Most common reason behind mobile phone repair

With the entire world currently operating from home, the Smartphone has altogether achieved a new importance in our life. Everybody has their own set of requirements, which now lies just a tap away. We have become so dependent on these devices that we cannot imagine a life without them. We need them to work from home, connecting to family and friends, and keep us entertained.

What will happen if your phone breaks down? Not to dampen your spirits, but this is something inevitable. Whether you have a high-end mobile or otherwise. User’s experience problems with the device which can be due to software or hardware. With many businesses shut down, it becomes difficult to find a reliable source for mobile phone repair. Moreover, you never know if the phone requires a little tinkering or serious repairs. Although, many companies are trying to help customers through innovative ideas. 

Let’s look at some of the most common issues that most of us face.

  • Sudden death syndrome (SDS): This is a nasty bug affecting a lot of smartphones with sudden hang up or restarts like 4-5 times a day. We could relate this to CPU failure, overcharging, a faulty motherboard, etc. 
  • Water damage: This is the most common problem faced by many Smartphone users. But the damage can be severe if the damaging element is saltwater or corrosive liquid. 
  • Phone lagging: This issue can arise after installing too many applications on your phone. This is mainly because of the cramped storage space on the phone. 
  • Battery replacement: It is advisable to have your phone battery replaced if it looks bloated. A bloated battery can further damage the motherboard of the device. 
  • Oversensitive display/screen: We find that many users have repeatedly complained of the sensitive phone display. Sometimes the palm-rejection feature may also stop working.
  • Problematic camera: Damage to front and rear camera will require a replacement. The cause behind such damage can be moisture, rough handling, or any physical damage to the camera. 
  • Pink line of death: Many customers have reported a sudden pink line appearing on their phones that may be associated with hardware issues. 
  • Malfunction of the charging connector: About 10-15% of mobile phone troubles occur due to faulty charging port. The reason behind such damages happens to be aging or electric short-circuits. It may also include similar problems, like a broken dock or a USB connector. 
  • Connectivity: Without connectivity, our life is meaningless and so do our phones. A faulty or damaged receiver may cause issues with the network signal. Replacing it will help to get the receiver signal back to connected status. 
  • Audio issues: At times, a faulty headphone socket may result in the phone having no voice output. Audio troubles can also arise due to malfunctioning loudspeakers, sound system, microphone, etc. 

Therefore, it might be somewhat clear now that our smart phones are an amalgamation of many tiny parts that work in tandem to provide us with an amazing experience. There are two ways to get your faulty mobile phone repaired. The decisive power lies with the customers- either you can choose the services provided by the Brand specific repair center or can use the help of an authorized third-party service provider. The added benefit in choosing an authorized third-party comes is in the form of time and money that you get to save. This alternative lets you enjoy the best of both worlds in terms of trend and price. 


Where and how to find a reliable repair source:

After determining the issue with the mobile phone, the next question that boggles us is to find a trustworthy and safe repair source. It is up to the customer to decide whether they want to consult the company (best in case of warranty) or take it to a certified repair center. 

But keep the following steps in mind while making this decision.

  • Check out the services offered by service centers.
  • Look into the warranty period offered by them.
  • Quality of repair parts used by them.
  • Check their online reviews and testimonials. 
  • Ask for the sanitization of devices after repair.

Hopefully, the tips mentioned above will help you choose a reliable mobile phone repair service. These are some very important tips that you should keep in mind, even though they sound quite easy to follow. And if you don’t wish to incur an immense loss in the name of additional repairs and replacement, be mindful of the repair service you choose. 

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