Animation Throwdown Cheats,Tips and Tricks Guide (Animation Throwdown: The Quest for Cards)

Animation Throwdown Cheats: Animations Throwdown: The Quest for Cards is a new game featuring characters from Family Guy, Futurama, Burgers Bob, King of the Hill and American Dad. Your goal is to choose a hero of your favorite cartoon, cards build a team and battle your way through adventures in cartoon worlds across the arena against other players, collecting coins and precious stones along the way. Read on for some tips and tricks to Animation Throwdown Cheats ,Tips and Tricks Guide (Animation Throwdown: The Quest for Cards)!

Always research combos – Animation Throwdown Cheats

You collect a large amount of Animation Throwdown cards you play unless you have the self-lit bridge, always return to your platform and make sure it is filled with the highest you. Keep in mind that your cards can combine with as well. On rare occasions, a joint card with load combinations can be better than a rare card with only a few combinations.

Research can solve this problem, however. Use the search portal to unlock several ways to combine the cards. The card combination causes two cards to become a card, but the attack and health of the new combined card is two-added cards. It does not matter if you first put a character or object.

Animation Throwdown Cheats ,Tips and Tricks Guide (Animation Throwdown: The Quest for Cards)

Replay battles in adventure mode – Animation Throwdown Cheats

Each chapter has three stages and each stage you can play three times to get the maximum number of stars. Each time you win a stage in a chapter, you unlock additional cards that you can be rewarded to win this stage. It is extremely important to perform these steps again and again and bag victories to increase your chances of getting these rare and legendary cards animation Throwdown.

Animation Throwdown battle and Strategies

If you want to automate the Battling, go to the options menu and you can activate auto-battle option. If you want to speed things up, go to the options menu and you can adjust the speed of the battles at 1x, 2x, and 4x. Combine 4x and self struggling to make it through the game very quickly.

After beating a particular character for the first time, you can play again and again the level to higher prices at several levels to unlock. There is a whole chain of prices at every level and every time you play, the next step in the chain is released and becomes available for a prize. Then, each subsequent time you play and win this level, you have a chance to price drops.

Specifically, you have three battles by star level on a boss, and once you pass all three levels, the star will be updated; first bronze to silver and then the silver to gold. So there are four fights by level of stars, making for a total of 12 possible price level boss.

To increase your chances of winning more major awards, press the icon and watch old TV Ads: You’re more likely to score better loot that way!

How to build the perfect deck (Animation Throwdown Cheats)

Build a perfect bridge in animation Throwdown seems easier than in other similar games, and also much more fun. However, there are a ton of cards and even more combos you can search, so the platform I have to maybe not play. However, there are some key factors to consider when building the perfect bridge for Animation Throwdown Cheats ,Tips and Tricks Guide:

  • Try to keep your best cards in the game at any time and use them at the right time to win your games
  • Cards upgrades are better than regular, so if you have cards that you are 100%, you will always in your deck, max them to improve their stats
  • Try to make as many cards that you can use to create these super combos because you win matches cards. Moreover, the emphasis on research combos with cards that are already in your platform and not just in your inventory
  • Trying to find the perfect balance between providing cards with high attack and cards with great health. You need both to succeed!
  • If you have serious problems beating a particular platform, study it and see if you can reproduce it.

Watch Video and Earn more

You can watch movie for best loot by going to the TV icon on the main menu. The announcement of bonus lasts 4 hours, and the bonus loot drop increases as you watch more videos. Three videos will give you the maximum bonus, leading to a huge increase in coins and chances to win new cards won.

common, rare, epic and legendary cards are the four levels. The higher the level, the more the card will be, and also the long search time will the combinations (but is it the combination will). In addition to videos that increase the chances of abandonment cards, you can spend your precious stones on packages of rare and epic cards.

Quests will earn you bonus when you complete them, so check the menu quests often to see what you can do to earn free gems, loose parts and other goodies. Do not waste gems to speed up your search. Time to take care of your various searches. All gemstones should be spent on packets of epic and rare cards.

Updated your cards and win new cards, earn new characters

Not only can you update your cards and win new cards, but you can also earn new characters, mostly through the arena and that higher price level against various bosses in the game. each new character has specific benefits that go with them, chief among them being higher health points per level. Various characters also have different skills that can be used in battles.

Press your character profile picture next to your user name and your level in order to pass. When you are on the character selection screen, press the small shield button to see what their defensive advantages. For example, Bobby robust blocking damage when attacked, and Punch attacking random enemy. The higher the character, the more defense or damage are charged by these benefits.

Keep eye on guilds – Animation Throwdown Cheats ,Tips and Tricks Guide

Join a guild as soon as you can. The guilds have various benefits that are given based on how many users are in the guild or how many trophies total you and your guild have won the league. These benefits are applicable if you are the leader of the guild or just a member, to find a good guild to join active. The game will tell you that the lazy and are active players are, too.

When you are a member of a guild, you get a coin bonus for each member who is in the guild, so the more crowded the guild is best. Combine that with the ad-three bonus before each round you play, and you can win a huge amount of coins for each battle. These parts are then used to acquire new packs of cards. Even basic decks have a good shot at you win rare or even rare cards.

Earn more arena, and unlock more heroes – Animation Throwdown Cheats ,Tips and Tricks Guide

Once you run out of energy in the towers of the standard tournament, go to the arena to mix it in the player vs player modes. You have ten boxing gloves of maximum, which is the form of energy in the arena, so you can fight ten battles before steam missed. The higher your level in the arena, the higher your prize will be. Your guild will also see bonuses as a reward for completing the arena fights.

For each rank you earn in the arena, another hero is unlocked. There currently are 15 heroes in total in this game. Stevie Griffin is the first heroes that you can unlock in the arena. You can tap any of them, whether locked or unlocked, to see their stats. Scroll with the arrows on the right side of the screen to see what the stats of the character levels are above level 1.

The game does not tell you how to level your heroes, but it is quite simple to do. You collect shards of heroes in the arena at completely random times, but they are very rare drops. Hero shards level your character and increase their stats and their advantages. Increase your chances are in winning the bonus announcements.

Be smart about upgrading your cards

You can use the power to update the Cards and the power is gained by recycling cards. Even self-bridge mode, look over your inventory before you decide who to start recycling, as some cards will be pushed out of our platform just because there is not enough combos available to them, but their strength makes them useful for research. Best to upgrade your utmost rarity cards first.

Once you put your card in level 4, you will be able to use the merger to power the card to a completely different level. You will need two level 4 versions of the same card to do this, but the resulting card will be back down to level one, even stronger than the lower-tier version of the card. You will be able to use the power to melt even once.

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These would be, for now, our tips for other  Throwdown animation players. Do you have additional strategies(about Animation Throwdown Cheats ,Tips and Tricks Guide) to share with us? Let us know by commenting below and make sure to check back soon for more advanced guides for this great play.

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