Fire Emblem Heroes for Android and iOS: Everything You Need to Know

Nintendo’s first full Android game, Fire Emblem Heroes, is now rolling out to some countries in the Google Play Store. Here’s Fire Emblem Heroes APK.

Fire Emblem Heroes (FEH) is the second Nintendo smartphone game. Just like the main entries in the franchise, it’s a  role-playing strategy game that allows you to summon heroes, attack opponents and, hopefully, deliver you to a tale steeped in intriguing characters. Unlike Super Mario Run, the game is expected to hit Android and iOS at the same time. Here’s what you need to know about Nintendo’s second year smartphone effort.

Fire Emblem Heroes release date:

Fire Emblem Heroes has a February 2 release date globally. If you have subscribed to the game notifications, you will be notified when the App Store and Google Play are downloaded.Fire Emblem Heroes for Android and iOS: Everything You Need to Know 2

Fire Emblem Heroes System Requirements for  Android and iOS:

To play Fire Emblem Heroes on your iPhone or iPad, you will need a device with iOS 8 or higher. As for Android, your smartphone or tablet should run on Android 4.2 or later and have 2 GB of RAM. Nintendo did not indicate how much storage the game would need right away or its download size.

Fire Emblem Heroes download time on Android and iOS:

The release time of Fire Emblem Heroes may vary depending on where you are in. If we were to consider how Nintendo launched Super Mario Run, this game was available from 10am PST in the US and 23h30 in India. You can expect Fire Emblem Heroes sports a similar exit time. However, according to a Nintendo customer support email, the game could be released as early as 7 am in Japan on February 2. This was confirmed by the official Twitter account of Fire Emblem  which specified that players would be “notified when other regions receive the game.” The wording implies a staggered deployment of the game similar to Pokemon Go. Hopefully the gaps between Rejections in each country are lower. For what it’s worth, 7 pm JST Feb 2 translates to 3:30 am IST the same day and 2pm PST on February 1st.

Fire Emblem Heroes is free

Unlike Super Mario Run which was free to try, Fire Emblem Heroes can be played in its entirety without giving Nintendo any money. But there is a trap …

Explanation of purchases in the Fire Emblem Heroes game

The game has an endurance counter. It tells you what missions you can play. He replenishes himself every hour. According to first impressions, the opening missions cost a single point of endurance to play. As the game progresses, more challenging missions will cost more stamina. Essentially, your progress is bound by the endurance you have. To play more, you can use the orbs in the game currency in Fire Emblem Heroes. A single orb fills all your endurance bar. In addition, it can be used to get new heroes to use in the battle. Although you can not buy the hero you want exactly. Instead, what you get is determined randomly.

This is similar to how the pots work in FIFA’s Overwatch or FUT packs. Japanese smartphone games such as Blood Brothers and Puzzles and Dragons have used these effective monetization mechanisms. And Fire Emblem Heroes seems to be no different. Three orbs cost $ 1.99 (around Rs. 134) with existing options up to $ 74.99 (about Rs. 5.066) for 140 orbs. They can be earned via activities in the game too.Fire Emblem Heroes for Android and iOS: Everything You Need to Know 3

Fire Emblem Heroes is still online

Super Mario Run is not the only Nintendo mobile game that requires you to be online. Fire Emblem Heroes will need you to do the same. So if you fancy a quick round of it during the ride, think again.

Fire Emblem Heroes Choose your vote Legends

In mid-January, Nintendo launched a campaign to determine the most popular heroes in the Fire Emblem universe. The winners would appear in Fire Emblem Heroes when he launches with special costumes to score their victory. The vote ended on Jan. 31 and Nintendo has not yet announced which characters have made the cut. Sure to say, we will know for sure when the game will be released on February 2.


  • It is a strategy role-playing game with in-app purchases
  • Fire Emblem Heroes is out on February 2
  • You will need a persistent Internet connection to play it.

Do you intend to give Fire Emblem Heroes Apk? Or are you waiting to see what Nintendo does next with the franchise on the Nintendo Switch and 3DS? Please let us know in the comments.