete the saved maps.

Things to know about offline maps


After saving map your application will not act differently in normal use with an Internet connection – the only changes come when your phone has no data and you open the application to find your way. There are very few savings data derived from the saving map where you live and visit often with a internet connection, but you cansee speed improvements if you regularly have a slow data connection in these areas because “there is less to load.

The great thing is to know about Google Maps Offline is saved areas are automatically deleted after 30 days of your device. Whether to download updated data each time, saving some minimal amounts of storage or some other reason, Google will not give in this time limitation in this map. You’ll want to consider another application if you need online mapping navigation.

As noted earlier in this article, after saving a map still you will not be able to perform step by step navigation, search POI or Street View access without an Internet connection. You’ll have to use the maps of the “old school” and navigate manually.

Also remember that if you are using this feature, since it has no data connection at all, location services will be very slow to use too. You will be able to access the map data previously stored offline, but because her phone often uses cellular networks to help locate on a map that may be waiting a while for locking accurate location based solely on GPS.

Save Your Google Maps for Offline Use on Android & iOS

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