What is DiagMonAgent? Fix DiagMonAgent has Stopped Issue

DiagMonAgent: DiagMonAgent is one of the system apps that are substantially planted in Samsung Android phones.e Galaxy S6, Galaxy A5, etc. It’s an Individual agent that helps Samsung with covering the diagnostics on its stoner’s phone. However, you’re likely to see DiagMonAgent announcement whenever you turn your WiFi ON, If you’re using any Samsung Android phone with Lollipop OS installed.

It generally runs in the background and sends individual reports to Samsung to help them ameliorate the stoner experience. You can see it running on the announcement bar from time to time whenever it does that. Also, it occasionally suddenly stops working that can fluently be fixed. Well, In this composition, we will explain What’s DiagMonAgent and how you can fix the stopped issue notification. Let’s progeny started.

What’s DiagMonAgent?

DiagMonAgent stands for Diagnostic Monitoring Agent, it’s a Samsung system app that was first implanted from Lollipop OS update for Samsung phones. Like any other system service app, its work is to shoot individual reports to Samsung so that they can ameliorate stoner experience through updates. After the phone completes its charge-up, DiagMonAgent starts running in the background.
Since it’s a system package, there’s no app icon to manually launch it. We only get limited control over this app like force stopping, clearing cache, etc. The functionality to disable DiagMonAgent via app settings is also unapproachable. Though, keeping it on the phone as it’s known to be inoffensive. Also, it’s known to only shoot a certain quantum of details similar as App crashes, apps insecurity, comity, navigation error, etc.


DiagMonAgent Warrants on Android

Analogous to other system apps, DiagMonAgent requires authorization on Android to run and perform the task it’s made for. If you’re curious to know what authorization it needs also you can check it by yourself by going to Settings> Apps> DiagMonAgent. After that, look into the warrants tab. By dereliction, the “ telephone” authorization is allowed and you can not drop it since it’s allowed by your Android system.

Is DiagMonAgent Coffer?

DiagMonAgent is a pre-installed Samsung system app that’s considered safe to keep it running as it’s on phone. The app is only available from Lollipop and onwards, you won’t find it in Android KitKat or lower performances. The Individual report that it collects is only participated by Samsung and that also with the purpose to fix apps issues that beget a bad stoner experience. Hence, it’s no doubt a safe app and you shouldn’t worry about it.

DiagMonAgent Issues Explained

Samsung Android phone druggies who upgraded to Android Lollipop from Android KitKat have complained about two issues related to DiagMonAgent. Then, we will explain both of them so you can more understand them and conceivably find working fixes.

1. DiagMonAgent has Stopped

DiagMonAgent has stopped is a common issue that Samsung smartphone users face after updating to Lollipop for the first time. What happens is suddenly a pop-up appears on the screen saying “ DiagMonAgent has stopped”. This type of pop over frequently sent by the Android system whenever certain apps on Android stop responding. This issue substantially appears on Galaxy S6 after streamlining from Kitkat (4.4.4) to Lollipop (5.0.1).

How to Fix DiagMonAgent has Stopped

As soon as the DiagMonAgent has stopped message pops up, close it first and then follow the steps below.

  • Go to settings>apps>DiagMonAgent.
  • Click on Force Stop.
  • Go to storage and clear its cache memory.
  • And then restart the phone.

This simple workaround has helped many fix the “DiagMonAgent has Stopped” issue. If the issue persists then there is one permanent solution; Uninstalling DiagMonAgent. We will provide you with more details on it later in this article.

2. DiagMonAgent Sending Report Notification

As we said over, DiagMonAgent sends individual reports to Samsung that help them apply endless fixes to apps issues. Well, whenever DiagMonAgent sends an individual report to Samsung that it generally does formerly we turn on WiFi, we can actually see it on the announcement bar with the communication “ DiagMonAgent transferring report”. The notification slightly causes any issue but it can come annoying at some point.

How to Stop DiagMonAgent from Sending Diagnostic Report

If you don’t want DiagMonAgent to send any diagnostic report to Samsung, you can try force-stopping it via the app settings interface.

  • Go to settings>Apps.
  • Find DiagMonAgent and click on it.
  • After that, click on Force Stop.

This can temporarily stop the DiagMonAgent from sending the diagnostic report or at least till the next phone reboot. For a permanent solution, you will need to uninstall it or use Package Disabler Pro to disable it on your phone. Let us provide more details on that.

How to Get Rid of DiagMonAgent?

If you are getting annoyed by DiagMonAgent notification or you often get DiagMonAgent has stopped message, you can get rid of it safely. There are two popular ways to shut up the DiagMonAgent application on your Samsung phone.

1. Use Package Disabler Cloud

Package Disabler Cloud is made for Samsung smartphones that enable users to easily disable system apps or packages. The app requires no root permission but it is also not free to use. You will need to pay $4 to purchase a subscription. After that, you will be able to safely disable any system app on your Samsung phone. Also, Package Disabler Cloud allows re-enabling disabled packages.

That means this is the safest method to get rid of DiagMonAgent. However, you can see if your phone works fine after disabling DiagMonAgent. If it does then you can keep it disabled otherwise you can re-enable to get back to normal. Here are steps to use Package Disabler Cloud to disable DiagMonAgent.

  1. First, download & install Package Disabler Cloud (Samsung).
  2. Launch it from the app drawer.
  3. Allow permissions it asks for.
  4. From the list of packages showing, find DiagMonAgent.
  5. After that, click on it.
  6. Then click Disable.
  7. Done.

This will disable the DiagMonAgent on your Samsung phone. Note that Package Disabler Cloud uses the Device Administrator permission, it doesn’t require root permission.

2. Uninstall DiagMonAgent from Phone

Uninstalling DiagMonAgent from the phone is another way to get rid of it. We can use apps like System app remover that allow uninstalling any system app from the phone. But this method requires root permission. Hence, make sure your phone is rooted. Here are the steps to uninstall DiagMonAgent.

  1. Download & Install System app remover from Play Store.
  2. Once installed, open it.
  3. Grant root access when asked.
  4. Locate the DiagMonAgent package.
  5. Once found, click on that to select.
  6. Click Uninstall button.
  7. Click Yes to confirm.
  8. Done.

This will permanently uninstall DiagMonAgent from your phone. So, please be sure about your decision before clicking the confirm uninstall button.

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DiagMonAgent is an inoffensive system app that comes with the Lollipop update for Samsung phones. Its train size is lower than 2Mb and slightly consumes coffers on the phone. It’s known to run in the background and sends individual reports from time to time to Samsung once the stoner turns WiFi on. While it’s completely safe, its geste can intrude on you when you’re in the middle of the commodity. Especially, the “ DiagMonAgent has Stopped” issue.

In that matter, you can moreover use Package Disabler Cloud to disable the DiagMonAgent or choose to uninstall it fully with the help of the System app way. You can also try force-stopping it and clearing the memory cache.
So, that’s it. Hopefully, you’re now apprehensive of DiagMonAgent and how to break the DiagMonAgent stopped issue? If there’s still anything you want to know, the comment section below is open for you.

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