How to disable website notifications on Chrome on Android Phones

Almost all popular websites ask consumers for permission to post updates on their phones. You may have granted the same thing over a period of time, either inadvertently or by design. Updating these websites can take up your valuable notification panel space and sifting through these notifications to access useful information can be very painful.

I don’t know about you, but I almost never want a website to send me notifications — not while I’m actively looking at the site and certainly not while it’s closed.

In addition, the content of websites will also absorb your storage space, which could be a problem in the long run.


Thankfully, a minute or two of simple tweaking can stop your browser from ever allowing such invasive invitations to pester you again.

How to prohibit sites from asking you for notification update permission altogether

Just follow these steps to turn off notifications from websites in Chrome on Android

Step 1# Go to your chrome browser’s App info >> Notifications

Step 2# Select ‘More settings’ option in Android Oreo or ‘in-app notification settings’ option in Android Pie or “Additional Settings in the app option in Android 10

Step 3# Just turn off ‘Ask before Allowing sites to send notification (recommended)’.

Android Pie (left); Android 10 (right)

How to manage sites that push notifications or updates to your android phone

Open Chrome App Info page

This can be done by long-pressing on your Chrome Icon and tapping App Info (i) on most phones. You may also access App Info page from Settings>> Apps> Chrome

Open Notifications

Android Notification management has really improved in the last few years. You will find granular notification control under the Notification option.

Scroll down to ‘Sites

’You will notice all the sites that you have allowed or blocked from pushing notifications. By tapping on individual sites, you can also customize notifications for individual sites that you find useful.

Disable Site Notifications (for all or individual sites)

You can disable options that you don’t need either individually or collectively by toggling off the ‘show notifications’ option at the start (under Sites).

That’s it. Similar options are also available for Firefox and Safari browsers.

You can also manage your Site notifications from the desktop chrome browser, but the process is simpler on Android phones.

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