Common Proxy Questions Answered

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Everybody heard of proxies, but there are many questions that have to be answered in order to have a better understanding about them. This piece of writing will acquaint you with the commonly asked questions about proxies and answers to them.

What is this?

First of all, let’s get it clear what a proxy is. It is an IP address or, in other words, the personal address of a device that is connected to the World Wide Web. Proxies are connected to a server.

How it Works?

A proxy is a special accommodation that meets a user’s request to a web resource, masks his real IP address and provides a new one. The destination web resource receives only the new address and cannot determine the real IP of the user.


What is Proxy Service?

A proxy service is a company with special software or servers that is a gateway to mobile, residential or data center proxies.

What is a Proxy Server?

It is an intermediate that links a user’s device to a server. All requests are channeled through this server before getting to the destination resource.

Who Needs Proxies?

Both ordinary people, small and large businesses need proxies. In other words, anybody who uses the World Wide Web needs them.

What is Proxy Needed for?

Proxy can be used in various ways and for various aims. One can use it to get access to sites and applications that are geo-restricted. It is possible to protect yourself and your brand’s security. Among the other valuable activities, proxies allow creating multiple accounts for businesses, monitoring and analyzing the market, promoting goods and services, conducting parsing and web scraping, comparing the prices, and monitoring the rivals.

Which Types of Proxies are there?

There are various proxy types: residential, dedicated, mobile, shared, data center, rotated and other.

How to Understand a Mobile Proxy?

It is a 3G or 4G connection that is assigned from a mobile operator to a user. With their help you are always seen as a real person by the websites and applications.

Can I Choose Geo-Location?

If you choose a reputable proxy accommodation, you will be able to target not only up to the country, but even up to the city.

How to Choose a Reputable Proxy Service?

Pay attention at:

  • security level;
  • variety of countries;
  • proxy pool;
  • free trials;
  • connection speed;
  • prices.

Free or Paid?

Free services often have problems with connection, choice of countries and quantity of proxies. That is why paid ones are more reliable. For example, OnlineSIM has over 60 million IPs globally in its pool. With high anonymity it offers fast mobile proxies with rotation 2022.

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