How to Battle in Pokemon GO (Using Pokémon GO gyms)

How to battle in Pokemon GO: Pokémon GO gyms can be confusing places – Our complete guide to training, gymnastics, wrestling, and winning fights in the most popular mobile game in the world right now. here’s how they work and what to do once you’re near One and maybe ever.

You took your Pokemon, the leveled and are ready for your first scrap. This means that taking a Pokémon GO gym. Gyms are essential elements of the game and control will help you climb the ladder to become a Pokémon master. Unfortunately, they are also absolutely confusing for newcomers. But do not worry – here’s all the information you need to understand and participate in the Pokémon gyms in your area.

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What is a Pokémon gym?

Gyms are specialized places in the Pokémon GO world. At any time, gyms can be held by one of three teams – red, blue or yellow. You will be able to tell which color and emblem on top of the tower. They are pretty hard to miss as they are represented by giant towers – typically with a Pokémon at the top.pokemon-go-gyms-to-battle-in-pokemon-go

The work of the team is to defend leaving Pokémon high level there. If the gym is a different color to you team, which is when you can fight it. The overall point of the fight against the possession and defense gyms is to win Pokécoins that can be spent in the game on the articles.

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Pokemon GO Gyms and Prestige Explained

The battles are limited to gyms:

Monuments and places of interest in the real world that have been designated as gymnasiums by the devs. Players can control gyms beating Pokémon that have been hidden there by the rather Once the last player to lower the Prestige level of the gym to 0.

What is a level Prestige?

Prestige is simply the classification of a gym – similar to how the trainers experience points. More prestige means a higher level and it is won and lost by the fighting.

Each Pokémon gym has a level and a certain amount of prestige. The level indicates the number of slots there to defend Pokémon. Thus, five trainers can allow Pokémon to level five gym.

It is a number that you see in the top left corner when you press a particular gym. Each time you beat a coach who is defending a gym, you lower the score Prestige, and defeat all trainers at a gym will reduce the score by 2,000. Once the total reaches zero prestige, which could take several battles, the gym is yours for the taking. Just leave behind your own Pokémon to take control – you might want to keep hold of your most powerful Pokémon, however.

Once you control a gym, you essentially claim it for your team – either red, blue or yellow depending on the faction you choose once you have reached level 5. At this point, it is very unlikely you will find a white gym that has yet to be claimed by a team.

There is some confusion about how fighting works among newcomers in the game. First, it is important to note that you can not challenge your mates to a random Pokemon go battle if you happen to be in the same area.

For those who want a little friendly sparring, you can fight gyms supposedly “friends” (ie those already controlled by your team) to earn additional XP, help improve your Pokemon, and raise the level Prestige the gym. In addition, you can put one of your own Pokémon in a warm gym to help strengthen its defenses in return for XP and periodic awards. You will have your creature back once he is defeated by a rival coach, but it might take a while, so not going to give up your Pokemon no.1 in defending the gym of your own team – you’re going to need this thing to shoot down your sworn enemies.

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Batting Basics – Battle in Pokemon GO

You will need to understand some basics first. gym battles are not that complicated, but can be a little overwhelming if you go in without knowing the fundamentals. You can take up to six Pokémon into battle with you, then be sure to select your best six in order to have the best chance of victory.

Regarding the battles themselves, the aim is, as expected, simply lower the health bar of the enemy Pokémon to zero, after which it will be low and you will be facing the following puny adversary who thinks they have what it takes.pokemon-go-gym-battle-1

Dodging – The other main component of dodge gym battles. Again, it is a simple concept, requiring you to swipe left or right to maneuver your Pokémon out of danger. Since you can restore the health of your pet once the battle is over, avoidance can be an effective way to keep your precious life energy in a particularly intense battle.

Attacking – attack is the main component of gym battles, and is as simple as touching the screen area of your phone where the enemy Pokemon appear. Tapping this manner will trigger a normal attack. The more of these you land, the more you will build your special attack, represented by the blue bars below your main health bar in the upper left of the screen. Once you have a special ready to go, tap and hold the screen to let loose on your unsuspecting opponent.

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How to fight battles – Battle in Pokemon GO

The main point of gyms is fight other trainers. You can turn a battle by pressing the little boxing glove icon when you are close enough to the gym.

After selecting your Pokemon, you are transported to an arena screen. To fight against, all you have to do is touch the screen as fast as you can.pokemon-go-battle-in-pokemon-go

You will notice that there are blue bars below the health of your Pokémon. When it is full, you can press the screen for longer and release a more powerful attack.

The fight is fairly simple, but you can dodge attacks by dragging left or right. In addition, Pokémon come in different types (water, fire, etc.) and this can be advantageous in a fight. During a battle, you can also access your backpack and use items like potions and revives to help.

How do I get Poké coins?

Pokécoins are won by defending a gym. The game refreshes every 21 hours and you will have 10 rooms with gym you defend. If you have Pokémon enough – and they high enough battle points (CP) – then you should take as many gyms as you can, if your goal is to accumulate coins.

How to take an enemy gym (Pokemon GO battle)

When you’re fighting at a gym held by another team, you’ll need to defeat all the defending Pokémon before it can be claimed. If it’s a high level gym then this takes some doing.

Each enemy you defeat will lower the prestige of the gym and once the prestige reaches 0 you can take control of the gym for your team.

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