Google is considering building its own Android smartphone from scratch

Google launched Android OS many years ago without really making a GOOD smartphone. Instead, the company has partnered with various smartphone manufacturers to create Nexus brand devices to show customers, developers and partners a fully functional, high-end smartphone running the latest version of Android. Although rumors have said that Google might abandon the Nexus smartphone program, the company has continued to do so – and Google is probably forced to create Nexus handsets so that its new Android Android versions have a place to shine.

But Google could bring a touch to the Nexus smartphone program as the company is now rumored to consider the release of its own smartphone.

google-phone-rumoredGoogle could shortly take way Apple and Microsoft by creating its own Android smartphone, a new report suggests.

Google developed Android OS there are many years without actually making a android smartphone. Instead, the company in partnership with various smartphone manufacturers to create devices Nexus brand you use the latest version of Android. But Google is now rumored to be considering releasing its own android smartphone,( as reported by The Information. )
By launching their own smartphone, they would have complete control over the hardware and software, which allows them more control over various aspects of the phone. However, it is still unclear whether Google has a timetable for its plan to build phones or if the whole idea will be removed. But there are other ways that Google seeks to gain more control of the Android production.
Earlier on this month, it has been reported that Google plans to develop their own Android chips. If the projects are realized, they could provide the uniformity of the platform which could help avoid fragmentation that is notorious for Android.


source: FoxNews

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