How to Fix Facebook Stuck on Update in Android

How to fix facebook stuck when updating or downloading in android.  When you updating your facebook app, after downloaded the update file the facebook app will stuck / hangs and It look likes the installing never finish.

The FB app for Android is terrible. 50% of the time, it did not properly upload photos and they are still stuck in the notification area because there is no way to cancel. You can delete by restarting the phone, but it’s a pain. An easier way would be to log out of Facebook by using these steps.

Fix Facebook Stuck on Updating in Android

Everytime, the new update available I always get this problem, we can not find exactly how to fix this problem on the internet.  Maybe you interested what I do to solve this problem, follow this steps:

  • Now go to,  Settings >> tap Application Manager >> tap Facebook App.
  • Now we will see 3 options=> Clear data, Clear Cache and Force Stop. Now tap on Clear Data, Clear Cache and Force stop,, it look likes the picture below..
  • Then open Google Play Store and try to update again the fb app, after the download finished files, wait for installation.
  • In my experience the installation requires several times to complete, you must be patient.

I hope, this tips work for you. It’s also fix The stuck upload and now cleared from the notification bar. You can now log back into the Facebook app if you wish. The item you tried to upload will not return unless you try it again.

If this happens regularly, you may want to consider just using the Mobile Facebook site in mobile browser (as like Opera, UC Browser). It provides a more reliable then facebook app.

If advice above doesn’t work for you and if your willing to try an alternative app. See here: Top alternatives to Facebook app for Android.

I’ve been using that recently and it’s very snappy and loads quicker than the original facebook app. It’s customizable too.

If It worked for you just give me a thumbs ????

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