10+ Best WiFi Hacker Apps for Android 2022 (WiFi Password Hacker Apps)

 Best WiFi Hacker Apps for Android 2022: When we talk about WiFi hacker apps, the first thing you think is out apps that may be able to penetrate through the routers with the authorization of users and reveal security details and other stuff to you as an indenter. See Latest Version wifi hack Working Trick with Wps Wpa Tester Premium Apk.

However, these apps can run other things such as blocking users from a particular network to extract the bandwidth and information about the users. We offer some of the best hacking apps also available on the internet to hack WiFi and also to check the security of your wireless router.

Best WiFi Hacker Apps List for Android 2022

What apps we suggest, they are the best app for everyone because this app works on both Android phones rooted or unrooted. But some apps are working on the phone so ingrained a great opportunity for you. Here’s we shared 10+ Best WiFi Hacker Apps list for Android 2022.


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AndroDumpper (WPS Connect) – Best Android Apps WiFi Hacking

AndroDumpper is one of the best Android Apps Hacking WiFi. This application tries to connect with WPS-enabled wireless routers using algorithms to connect to WiFi. If you have Android 5 and so you do not have to root your device. But if you have version 4.4 and earlier for Android.

So you must be Rooted for login and password show. You can not use the app without roots. This app has been developed for testing and educational purposes.

It should not be using the wrong way because other routers do not give you the right to access, so using your own risk.

WiFi Hacker Prank

WiFi Hacker Prank is one of the best Android Apps Hacking WiFi is readily available in Google Play Store. You can Prank with your friends using this application, it is very professional and generates false password. You must run this application start button and press and detect all WiFi networks near your device.

Choose one, and it automatically analyzes information from WiFi and fracture process and generates false WiFi password.

WiFi Kill

WiFi Kill is one of the cool apps WiFi Killer Android device. This app shows you all the devices that connect to the same Wi-Fi and you can kill all devices.

Using this application, you can easily block Internet access to all other equipment connected to the same WiFi network. So must install this app on your device to protect your WiFi.

ZAnti Hacking Toolkit

ZAnti is the best box hacking tools for Android devices that is integrated with many features such as uncover authentication, brute force attacks, backdoors, and DNS attack with another attack of the unauthorized access point with its fully customized analysis interface.

The diagnosis of the application is an upscale and reports are developed. It also comes with integrated tools such as password sniffer, packet forger, connection cracker, hijacker session, the injection script, keeps the connection, inspector and more. It can also be used to enter the WiFi network, hack Wi-Fi passwords, and more.

zAnti APK Download and WiFi Hack Tutorial

WPS Connect

WPS connect is also very popular WiFi hacking app for Android. WPS Connect is only for rooted Android device. Using this application, you can easily disable another user WiFi connection on the same WiFi network. This application helps you to connect to any WiFi network close by you.

You can also check that your router is vulnerable or not and act accordingly. Includes default PIN s and algorithms such Compute PIN or Stefan View block.

Fing Networks Tool

Network Tool Fing is the best application of the analyzer for Android. Fing is a network working on your Android phone rooted only. You can easily find all the devices connected to your WiFi network in seconds and Using this app.

Also, you can easily disable another user WiFi connection on the same WiFi network. You can also enter your own number, icon, rating and location.

WiFi Master Key

Master Key WiFi is the best Android  Hacking WiFi Apps is readily available in Google Play Store. You can connect with any WiFi that closes around you. You Provide quick and simple functionality to connect with wireless.

It also includes easy as it supports many languages: Russian, Arabic, Spanish, Thai, Indonesian, Malay, Vietnamese, Portuguese, French and other daily updates.

WiFi Hacker Professional

WiFi Hacker Professional is another great android app used to hack WiFi passwords. For this professional application, you can easily bypass a Wi-Fi password to the device, without a trace.

You can even ask to be a hacker with this Android app with the use of this app.

WiFi Password Reminder

WiFi Password Reminder is also a cool application on Android devices. If you often forget your password for their wireless networks, WiFi password reminder help.

This application stores a list of Wi-Fi networks and passwords. He easily while quickly connects to an already known network.

Free online SecureVPN

Free Online Secure VPN is the best app for Android devices to secure your identity. About 10 million users, and most are happy using this application. You can access any website or application that is blocked for you.

You can unblock a website or app that you really need, your IP address and identity will be hidden automatically. In fact, it works as a proxy, but this app gives you much more security.

You do not have to worry about being tracked more. You can also protect your own WiFi Using this application.


This guide is only for the sake of knowledge, as we have no intention to guide our users on piracy public networks but to get their security measures. You are only advised to use any revelation in this guide for penetration testing how vulnerable your network is and take action.

Please, AndroidFit.Com will not be held responsible if you are caught doing otherwise.

As we all know that piracy is not a cup of tea, but now it’s possible with your smart device to your Android phone. You must choose an application that we propose below; you can easily hack the WiFi applications has been developed for testing and the purpose of education.

We also provide this product for educational purposes. Should not be using a wrong way because other routers do not give you the right to access.

So using your own WiFi Hacking Android Apps with own risk.

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