DC Legends Guide: Best Team Setup with Best Heroes in the Game

Welcome to AndroidFit.Com, Today we will share about the new and awesome game. Here’s DC Legends Guide for Best Team Setup & Best Heroes in the DC Legends Game. It has just been launched on the AppStore and Google Play Store. Now it’s time to see which heroes are really better than the others and how an ideal team would look like . So in this article, we will check out the best heroes of DC Legends, as well as how to setup best team in DC Legends game.

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Before I get there, I would like to point out some obvious things: at the time of writing this article there are 40 heroes you can unlock and some of them are random drops. That means you might or may not have some heroes, depending on the progress you’ve made in DC Legends. Also, some of your heroes could be significantly leveled and upgraded, which could, in turn, make them (slightly) better than the ones I consider the best.


Secondly, it is extremely important to know that an ideal team configuration does not exist per se because item bonuses come into play. This means that an extremely powerful character might not be so good when confronted with a Team, while a weaker character could become better in front of the right team. However, with all this in mind, there are certainly better heroes than others and this is what we are going to talk about today, as well as how to build a team that will govern the PvP arenas and what heroes are Concentrate for the future.

DC Legends Guide: Best Team Setup with Best Heroes in the Game.


First and foremost, you should know that heroes with a Leader skill are good instant choices in most occasions because of the buffs and bonuses they offer to their teammates. So as soon as you get one, make sure to place them in your team and use them as team leaders. However, it may take some time before you get there because constant upgrades are required in most cases in order to unlock your hero’s leader capabilities.

That being said, we will start with the best configuration of the team. Since at the time of the article writing, the game has just been launched and most players can be considered beginners, here is the best team configuration, in my opinion, for the early stages of the game, based on Of the heroes that I have seen that most people already have:

Flash, Zatanna, Sinestro, Wonderful Woman

I consider this team extremely solid, with Zatanna delivering much needed healing and flash providing quick shots one after the other. Wonder Woman is ideal to stimulate his teammates and inflict damage on multiple targets, just like Sinestro which is a bit slow, though.

Let’s see who are the best heroes of DC Legends. We will group them according to their element, so it is easier to take the right ones for your team according to the opponent you are facing:

Best DC Legends Blue Heroes

  • Sinestro (White Lantern): Even better if you have it, because his healing and overall statistics are much nicer than those of Zatanna.
  • Zatanna (Mistress of Magic): You need a healer from your team and this is a great choice that most players already have!
  • Solomon Grundy (Born on Monday): A great joker, it could prove quite useless in some battles, but if the enemy constantly reaches it, it can bring pleasant surprises through its passive skills (additional agility and chance to revive ).
  • Adam Black (Khem-Adam): Great general hero of the wound. His Passive Skill (extra turn counter) and Khandaq Storm (Heavy Damage, Buff Removal, and Recharge Reduction) are excellent in combat!

Best DC Legends Green Heroes

  • Bizarro (no. 1): Good for the damage. Combine taunt and his passive ability to heal automatically and you have a winner here!
  • Flash: I consider him to be one of the best heroes in the game because he is so fast and can attack very often, the more he has the chance to attack twice.
  • Lex Luthor (Survival Support Suit): One of the best heroes of the game in my opinion. Not only can it increase the speed of all your heroes, but if you have it as a team leader, you have a 50% self-heal on the team if they are polished.
  • Mirror Master (Roguish Reflection): A strange choice, considered by many, but I love it. He can apply invisibility on one of your heroes, which means he could actually save them from being killed. It’s passive capabilities, combined with more lasting battles, can really make a difference!

Best DC Legends Red Heroes

  • Harley Quinn: his Distract and Destroy skill are really good because he gets help from his teammate and reduces his opponent’s Agility. Love / Hate is also good and unlocked by default as it deals with a guaranteed criticism.
  • Green Arrow (Castaway): Not really the best hero, but a good choice thanks to his turn that makes it invisible, therefore invulnerable, combined with buff-removal Cover Shot. Once you unlock Multishot and Quickness, things get even better with additional potential damage and reduce the turn counter.
  • Joker (The Clown Prince of Crime): All his statistics are excellent, one of the best red characters in my opinion.
  • Batman (The Dark Knight): Great skills, from first to last. You’ll love Complete Beatdown Armor (more damage to enemies taunting), as well as the concussion grenade that reduces the strength of the entire enemy team.
  • Joker (Damaged Goods): Another great global hero, with amazing skills, including passive and leader skill. His third skill could be a lack on some occasions, but others totally compensate!

Let’s watch the video:

So this would be the best Heroes in DC Legends, as well as a strong team suggestions for the beginning of the game. For later steps, simply choose the best heroes from the list above and you will be unbeatable!

But AndroidFit.Com team want to your opinion? What are the best superheroes of DC Legends and how would you like to look like your ideal team?

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