Clash Of Clans Halloween Update 2016 in October (CoC Halloween Update)

Here’s For Clash Of Clans Halloween Update 2016 (COC Halloween Update 2016 ): Clash of Clans players, this message can only mean one thing: that the highly anticipated Halloween update will come out in the very near future. Our estimate is that we could see on Monday afternoon, however, Supercell gave no official word on when it comes out.

Although the update has not arrived, leaks featuring 2016 Clash of Clans Halloween content made their way on Reddit and Clash of Clans official forums there about two weeks. Among the contents are exposed Halloween pumpkins spooky, shipyard wreck, statues, looks special characters and more. Discover all that has been disclosed to date.clash-of-clans-halloween-update-2016-coc


Clash Of Clans Halloween Update 2016 (Coc) is Here!

Boosted Brews & Bones! It’s that spooky time of year!

For a limited time:

  • Cheaper & faster training for Skeleton Spells, Witches, Balloons & Wall Breakers
  • Boost Spell brewing for 1 GEM

Beware: chilling surprises are known to appear during this very spooky time of year…



“Clash Of Clans” Halloween Update 2016 Leaks

Shipwreck and shipyards are one of the expected changes come to the Clash of Clans Halloween 2022 update.clash-of-clans-halloween-update-2016-shipyard-shipwreck

Shipyard Shipwreck (COC Halloween Update 2016 )

Redditor leakage, spAnser, the clash of Clans Halloween update 2016 should include a special event shipyard. The leaked photos provide a couple of different images of a ship – is a shipwreck and the other completely restored. Redditors theorize that the shipyard event will probably wreck the players to solve. Once set, some players believe that the restored vessel function in the same way as the submarine makes Boom Beach. If this rumor proves to be true, players will use the restored ship to search for and collect gold. According to the leaks, the site unlocks the Town Hall 4 and will cost 50,000 gold to repair.

Barbarian King Statue

The Barbarian King is a new decoration flight, Clash of Clans 2016 Halloween update. Reddit


Next photo leak shows a statue of the barbarian king, who will be added to the decoration menu. It will cost 55 gems to buy.

Red Event Characters (COC Halloween Update 2016 )

Characters of the Red event were presented in the recent Clans Clash Halloween update 2016 leaks.Reddit


The leaks also show a red added Barbarian King and Red Queen Archer for the Halloween update that Redditors guess Supercell plans to hold a special event red again this year as they have in the past. The Red event is the Supecell way to bring awareness to HIV and AIDS in collaboration with (Product) RED. Product RED is a private brand that was created in 2006 by U2’s Bono and other philanthropists. (Product) RED is associated with a number of companies that include Nike, Coca-Cola Company, Converse, Apple and more. Companies that support the charity, help raise awareness by giving consumers an easy way to donate. For Clash of Clans players who have donated to the RED product in the red event last year, Supercell offered embellishments to the town halls of the players. If the leaks are correct, red for this year’s events will include a coupon red Barbarian King and Red Queen Archer

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Other Clash of Clans Halloween Update Rumors

In addition to the shipyard and the characters of the Red event, other leaks suggest that Clashers could see a level Air Sweeper 7 added with a level of air defense 9.

As more leaks occur or new information on when the Clash Clans Halloween update 2016 (COC Halloween Update 2016) out, we’ll be sure to update this post.

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