Clash of Clans Update 2017: Dragon event coming (COC January update)

Clash of Clans Update 2017 (COC January update ): It’s the Events tab that Clash of Clans recently unleashed recently revealed that a Dragon event will come for fans to enjoy soon. The event is scheduled to kick off just after the “Clashmas” promotion for the holiday ends.

For now, there are not too many details revealed about the upcoming event yet. On the other hand, a photo posted on Imgur confirms that it is safe to start as soon as the holiday ends 2016 “Clashmas” promotion ends, which is on Thursday, January 5th. The point of sale adds that the upcoming “Clash of Clans” Dragon event may have a similar theme to that of the Hog Rider event.

[NEWS] Dragon event coming in 3 days!
Clash of Clans Update 2017: Dragon event coming (COC January update)
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Dragon Event on us, let’s take a look at the Dragons once again from the start. The basic guide here covering Dragon levels by Town Hall level. The weaknesses of the Dragons. Dragons versus the Clan Castle, and Dragons in the Castle of Clan. Then I turn into a few attacks that I made myself or watched here on YouTube. Here are the videos I am referring to:

What Happened at the Hog Rider Event?

In December, the Hog Rider event provided fans with a chance to train for a cheaper amount. The training discount was used by some to complete an event challenge that provided extra gem bonuses and XP. The objective of the Hog Rider Event was to win three multiplayer battles with 10 Hogs.

It is expected that the next “Clash of Clans” Dragon event will have a similar idea; Although the difference is that the players will be training Dragons. The question that has not yet been answered is if Baby Dragons can also be included in the battles or only the regular dragons will take part in the matches. The Events tab contains only a regular Dragon at this point, but more detailed details can be revealed after the “Clashmas” promotion is completed.

If the “Clash of Clans” Dragon Event will also be similar to the Hog Rider event, it is said that the event can last up to three days. The rest of the event’s matches, rewards and add-ons can be revealed later this week.

Clash of Clans Update 2017 Dragon event coming (COC January update
Dragon event coming 2017 (COC January update)

What Dragons Can Do (Clash of Clans 2017 Update: COC January update)

In the “Clash of Clans” universe, the Dragons are very crucial in terms of air defense and offensive. A dragon is considered one of the most powerful characters in the title because it can be a great help both in the air and on land. Dragons can eliminate air defenses and can also destroy groups of Goblins and Barbarians on the move. With a judicious timing, a Dragon can be the strongest warrior on the battlefield by the Rage spell.

Fans React on Twitter

Fans commented about Clash of Clans Update 2017: Dragon event coming (COC January update) on the official Twitter page of “Clash of Clans” that they are extremely ecstatic for the launch of the event. Most have noticed that Dragon events and similar events are just what players need to keep them interested in playing the game.

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