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This Screenshot From The Smartphone Provided By Google Shows A Map Of The Bay Area Of San Francisco During A Demonstration Of The New Navigation Option Offline Google Maps. With An Update For Android Phones Tuesday, November 10, 2015, Users Will Be Able To Search Nearby Businesses And Get Driving Directions, Including Voice Turn-by-turn, Even If The Internet Connection Is Uneven Or Nonexistent. Google Said A Version For IPhone Is Coming Soon.

This screenshot from the smartphone provided by Google shows a map of the Bay area of San Francisco during a demonstration of the new navigation option offline Google Maps. With an update for Android phones Tuesday, November 10, 2015, users will be able to search nearby businesses and get driving directions, including voice turn-by-turn, even if the Internet connection is uneven or nonexistent. Google said a version for iPhone is coming soon.

Google finally started deploying search and navigation offline Google Maps, allowing you to save a geographical area to navigate without the need for a connection. This feature was previewed back at Google I / O, and it is just beginning to deploy to users. With this, you’ll be able to download zone in search of a city, county or country, then press the download button, or you can go in the Domain offline and Google Maps add a new area.
Once the area is downloaded, you will be able to navigate as if you had a connection, which means the entire route turn-by-turn, the ability to destinations in the region and search everything.

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Whereas before, you can simply see an area of the card online, you can now get turn-by-turn directions, search for specific locations, and find useful information about places, such as hours of opening the contact or feedback of information.

The feature will be gradual deployment of Android users first, and Google will continue to add more features offline to continue to improve your experience connectionless.

Source: Google Blog

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