Super Mario Run game will be available for Android in March 23/17

Super Mario Run, the first right incursion of Nintendo in mobile games, will not be available on Android before March. Now Nintendo of America and Nintendo announced the company in a tweet. The Super Mario Run game will be available for Android in March 23, 2017.

In our review of the iOS version, we thought the game was fun, but compromised, with surprisingly deep gameplay given that there is only one control (tap to jump), but a bit repetitive. Also, Apk Fact team ready to upload Super Mario Run apk file on the first available on internet.

As we have known for a while, Super Mario Run arrives in Android after an exclusive pass on iOS.


It’s going to be a while, though.

SuperMarioRun arrival on Android finally has a date! It arrives on Android at 3/23 and brings with it the Version 2.0.0 update as tweeted by Nintendo’s official Twitter account.


According to a tweet from the Japanese Twitter account of Nintendo, Mario will not self-run its way through Android screens until that time in March.

Which translates, roughly, into:

Android version Super Mario Run began delivery in 3/2017. Pre-register now Google Play, started to distribute in a notification to let you know! Please register.

Here is the original tweet:

Super Mario Run game will be available on Android in March

The question now is, it worth it for Nintendo? The company has been worrying about a move to mobile gaming for years. And It is expected to release two more titles in 2022 (fire emblem and pet crossover) with more to come in the following years.

But while initial interest in Super Mario Run was high, third-party estimates suggest that only about three percent of users paid for the full game.

It is probably more of a contractual thing than a technical one. Super Mario Run was built on Unity. A game engine that is built with a relatively simple platform portage in mind. Although portage always presents a lot of challenges, it’s not like they’re rebuilding the game from scratch here.

Meanwhile, a Mars launch window would mean Mario Run was on iOS exclusively for about 3 months.

Mario did not run out of steam yet, but it seems to find mobile games a bit of slog. We will see how it goes on Android. You can sign up to be notified that Super Mario Run is broadcast via Google Play Store.

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