PewDiePie’s Tuber Simulator Cheat, Hack, Tips & Tricks Guide

PewDiePie’s Tuber Simulator Cheat, Hack, Tips & Tricks Guide.

PewDiePie’s Tuber Simulator is the hottest new version for iOS and Android platforms. Your goal in this new application is to follow the steps of PewDiePie and create your own pocket YouTuber, make videos and build your studio from a nasty little room with a cardboard box on a large, installation complete that is perfect for making videos for millions of observers. Read on for some tips and tricks to PewDiePie’s Tuber Simulator Cheat, Hack,Tips & Tricks Guide!

The game challenges players to grind their way to YouTube celebrity, viral video at a time. While the tutorial for the game, it is quite simple to get up and go, there are some things that some people confused, including how to unlock locked features Internet, visiting rooms and increase their power Tuber star.

Below we have set up a full guide to bursting with tips, tricks, cheats and hacks to help win popular YouTube PewDiePie’s Tuber Simulator status.


PewDiePie’s Tuber Simulator Tips And Tricks For Unlocking Locked Features, Visiting Rooms, Getting Subscribers, Views And More Guide:

So if you played Tuber Simulator amount of time, then you know the name of the game made videos that get a lot of views so that you can gain more subscribers. Winning requires subscribers to have views. The more views you get the more people will subscribe to your videos. If you go randomly to your videos, you’ll have views, but it will be much harder to move your way up YouTube celebrity. If you really want your videos to have an impact, there are some tips and tricks to help you with this.pewdiepie-tuber-simulator-cheats-hack-how-visit-rooms-features-lockedMake a video that is currently trending topics is a way to increase the number of views and subscribers to the video in PewDiePie Tuber Simulator.

Check The Trends

Before making a video, always check your options and see what their categories and compare the categories of trend. So the first tip to make videos that get more views is to keep track of trending topics on the “Make Movie”. Make videos that match one of the trending topics can increase the number of people who will watch the videos and that, in turn, can lead to more subscribers. More Views are also useful in purchasing items Upgrade discussed the next room. Trending Categories charge you with additional views and subscribers, usually 50% each. If you have a video corresponding to two different trending topics, you’ll end up with double the boost!

Buy Room Upgrade Items

Purchasing items in your room is a way to increase skills in certain subjects in order to increase views, subscribers and earn the brain and money.pewdiepie-tuber-simulator-cheats-hack

In Tuber Simulator, views work like currency to buy more update articles, and updates, when placed in your room, give more views and / or subscribers.  Others will increase views and subscribers when a video is on a specific topic. Some of leveling elements are used to simply increase the number of views per video.

You will tend to see certain types of video (eg nature or comedy) pop up more than others. Learn about the videos that tend to frequently appear when you make videos so you can maximize the amount of views and new subscribers you get by spending your upgrades specific kind of brain on the most common. Each update specific genre level costs only two brains adds a 50% bonus. For example, if I buy a poster of planet and put in on my wall, I’ll not only get 1880 views added to my bank, it will also increase the level of my science skills. increasing skills give more views and subscribers whenever you make a video related to this skill.

Complete Daily Quests

Every day you get four “free” quests you can complete and then three more by paying for them with Bucks. You can also watch a video here and there and get quest added. The quests are something you should really try to finish. If you do, they’ll gain more free views and subscribers.

Make sure you are logged in to enjoy all the features of the game, and all methods to move forward. To do this, go to the channel screen and name your channel and associate it with a Game Center or Google Play account and be logged in. Once you do this, you’ll be able to access the rooms of other peoples, classify and perform additional quests that would otherwise be unavailable.

Upgrade Knowledge Tree Skills

When you update your knowledge of tree skills, each update increases the number of views per video you get, and now we all know how are seen. Upgrading these skills requires one of two things: items purchasing dining skills-related skills or purchase on the tree of knowledge. To buy more skills on the tree of the knowledge itself, you must use the money “brain.” currency of the brain is obtained from the purchase of other improvements in the room or leveling up. (If you have not yet understood, any kind of hinges on everything in this game).pewdiepie-tuber-simulator-cheats-hack

Upgrading the skills of the tree of knowledge in Tuber Simulator you will gain more views for videos on the topic.

Unlock Social Features And Visit Rooms

So the social characteristics unlock are something that can help you get some good things in the game. If you go to the Friends icon and create an account (it requires the connection with the Game Center and create a channel name), you’ll be able to add friends. Friends are good to send gifts, but you can also visit their rooms to see what they do. manholes will also be needed for some quests.pewdiepie-tuber-simulator-cheats-hack-2

Unlocking social features in Tuber Simulator lets you add friends, visit the rooms and get gifts from your friends.

Help me! I can not Visit Rooms Because Features are locked! – If you go to the Friends tab and you said the features are locked, do not worry. You probably have not done anything wrong. Since the game came out, Outerminds worked hard to correct a number of flaws that have emerged and caused various errors 96 and 99 messages. The game has seen over one million downloads in the first 24 hours on the app store causing servers to crash as well. Outerminds had to temporarily lock the social features like adding friends and visit the rooms a couple of times, so if you can not seem to use them, it is probably because the lock has not been lifted.

Play Puggle

When you buy an update article and expect to ship a new mini-game option “Puggle” appears at the bottom of the screen of your room. Play the game can help you reduce the shipping time section but you can when certain perspectives and money that way too.

PewDiePie’s Tuber Simulator Cheat, Hack, Tips & Tricks Guide

Play Puggle will help reduce the amount of time it takes to ship items and can sometimes earn you more points of view and money too in Tuber Simulator.

Tap The Eagle

During playback PewDiePie’s Tuber Simulator, you sometimes heard a screeching eagle. If you go to your room page, you can see an eagle flying across the screen with a package. Tap it, and you have a gift. Usually it includes views or subscribers, but sometimes it will take a few dollars inside. If you are ready to watch a video, you can triple the amount of the donation. I usually do when the gift is considerable.

Do Not Try To Use Cheats Or Hacks On PewDiePie Tuber Simulator

A number of people have tried to use various cheats or hacks to PewDiePie Tuber Simulator hack such as changing clock hack, but we advise against it. Hacks cause problems and errors in the game or make it impossible for you to play online.

Try to hack or cheat the PewDiePie Tuber Simulator is not advised. It will mess up parts of the game or make it impossible to connect online. Twitter

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