4 Ways to Keep WhatsApp Status From Breaking, Instantly Clear!

Who is not annoyed, when a photo or video uploaded to a Whatsapp status actually looks blurry or even broken? Moreover, if the photo or video is very important, for example for business promotion. Plus, the time spent on the edit process is not short.

Things like this do happen frequently and are certainly very annoying. For that, you need to know how to prevent the wa status from breaking or blurry.

This is so that what you upload to whatsapp status can be liked by many people and attract attention.


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Causes of WhatsApp Status Being Broken

On Whatsapp status, you can upload any photo or video and it will be broadcast for 24 hours.

Unfortunately, the photos or videos shared earlier often appear blurry and broken.

The broken status is usually caused by the compression algorithm used by WhatsApp, where the size of the photo or video you upload will be displayed with a maximum size of 200 KB.

So, even though initially the uploaded file is 20 MB in size, when it is broadcast on Whatsapp status, the size will be no more than 200 KB.

This means that the file size has been trimmed by up to 100 times.

Of course, it is not surprising that almost all photos and videos seen on Whatsapp status appear blurry, blurry, and even broken.

How to Solve Broken WhatsApp Status

Here are some ways you can use to keep your WhatsApp status from breaking.

1. Compress Photos with Lit Photo


The first way to deal with a broken or blurry Whatsapp status is to compress the photo.

This step can reduce the size of the photo without compromising its quality in the slightest.

There are many tools that can help you do this, one of which is Lit Photo.

You can use this application and download it for free through the Play Store.

Here’s how to keep the photo in wa status from breaking:

  1. Install Lit Photo on Play Strore
  2. Open the Lit Photo app
  3. Next, click on the Compress Photo option
  4. Select it and click on the top right of the photo that will be used as Whatsapp status
  5. Continue to click the Size Tab in the Compression Option.
  6. Then select the size by filling in the size no more than 149 kb
  7. After everything is done adjusting, click Start Compressing
  8. The photo compress process will take place immediately and wait for it to finish
  9. If so, you can start uploading the photo to wa status and the result will not be broken again
LitPhoto - Compress & Resize
LitPhoto - Compress & Resize
Developer: coolqoo
Price: Free
  • LitPhoto - Compress & Resize Screenshot
  • LitPhoto - Compress & Resize Screenshot
  • LitPhoto - Compress & Resize Screenshot
  • LitPhoto - Compress & Resize Screenshot
  • LitPhoto - Compress & Resize Screenshot
  • LitPhoto - Compress & Resize Screenshot
  • LitPhoto - Compress & Resize Screenshot

2. Compress Video with Panda Video


The compress process can also make the video you upload to wa status clearer.

The application to compress video and photo files is indeed a little different, so you need to install another application.

There is a large selection of applications to compress videos that can be downloaded and used for free, one of which is Panda Video.

Here is how to compress a video for wa status:

  1. Install Panda Video via Play Store
  2. Open the Panda Video app already installed on your phone
  3. Select the video you want to compress, then click the Next button in the bottom corner
  4. Continue to enter the video size settings page (Set Size)
  5. Then click the Small File (Easy Share) option, and click Compress
  6. Wait for the process of compressing files to complete
  7. Upload the video results to WhatsApp status

3. Crop First Before Posting WA Status


In addition to using a photo compress application, you can also use other simpler ways.

That is by cropping the photo before uploading it to whatsapp status.

This will automatically resize the photo to lower.

That way, the appearance of the photo on the Whatsapp status is no longer blurry or broken, even though the photo cannot be displayed in full because it has been cropped.

4. Send to Friends Then Share to WA Status

Another alternative way that can be tried so that the wa status does not break is to send it first to someone else.

You can send a photo or video file to someone else’s WhatsApp number, and then share it as a wa status.

The method is as follows:

  1. Send a photo or video to one of your WhatsApp contacts
  2. Press and hold the photo then click the three dots icon in the upper right corner
  3. Select Share or Share
  4. Select WhatsApp
  5. Continue by selecting My Status or My Status 
  6. Finally, press the arrow key to upload WA Status

If you are not comfortable sending it to someone else, you can send it to a WhatsApp group whose members are only your own.

Well, those were some ways to keep your Whatsapp status from breaking that you can try.

After trying it, you can be sure that your Whatsapp status or story will be much cooler than before.

You can choose the one that best suits what is needed.

And don’t forget to also remove the previous wa status so that your post does not double.

Easy, right? Good luck, yes!

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