Asphalt Xtreme Cheats: Tips, Tricks & Strategy Guide

Hello, AndroidFit.Com viewers! You may know, Asphalt Xtreme is the latest name from Gameloft. It brings high-octane off-road racing directly to iOS and Android devices! This time, the race action is taken off-road when you find yourself using buggies, rally cars, SUVs and muscle cars, to negotiate delicate terrain. Take the wheel of a monster truck, buggy, pick-up, rally car and more in this all-terrain adventure! If the power of your car is not sufficient by itself, strike in nitrous and increase your way to the 1st place! Skillful driving recharges your nitrous, so go ahead and go fast!

Let’s kick at high speed with our Asphalt Xtreme cheats, Tips, Tricks and strategy guide!


About Asphalt Xtreme Gameplay: NO ROAD…. NO RULES!

The gameplay of Asphalt Xtreme is simple, as players direct their cars of choice by moving the device to the left or right, and slam the brakes by tapping their screens on the left side. The possibility of using nitrogen is also available, when players tap their screens on the right side, although the use of certain strategies is advised with this move because there are small increases, triple boosts and chain Particularly stimulating which allows a particularly long output And the nice breath of speed. Only the tilt option can leave something to be desired, as players must move their tablets with more intensity in order to achieve the desired effect. The game features 5 different game modes, over 500 mastering challenges, as well as more than 400 career events and many timed tasks.asphalt-xtreme-cheats-tips-tricks-strategy-guide


Some players may find the generic opponents in the game to be undisputed because they can get quite slow at times, but the option of a real-time multiplayer ensures all the player’s opponents have their heart also put on winning, Making it much more fun and adrenaline. As the series of games began some time ago, the gameplay in Asphalt Xtreme has somewhat maintained its simple means, so some players may find the controls to be outdated compared to other similar games being released this year . Although not sophisticated, easy controls and completely up-to-date graphics, allow complete immersion in the game and ensure the ride is nothing short of fully entertaining.

Know Your Vehicles

  • Each type of vehicle offers a very different experience. It is wise to know what to expect.
  • SUVs are great at knocking side opponents, but they are terrible to perform tricks. Do not even consider it.
  • The rally cars are fast and super adroitly drifting but do not expect to face hitting other vehicles very well.
  • Buggies are light and fast, which means they are ideal for performing jumps.
  • Muscle cars are good all round, but they use up fast nitro.
  • Their greatest skill is their ability to use up nitro slowly.
  • Monster trucks, trucks, and trucks are tough. They can take opponents very easily and their nitro is best used
  • when about to pick up another car aside.
  • In each case, before a race, you will get a recommended vehicle grade to give you an idea of your chances. Make sure your rank is similar if not above what is expected of you. Otherwise, you’ll probably lose.

The Importance of Nitro

  • The nitro button is useful. Just type it consumes a piece, while hitting it several times, it is stronger.
  • You can restore the nitro bar by taking power-ups during the race. It is not the only way to replenish it, however.
  • Drift for quite a long time and you speed up how fast the nitro is recharging.
  • Best of all – if you increase with three bars full of nitro then wait until it turns red before you boost, you can recharge it even while still stimulating. In theory, you can accumulate a huge chain of nitro stimulant, especially if you use a vehicle that recharges quickly. It will take a bit of practice, but it’s worth it.
  • Destroy any junk in the path and you can earn a little more for your nitro bar. This is an easy way to earn a recharge.
  • Nitro is best used for passing, but it has additional goals. You can use it to grow other vehicles that in turn restore your nitro gauge. Keep doing that stuff and you should always have a little spare nitro.
  • The best way to succeed is to use these methods to make sure that you will almost never run out of nitro while you are racing. It is certainly possible.

Destroy everything!

Anything that is not part of the terrain is usually destructible. You can and must destroy them by running them. Barrels, fences, boxes – just about any junk piece on the road is fair game! Every time you destroy something, you gain a little nitro recharge. The more debris your destroy in a short period of time, the more nitro you will gain back. More nitro means faster speeds, so get to destroy!

Keep in mind that if your current car is heavy enough, you can actually wreck other runners if you go fast enough! Make a long nitro boost and if a poor soul dares to stand in your way, show them what to do! Not only is this incredibly satisfying, but you will get a big boost to your nitro recharge gauge.

Drift as much as you can!

Tap on the brakes and rotate at the same time with sending your car into a smooth drift. The drift greatly speeds up the recharge rate of your nitro, so try to do it as much as you can. Even the smallest drift that lasts a fraction of a second can get you a heavy load. Here is a tidy little trick: build your nitro until you get three full bars. Boost, then wait until your bar is red and restart to begin a long nitro chain. Your nitro recharges even when you’re already boosting, so if you can keep drifting up, you can theoretically keep a long nitro chain running for a very, very long time. Master this trick to get almost unlimited nitro boost!

Compete in multiplayer races!

In addition to the free card boxes you get from getting all the stars on a season, you can also get a multiplayer card box. Each day, if you win three multiplayer races, you will receive a card box. Try to do it every day but be careful as the oil in your car wears out as if you were racing in a regular season race.

Complete the bonus objectives!

Each level has two bonus goals in addition to the regular three stars. Just finish in 1st place to get three stars, but bonus goals require specific accomplishments. Some of them will ask you to stay in the air for a certain amount of time, run rolls of barrels, and other miscellaneous things. Try to complete as many of these as you can, as often they have metallic materials like reward. Materials are needed in upgrading your cars, alongside regular car parts.

Don’t Just Win

  • Your reward for completing them? Materials to use to improve your vehicle. Stick with it!
  • Winning a race is the key to victory, but there are more things than that. Each race has two bonus goals. These tend to be things like making roll barrels or maintaining air time for a while.

That’s all for Asphalt Xtreme from AndroidFit.Com. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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