How to Get Free Unlimited Bux in PewDiePie Tuber Simulator (Using Lucky Patcher)

Get More Bux in PewDiePie Tuber Simulator: Bux are the premium currency in the new game PewDiePie’s Tuber Simulator, which is the second collaboration with Outerminds PewDiePie after Legend of the Brofist. There are actually four different types of “money” in this game, but Bux is the rarest and most valuable, as it allows you to speed things up significantly. Read on for some tips on how to get free Bux in PewDiePie Tuber Simulator! here’s PewDiePie Tuber Simulator MOD APK (PewDiePie Unlimited Bux Hack).

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Why you need More Bux in PewDiePie’s Tuber Simulator

The main way to free Bux is at your YouTube channel, but you can also win free simply by leveling a specific kind of videos. To do this, buy an item that is of a specific kind (like a houseplant for the kind of nature). Go to your profile to view all levels of various genres. The higher the level of a kind, less experience it takes to win a level.



Leveling up each genre also gives you free bux, so make sure that you keep buying items from various genres in order to level them all up and gain as much in terms of free Bux as possible.

You can earn Bux free daily prizes in the game, which can be acquired at midnight every day. If you want to speed that along, however, go into the date and time settings on your phone and set the time in advance for the next day. Then return to the game and your price. Bux are not always the price, but most of the time they are.

You can win free Bux each time you complete a mission. Go to the menu to see quests you can complete, or at any time that the search menu is flashing, you will be able to go and collect the rewards one or more quests you’ve already completed. Some quests are only visible for watching ads or by releasing a specific update in the store Brains.

How to Get More Bux in PewDiePie’s Tuber Simulator 

Reduce the amount of brains you use. Instead of using them to accelerate the acquisition of an item, use the time to cheat to get an article soon on the contrary, by setting the time ahead of your phone however much time you need to win point. Then return to the game and collect the product, and once ou do, you can set the time to return to normal.

Puggle go to the game every time you have a delivery in the works. You can often win without Bux this, and all it costs is a few shots each time you play, but not much overall views. In addition, you will speed up the acquisition of the elements in this way without having to cheat the fault time.

Completing quests will also reward you with free money bonus sometimes – often the main quest of the game.

Preserving Bux is also a good way to earn bux – that you do not waste them on unnecessary things. This means that you should never use to hasten the delivery of items. Instead, focus on buying expansions of rooms at the first (you get some quite until expansion costs 50 bux each), giving you more room and more space for your articles.

Finally, you can buy Bux. With only $ 1, you get 100 Bux, which is a bargain in my opinion, so why not try it too?

Get Free Unlimited Bux in PewDiePie Tuber Simulator using Lucky Patcher.

  1. First download Lucky patcher and PewDiePie’s Tuber Simulator.
  2. Now open PewDiePie’s Tuber Simulator and some time.
  3. Go to Room and Get affordable item to the room.
  4. Now click on this item to unlock PewDiePie’s Tuber Simulator Bux option..
  5. Now Open the Lucky Patcher App; if prompted for a super user access or any root permission, grant it. (Update the App if prompted – it might allow you to hack more games using the same procedure.)
  6. Wait for all the apps to appear in the list; then your select PewDiePie’s Tuber Simulator game..
  7. Go to Open menu of Patches > Support patch for inApp and LVL emulation > Apply..Shadow-Fight-2-Hacks-using lucky patcher
  8. And this time wait for the Lucky Patcher app to perform automated hacking for in app purchases
  9. Now PewDiePie Tuber Simulator and go to PewDiePie’s Tuber Simulator Bux option
  10. As it this.. tap on any purchases and it prompt you on lucky patcher InApp purchases hack… Now tap on yes button.How do I use lucky patcher and Hack In-App Purchases without rooting?
  11. Now see on PewDiePie’s Tuber Simulator bux to to conform your bux…
  12. Enjoy


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Have you managed to find other ways to earn more free Bux in PewDiePie Tuber Simulator(Get More Bux in PewDiePie Tuber Simulator)? Let us know by sharing a comment below!

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