10+ Best TV Remote Apps for Android 2022

Best TV Remote Apps for Android: There are many reasons why the best tv remote control app is worth downloading. For example, they can sometimes give you additional features that might not be available with your current remote control. And then there are times when having a remote control application may prove the difference when you have lost or can not find your remote control. Or only when you are busy on social media and the remote control is too far to put your phone down for. Whatever the reason, there are a number of Android applications that are designed to provide control of the application on your TV and its contents and here are ten of the remote Android applications that are currently worth checking. Here’s we shared 10+ Best TV Remote Apps for Android Phone 2022.

Mi Remote controller – for TV, STB, AC and more

Control your electric appliances with your phone using Mi Remote. Whenever you can’t find your remote or feel like pranking your friends, Mi Remote will be there to help. We also have all the information you need about your favorite TV shows, so you can switch the channel faster, or even watch the show on your mobile device. Mi Remote brings watching TV to a new level!

  1. Most phones with IR blasters support Mi Remote and its features.
  2. All mobile devices can be used to control Mi TV/Mi Box and other smart TVs with standard protocols over Wi-Fi.
  3. All mobile devices support Mi Remote’s integration with TV scheduling.


SURE – Smart Home and TV Universal Remote

Sure Universal Smart TV Remote Control is definitely verbose. It’s also one of the great TV remote apps. It works on a whole bunch of TVs. Like Anymote, it also supports other devices with an IR blaster. It has the added bonus of DLNA and WiFi support for casting photos and videos. There is even support for Amazon Alexa. We thought that was rather forward thinking. It also means that Google Home isn’t the only app here with support for a personal assistant app. It’s a tad rough around the edges. However, you can try it before you buy it.




ZaZaRemote-Universal Remote

I see many users suggest in facebook, it’s working with almost all AC/TV with this Best TV Remote App.  With the help of ZaZaRemote, you can use your mobile phone to control all kinds of infrared devices. The software database can support electrical devices from over 6,000 brands and over 8,000 remote controls, which can be used where the Internet is not available. ZaZaRemote install now, you will not need to find your remote at the corner of the sofa more.


  • Super large control code database.
  • Kinds of electrical appliances under control with Air conditioner, TV set , Set-top box/satellite, Projector, Network box, DVD, Power amplifier, Electric fan, SLR camera, Switch/bulb.
  • which can support appliances of over 6,000 brands and 250,000 control codes
  • The concise user interface, easy to use.


Peel Universal Remote TV Guide

Starting from the list today an application that many Android smartphone owners may already be familiar. This is the Peel Universal Remote app and is one that not only provides your Best TV control features but also offers a long list of additional features too. Including an integrated TV guide that lets you find content to watch and where to look for. This is a typical application heavy even for those looking. The only downside is that this application will not be for everyone due to the limited compatibility of the brand.


  • Support almost all popular Smartphone and Tablet Brand, including models from Xiaomi, Samsung, HTC, LG and more.
  • You can control more than 40 thousand devices
  • Works with device built-in IR blaster.
  • Create your favorite TV channel list for quick navigation
  • No annoying ads in the free version
  • Support LG, Sony, Samsung, Vizio etc. TV brands


Smart TV Remote – Best TV Remote Apps for android

The TV Smart Remote is perhaps the most popular Samsung TV remote applications for Android available today. The interface is a bit clunky, but the application made to that in the feature. The best part of the app is that it has no visible buttons.smart-tv-remote-best-tv-remote-apps-for-android-phone

That’s right, this Best TV Remote App buttons only appear when you touch the screen and right at your fingertips! This is one of the most incredible features that I’ve tested in a long time. With this application, you do not need to find the buttons, the buttons you find. This is one of the best TV remote apps without equipment.


  • Control up to 4 devices at a time
  • Set your favorite TV channels for quick navigation
  • Built-in widgets and notification feature
  • Control TV using device IR blaster
  • Premium support for free as A continuous growing list of tutorial videos.


AnyMote Universal Remote +WiFi

The AnyMote Universal Remote is another remote control app which mainly use an IR blaster to connect and control. However, this is also an application that can use Wi-Fi to establish a connection as well. So if you do not have an IR blaster to your device, then this could be a penalty enforcement check. Especially if you have a number of devices you want to control all within one application.

Need best Smart IR Remote, you can see also from Smart IR Remote – AnyMote. (premium version)



  • Best TV remote app for Samsung Galaxy and HTC One series smartphones
  • Perfect universal remote app for TV and other home electronics
  • Support Xbox and Xfinity
  • The app works with more than 90 thousand devices
  • Works with Voice Commands through Google Now.
  • Can change remote interface by changing button locations or theme color?


SURE Universal TV Remote

The common application so far is that they all rely on a smartphone with an IR blaster to use the application and enforcement Universal Remote Control SAFE is no exception that you need to use an IR blaster this application. That said, for those looking for a nice and simple application to use and also comes with an attractive user interface, then this might be worth checking out.


  • built-in Infra-Red (IR) blaster
  • You can control Roku media streamers
  • View photos or videos on your Smart TV from your phone
  • Can control any remote controlled home appliance
  • Mouse and keyboard options available for Smart TV
  • Support voice commands
  • More than 115+ thousand user review with avg 4.5 rating on Google Play.



Panasonic TV Remote 2

This  Best TV Remote App for Panasonic TV. Panasonic TV Remote 2 app is beautifully designed and offers all the features you expect from a TV remote app for Android. This particular application allows controlling the VIERA TV, a Smart TV company. VIERA TVs not only look great, design-wise but also some of the most brilliant colors I saw. Of course, the design team behind the application met the high standards and delivered a focused application.

If it not working for your old Panasonic TV, then Please check this TV Remote app for older version Panasonic TV.  (As of Feb 20, 2012)panasonic-tv-remote-2-best-tv-remote-apps-for-android-phone


  • All basic TV remote functions.
  • Control VIERA over the wireless network (Wi-Fi).
  • Swipe, share and web browsing.
  • Keyboard and gamepad feature
  • Hotkey for volume and channel.


Android TV Remote Control

If you are over the TV Android persuasion, then it will be an application, you should have already downloaded. This is the official Android app and TV works with most, if not all, Android TV devices. In truth, it is a bit on the basic side in terms of functionality, but the basic ability to control your Android TV is there.

To get started, connect your Android phone or tablet to the same network as your Android device or TV to find your Android TV via Bluetooth.


  • Comes with all basic remote button
  • Power on/off and mute button available
  • Favorite channel list button
  • Support almost all popular TV models


LG TV Remote – Best TV Remote Apps for android

Moving applications that place their focus on the compatibility of the smartphone brand, this application is a compatible TV brand application and works only with LG televisions. Not to mention, you’ll need a TV that is not older than 2012, to use the application. If all these boxes are checked, this could be a good application for you, thanks to the friendly interface and a wide number of LG TV models it supports.lg-tv-remote-screenshot


  • Mini TV features for some models for watching TV on your Android device
  • Built-in channel search option
  • Touchpad feature
  • Hotkey for volume and channel
  • Capture TV screen easily



These are some top and best TV remote apps for Android smartphones and tablets. And that’s not enough for Best TV Remote Apps for android. I’m not sure, for these working for you. As I see Xiaomi user may choose Mi Remote controller for TV/AC app, as it official Amazon Fire TV remote control app, SAMSUNG TV & Remote (IR) app

If we missed one of the best TV remote apps for Android 2022, tell us about them in the comments! This is an update of an article previously written to check the reviews for some suggestions from our readers!

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