How to create a customized and impactful logo

How to create a customized and impactful logo

On the internet, visibility is everything. Making yourself recognizable in the infinite vastness of that world that is the web is a constant challenge. For this reason, one of the fundamental moments for those who open a new business, especially if web or e-commerce, is the creation of their logo, an exceptional marketing vehicle if done in the right way. This article will explain how to create a customized and impactful logo that fits your brand. Keep reading!

Why Create a Company Logo

Are you still wondering why creating an effective logo is so essential to your business? Think carefully. What do giants like Coca-Cola, Facebook, Nike, Mac Donald’s have in common? The answer is not (only) the turnover, but rather a logo that works so well that no words are needed to add. 

These small drawings have become, in fact, real symbols that embody the whole identity of the companies they represent. When we see them, we already know who they are, what type of product we are about to see, we know their history and, very often, where they come from. 


This is what a customized company logo should do: to represent and strengthen the qualities and characteristics of a company to make it visible, invincible in time and space, to continue communicating and transmitting its essence, philosophy and soul.

How to Create an Effective Custom Logo

The logo is a set of graphics, images and words whose task is to idealize a synthesis of “who we are” and “what we do” of a company. Anyone who wants to be recognized and remembered cannot ignore the creation of a custom logo. But for it to work, it has to be effective.

Creating an effective custom logo isn’t easy. This small and simple symbol must contain the company’s mission, characteristics, and values it must represent. Here are some helpful tips for creating a custom logo in line with your business goals.

A custom logo must be identifiable and unique

Your logo will have to help create your company’s identity, conveying its essence through customized colors, designs and fonts. It can allow you to distinguish yourself from your competitors and be recognized by your customers (and potential customers). That’s why you’ll need to make sure your logo is:

  • Simple: the simpler your logo, the easier it will be for people to remember it; simplicity makes the logo recognizable. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that if a logo is simple, it cannot be unique! Simplicity allows your logo to be unique without being full of unnecessary details. All that is “extra” should be eliminated, avoiding the intricate and complex details.
  • Appropriate: The logo is often the first business card for a company. An approximate logo will certainly not convey the professionalism and reliability with which a company would always like to be perceived; on the contrary, it can drive away a potential customer who has a negative impression from the image the company proposes. This means that your logo must necessarily be consistent with what it represents. It does not necessarily have to be the same as the business or product it sponsors, but adequate, always. For example, if a company that considers itself serious and rigorous proposes itself with a logo made with playful characters, those who see the logo will be bewildered and think that the company is not as serious and organized as it says.
  • Easy to remember: the most important detail is focusing on an original design, with a strong impact and – once again – simple, imprinted in mind and never goes away. Good design does not fear the passage of time, and logos like Coca-Cola are more current than ever. Don’t try to follow the latest trend at all costs, but aim to create something that retains meaning even in 20 years.
  • Versatile: Make sure your logo is made with vector graphics! This will allow you to modify it in any size according to your needs, whether you want to see it published on a business card or on an advertising billboard. Vector graphics is a technique that allows images to be enlarged or reduced without losing quality in the details or undergoing the “grainy” effect. It is important to carefully manage the elements that form it to ensure that it is clear, legible, identifiable in every situation and format. The logo must also be valid in a black and white version.

Keep in mind the audience it is targeting

This means that your logo must be suitable for the target audience, i.e., the target you have in mind. The consumer always buys first with his eyes, and a company logo is the easiest to remember. Knowing your potential customers  is very useful for creating a logo that can attract them.

Follow the steps

The first step: your logo must be unique! Make sure what you have in mind hasn’t already been accomplished. The second thing you will need to do is start drawing. Don’t start working on your pc right away! Grab a pen and paper and start making some drafts. Only when you have found some convincing can you switch to the computer.

Do not think of a single variant. By creating numerous alternatives, it is easier to achieve the goal. Get inspired, don’t rush, do research and draw, draw and draw. Many professionals recommend designing your logo first in black and white and only adding colors later: this will allow you to clearly see the graphics you like and think are suitable for your brand. 

To design your logo, you can use the classic and immortal pen and paperwork directly from your computer by choosing from the different software available (Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw, etc.). Our advice is to design multiple versions of the logo for your company in different shapes and formats.

Choose the right font

A very important phase concerns the choice of the font. Using the default fonts present on your PC can often be limiting.The keyword is unique ness for the design of your logo: instead, try to design and use original fonts: it is the choice of the font that makes a logo captivating. When you make your choice, always think about your company and the image you would like to communicate; each character expresses its own personality. 

Remember not to use more than three different fonts for your logo! As mentioned above, your logo must be an expression of your company. This meaning, however, must be able to be transmitted and easily understood by everyone. Through your logo, you will need to be able to communicate everything your company is; you will have to be able to arouse emotions. The best logos, after all, are the ones full of meaning.


A successful logo is a logo that manages to stand the test of time and endure, always remaining current. Do not forget! Now you know how to create an impactful logo. Go for it!

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