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Head Basketball is a side-scrolling one-on-one basketball game for iOS and Android platforms by Head Soccer manufacturers. Your objective in this game is to beat your opponent in the short time allocated per turn by shooting more baskets, scoring more points, and beating the crap out of them. You can use special abilities, gain levels and increase the statistics of your players, and even unlock new characters.

Here we start with a new and great Head Basketball Cheats that allow you to get free points and unlock all items without spending real money, I know playing this game is a difficult task because the load of Your hit and do the calculations to hit your enemy is not an easy mission, the game requires skill and talent to be honest but on everything you will have to learn the game once you start playing for enough Time, also join the tutorial that the game provides is very important, see it added to me a lot, now I know when to reload and when to release my shot, calculations have become a lot easier, also the great thing about Basketball head is that the AI in this game is very smart, you will find it truly competitive to get over the AI and outsmart him further into the game. Read on for some tips and tricks for Head Basketball!

About Head Basketball missions :

The first missions are easy and are like a level 2 tutorial, but I have a big problem in this game, you need to get lots of points to start unlocking and buying new updates, and if you You want to become one of the strongest, you will need to spend a lot of time playing this game, it will take you some time, the game is actually offering in game purchases but I’m not a big Fan of spending my money on games, so our development team has been working on this game lately because of your requests to provide you with a guide, tips and Head Cheat Basketball Tool that will help you get all the points you want Become invincible in this game, with only one Click on the link Head Basketball Cheats, and on the security part we have resolved, you might be afraid to get caught and banned from accessing the online servers, this is Not a big deal anymore, we will send you Points as a gift from an anonymous user, so you are totally safe and can not even be detected.


Enjoy playing basketball like never before, it is a unique simple experience to play your favorite sport “Basketball”, in Basketball Head there are ways to perform actions on the ball to start Shoot, this is no longer the game run and jump, enjoying up to 14 famous heroes to play with in this game.

Head Basketball Start enjoying awesome game modes!

Head Basketball Cheats could not stop to surprise us, the game is getting us hooked because of its amazing features and being unique on its own category, now the best part about the game, this game has 4 different playable game modes Inside, I’ll start explaining them in detail and tell you which one we liked the most, the first mode is “Tag Team” mode, you do not even play on a basketball court, you play on the Beach as a volleyball field and you get teamed up with a friend against another 2 players, this mode can be played with the AI or start inviting your friends to start joining you and playing with you on your side or Maybe even against you and show them which is the best,

Now you are 2 players on the right side of the screen and there is another 2 on the left side, it is turned attacking game, as everyone gets to the attack on his turn so that you ‘ Wait, this game brought us some nostalgia, I remembered the game verses once I entered this mode.head-basketball-cheats-enjoy-the-power-unlimited-free-points-with-all-items-unlocked

Choose Your Favorite Hero To Play With!

Once you start the game you will have to see a new type of basketball, you use weapons during the game, game developers call this type of game, a basketball game, you use weapons High tech and you You can choose to select your favorite hero with whom you want to fight from the starting menu, of course you will have to start unlocking by winning and getting coins after winning every match, every Character of this game has its own unique style and powers, They are all balanced at powers, so you choose the character according to the situation and the card mode.head-basketball-cheats-2-enjoy-the-power-unlimited-free-points-with-all-items-unlocked

Head Basketball Hack : Awesome Graphics Engine!

Head Basketball Hack & Head Basketball Cheats company started using a new graphic engine to their tools, they are now turning every single movement into a big deal, as once you start hitting your cannon you will notice great effects and Visual as a result of Tracing your shot, hitting your target will show blood and damage effects, it looks pleasing to the eyes and brings joy to the game, so now you can buy new items for your hero and make him look As you wish, with the points you get after each game you win, you can pay the store a visit and get a very nice outfit for your hero to look powerful in the battles, get points in the game to start Spending on unnecessary items is not a good idea since your source of points is limited, so by the following tool Head Basketball Hack you are about to get an unlimited amount of points in a single click.

Join Worldwide Tournaments!

Once you enter the game and start playing it for a while, your overall level will be unlocked, the highest level you are, the biggest tournaments you will have the opportunity to sign up, the big tournaments will be announced Before and you will have the right to sign up or not but I recommend that you sign up because the rewards are huge and it is very difficult and competitive since you will start playing against players from around the world, Their who is the best out there and who is the king of basketball!

More Head Basketball – Tips and Tricks Guide

If you win, you gain experience points, but if you lose, you do not. One of the fastest ways to climb is to play in survival mode. This mode allows you to win or lose a single basket, so it is possible to win each turn immediately after starting. Other rounds last longer, so it takes more time to earn your levels. If you go for a long time in survival mode, you can raise level several times in a single playthrough.

Each time you win, you can press the button that says Ad Points to double on your experience for that turn. Once you win a level, go to the stats page and you will be able to boost five stats by each level you win. Some statistics, such as speed, can make it much easier to control the ball and keep getting scored on.

When your special ability is loaded, press the Capacity button and you will shoot a basket at the moment you take the ball. Make sure you grab the ball behind the three-point line so that your shot will be worth more. If you use the ability inside the paint, you only score two points of your ability.

The pieces can be spent on new characters, but each new character can be earned for free by completing specific quests. Instead, go to the locker room and you can buy new clothes for your character. Each new article of clothing could be expensive, but they are for more than looks – they can boost your statistics as well.


Last Word

In addition to the main moves in the game, there are a few that you can do to gain an advantage. Double-tap in a single direction to dash. You can also double the jump. Also, if you hit the other player enough times you can drain their energy meter, making them dizzy and being unable to move for a few seconds or until a point is marked in the basket from someone.

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