How to Spy on Multiple Instant Messengers in Android Devices [Guest Post]

The growing world of smartphones and the use of instant messenger apps are playing a bigger role than ever before, these IM apps connecting people with each other conveniently and free in the digital world. Moreover, the use of instant messengers and the user’s adoption of android devices on larger scale creating fear in the minds of the parents. So, in short, the rain of instant messengers and the adoption of android devices, mostly young children are involved in the usage of different kinds of instant messengers on the same android device.

It is because the best instant messenger’s apps doing similar stuff but the actual difference is the user interfaces and having some extra functions of every app is the main reason of competition between them. Having said that, parents are fearful because of plenty of IM apps on their young kid’s mobile devices, it makes difficult for parents to monitor multiple instant messengers on a particular android device.  

There are a number of instant messengers but the most popular are like Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber, snap chat, Kik, Line, IMO, Skype and many others.


Monitoring of a particular messenger is not a mess but spying multiple instant messengers on android devices seems to be a problem. TheOneSpy will let you monitor multiple IM apps on android devices, you will enable to spy 16 instant messaging application with the help of TOS monitoring app. All the instant messaging apps have very secure services; therefore in order to spy multiple messengers, we have to apply some tactics to monitor multiple messengers.

How is that possible?

In order to monitor more than one instant messenger, we need routing initially of our android devices. Now the question arises how we enable to rooting the devices, we need to use the software which can easily route the device “KingoRoute” is a free application which is very effective for routing the android devices. So, use this application and after the completion of the routing of your device, you will enable to monitor multiple instant messengers with the help of TOS monitoring application.

Why the TheOneSpy is the best option for spying multiple Messengers in Android devices.

It is because the TOS enable you to monitor multiple instant messaging applications in android devices, having single control panel you can monitor all of the conversation happening on multiple messengers on the single platform with complete and accurate time statistics. TOS is compatible with Android 4.0 up to Android 7.0 nougat. The best part of this monitoring app is the quality and quantity within a reasonable price.

Following are top 10 instant messaging applications which can be monitored in Android devices with the help of monitoring spy app.  



It need no introduction it is one of the top most popular instant messenger app, WhatsApp has made its journey towards any type devices whether it is  Android or IOS and windows. Millions of people are using this application having features like audio and video conversations, messages, chat group chat, text message, videos sharing, photo sharing and group conversations. It is also supporting free voice calling. Spy app enables you to monitor all its features within minutes having time stamps.


  • Viber:


We can say it is very similar to the WhatsApp messenger but could not be able to get appreciation like WhatsApp has at the moment. It has features like chat, group chat and audio and video conversations, stickers and instant online calling option on the internet. You can easily able to monitor all of its features with TOS spy software.


  • Snapchat:


It has the largest teenage users, having features like live videos conversations, video messages based on 10 seconds. This messenger has got popularity within a couple of years.  If you want to monitor it on an Android device, you can spy all of its features within no time by using monitoring application.


  • Kik:


Kik is another famous IM app for Android devices, it is not dependent on phone numbers you can use it through user names and can easily do group chat having almost 50 people. It has features like text messages send and received, images, funny Glissando memes as well. Now monitor this application with the world’s best spy application.


  • Line:


It offers their users free voice and video calls and also have cool stickers, news feed, make fun movies and adding friends through NFC. Line chat is very famous among young children, so spy this instant messaging app through tracking spy app for android devices


  • IMO:


It allows their users to use their existing accounts from one application to another and also has its own online community. It has features like free voice and video calling, instant messaging through groups and contacts and you can search your friend on IMO. If you have made your mind to monitor this instant messaging application then surveillance spy app should be your first choice for android devices.


  • Skype:


This app is the world most popular video calling app; its instant messaging ability is also very efficient. Messaging between contacts is very rapid if the conversation goes long then taps and do call. This instant messaging application is very popular in the business world. You can monitor this app and all of its features including all the conversations by using monitoring software for android devices.


  • Facebook Messenger:


It allows users to make the chat with their friends, group chats, sharing media, voice calls through Wi-Fi the time when an app is linked with your Facebook friends. Users don’t have to worry about the contacts, phone numbers and for a user name. Now monitor this IM app with the world’s no. 1 spy app for Android devices.



Telegram is also great instant messaging application; it has several features like bots and integration with multiple devices, PC’s Macs, and tablets. All the conversations are stored in the cloud; it is no doubt one of the best instant messaging apps for Android devices. It is possible to monitor this instant messenger with the tracking spy app.


  • Yahoo Messenger:


No doubt it is the oldest instant messaging application in the world, rest of the applications came after many years. It has features like audio and video conversations, images, emotions, chat rooms and voice mail and file sharing. TOS monitoring spy app enables you to monitor this app within no time with an exact time frame. AndroidFit.Com

Author Bio:

Nicki is an editor and content writer at TheOneSpy. She’s experts in parenting as well as relationship adviser. Her work on spy app for android devices has received great appreciation from readers. To know more about her follow on twitter @nickimarie222

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