Top 3 Best Spy Apps to Read Someone’s Text Messages

Can I read someone’s messages remotely? 

What? Impossible!!!

But, what if we say it’s simply possible now?


Sounds great! Right? 

Communication is the backbone of every relationship, and text messages are the most profound approach for communication these days. So if you want to know that either your family member or employee is involved in any illegal activity, using monitoring apps for Android is the best solution. 

Importance of Text Messages:

You don’t only communicate with your friends and family through text, but the demand for text with your employees and clients has also increased. 

  • 23.86% of the clients of the United States opt for SMS notifications.


  • 98% of grown-ups in the United States own a mobile or tablet. 
  • 95% of text messages are read and replied, within three minutes of being obtained.

You would be amazed by the stats indicating the high use of cell phones and the importance of text messages.

Here comes a question;

What is the need to read someone’s text messages in the modern era? 

Conversing over SMS and messages with friends and family appears to be a remote memory. People used to chat with them via different instant messaging apps. Kids and teens use it to talk with their online friends and peers. 

Nowadays, mobile phones hold more applications that the ill-minded can use to target immature and innocent people. Everyone uses text messages to communicate mainly. Your kids, spouse, or employees can become victims of cybercrimes and cyberbullying.

Top 3 Best Spy Apps to Read Someone’s Text Messages: 

The significance of investing in monitoring apps for Android shows that it’s the most convenient or simplest way to monitor and read text messages of somebody you care about. 

A helpful way of doing so is by obtaining an Android monitoring app, which will enable you to access all the text messages of target mobile or instant messaging apps. Similarly, an Android spy app can also perform many other practical tasks. 

Additionally, this article will demonstrate the top 3 best spy apps for Android phones and tabs that remotely operate in confidential mode. So, cutting the matter short, let’s explore the best Android spy apps.

Following is the list of famous Android monitoring apps. These apps help you remotely access their target devices and smartphones in no time.

  1. TheWiSpy 
  2. FamiSafe
  3. mSpy


TheWiSpy is a non-intrusive app to read someone’s mobile phone messages without accessing their phone. It offers Android message tracking solutions for parents, partners, and employers. 

It is a web-based tracker that works without rooting the target phone. The best thing about TheWiSpy is its interface, which is wholly produced for ease of use. 

Some significant features that make it perfect for message monitoring are: 

User-Friendly Interface:

TheWiSpy has a user support team keen to aid you with any issues you might face. However, it is doubtful you will face any issue with its fantastic structure.


Price changes typically if you desire more than just primary features of monitoring. The excellent point is that TheWispy app supports text message monitoring for all subscriptions. You can purchase the basic and premium package at affordable prices.


TheWiSpy is a reliable app that fulfills your requirements. Never go for the one that makes significant lag onto the target device. TheWiSpy monitoring app delivers all the data promptly. 

Stealth Mode:

Since you want to keep accounts on someone you care about. The Android Monitoring app you choose must work in complete hidden mode. 

TheWiSpy is a verified portrayal of stealth monitoring.


Many Android monitoring apps are working in the market. TheWiSpy is certainly the best app with unique 30+ features, and all its features are reliable and trustworthy. No rooting is required while downloading the app. 

  • Track Messages:

You can access SMS or text messages on the target’s phone. That lets you read chats, even delete chats, and view chat history.

  • Trace GPS Location

GPS monitoring of TWS enables you to trace the real-time surrounding areas or locations of the target device. Then, the spy app gets on the smartphone’s map and traces all the spots where it is used. 

  • Manage Call Logs:

TheWiSpy empowers you to view all call logs of the target user remotely. Furthermore, you can have the contact descriptions such as the contact name, timings, and mobile number. 

  • Surround Recording:

Microphone spy permits you to listen to the encompassing sounds of the target device. 

Camera spy allows you to snap images of the surroundings of someone you target.

  • Track Social Media:

Social media contains more details as compared to mobile phone messages these days. The Android monitoring app allows you to view all the messages of the instant messengers and spy on all other activities. 

  • Check Emails:

You can track emails and other notifications from the target device remotely. 

Other Features:

  • Key-Logger. 
  • Monitoring Calendar and memos.
  • 24/7 Instant Alerts.
  • Wi-Fi Logs and connections. 

Price Plans – TheWiSpy:

TheWiSpy has 3 diverse price plans that offers:

Basic Pricing Plan: 

  • 1-month license = $29.99
  • 3-months license= $49.99 
  • 6-months license = $89.99 

Premium Pricing Plan:

  • 1-month license = $39.99
  • 3-months license = $69.99
  • 6-months license = $99.99

Platinum Pricing Plan:

  • 1-month license = $49.99
  • 3-months license =$79.99
  • 6-months license = $79.99


Famisafe is one of the secure Android and iPhone spy apps you can use to monitor your kid’s activities. You can hide the app’s icon so the target user will not find it in their app list—That’s why Famisafe is secure and safe for kids and teens. 

Nearly every spyware app needs the installation process. If you want to remotely spy on all text messages, you should have a subscription and package installed. So is the case with FamiSafe. You can install the application from the Google-Play Store for Android or App Store for iOS. You can buy your supporting pricing package and start monitoring. 


  • Track messages.
  • Calls monitoring 
  • Spy camera 
  • Spy on surroundings.
  • Recording videos.
  • Location tracking.
  • Transfer SMS from the target device.   
  •  Get call notifications.
  •  Record ongoing calls.

Compatible Devices:

FamiSafe is cooperative with all Android devices operating on Android 8 and following. 


  • Monthly Plan: 10.99$
  • Quarterly Plan: 20.99$
  • Yearly Plan: 60.99$


mSpy is the parental control software. The app permits you to restrict phone usage or add limitations on screen time. If you desire to track your teens or employees, mSpy has been functioning for a long time and has many clients worldwide. The app’s icon is anonymous, and you can spy on more than one user at once through the mSpy.

Using mSpy, you can read someones’ SMS remotely. They offer you to read the target’s text messages privately without touching the mobile phones. 

Spy apps are the widely used mobile phone tracking software that can do much more instead of reading someone’s messages. Other features of the mSpy includes:

  • Read Texts Messages.
  • Spy on Instant Messengers.
  • Monitor Calls
  • Multimedia monitoring, 
  • Location tracking
  • View emails and other notifications.
  • Trace Contacts list,
  • Multimedia monitoring, 
  • Location tracking
  • Spy on Gallery

Pricing and Compatibility:

Highly adaptable with all Android Devices but needs rooting. Similarly, its pricing includes two packages:

  • The Basic package: $29.99
  • The premium package: $69.99


The famous Android Monitoring apps list shows that the spy apps are the widely used mobile phone tracking software. This software can do much more despite reading and viewing someone’s messages. 

All spy apps for Android are hidden & non-detective in all smartphones and tablets. All three applications, discussed above, have different specifications and are used for different purposes. Some of their features are suitable for digital parenting, while others are for employee monitoring. 

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