Now display holiday hours On Google Maps and Search


With the holiday season approaching, Google has released a special update from two of their most used applications. In addition to showing normal operating hours, maps and research will now display hours and holidays.

Jonathan Sidi, product manager of Google Maps and local search, posted on the official blog of Google Maps today that holiday hours were added to the applications. Now, if a holiday falls in the next seven days, companies will view vacation hours without having to search for them specifically. This looks like it could be quite the nifty time saver. It will probably also help you avoid these irritating situations when you carry you all the way to your favorite noodle restaurant only to be surprised that the lights are off and the house of one. Ah yes, the Chinese New Year.

This update of Google Maps and the search is global, like Sidi highlights, so if you are traveling abroad, it can help you tabs on operating hours affected by the holidays, you might not have taken into consideration. “How is that to travel like a local?” Sidi quips. If no holiday hours are available in Google’s system for a given company, users encounter a warning message, giving them a heads up that the hours of operation could be different due to a public holiday imminent.

It is a little smoother to an already intuitive pair of applications. Since you do not have specific access this feature (and it is activated in the background), most users will only find themselves falling on organically. What do you think of the bill? Share your thoughts in the comments.