Pokémon Duel: Tips, Tricks Guide; Cheats, and Strategies

Pokémon Duel is a new RPG/board game for the iOS and Android platforms, and despite a surprise release. It is quickly shot at the top of the charts since it came out. This game (with Pokémon Due Tips) puts you in duels against other players, with the goal of bringing your Pokémon to the middle space at the end of the other player before you get to yours. You can accumulate coins and gems as well as collect Pokémon from all generations, not just the first. Read on for some tips and tricks for Pokémon Duel!

Download and start battling today in Pokémon Duel for iPhone and iPad in the App Store, and for Android devices on Google Play!

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Pokémon Duel Tips Cheats, Strategies and Tricks Guide;

When you start a game, the very first thing you do should be to protect both sides of your board. You do not want to leave one of your boot stations unprotected by any stretch. If the opponent’s Pokémon takes one of your starting points. Then this entire place will be out of bounds until it is knocked out of place. And when a starting spot is caught. It becomes that much harder to defend against the loss of the good glowing spot.

That said, be aggressive. Look for the slightest mistake of the other player and take full advantage of it. If you find that the other player has made a strategic mistake, shoot one of your three-movement Pokémon and run on the spot before you realize what they have done. Other players are often distracted by trying to fight against your Pokémon as well. Which makes it very easy to enjoy their lack of judgment and move on to their old place.

When it comes to wrestling, the type advantage of old games and Pokémon GO apply here as well. If you have a type advantage, you will gain power if you land on an attack, but if you have a type disadvantage, you will lose power on your attack.

At the end up: Pokémon Duel Tips

If you end up with a rainbow color chest (which takes 24 hours to open), open it as soon as you can, even if you have other short-term chests in your hideout as well. These often contain rare, epic and legendary Pokémon that, if added to your deck, will give you a huge advantage. They will also give you superior experience merge elements so that you can level your Pokémon very quickly.


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When you level a Pokémon, you can increase the size of one of its attacks. Almost without exception, increase the size of the strongest attack. It is unnecessary to increase the size of the weaker attack as it will be beaten by all except the weaker Pokémon in most cases. And whatever attack you choose to level, the missing part of the turning circle will shrink by the same amount.

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