7 Anti-Theft Apps for Your Android Phone

Anti Theft Apps

Imagine you are happily prancing about a shopping mall, your brand-new phone in hand. You bought the shiny new gadget from Spectrum only a day ago, and want to show it off. What’s the worst thing that could happen? 

Well, getting robbed by a pick-pocket doesn’t sound ideal. But sadly, you have probably heard stories of such events, or even experienced them yourself. What can you do about it, then? You can try to not get robbed, but not fully prevent it. However, there are steps you can take to help protect your phone.

If you own an Android phone, there are many anti-theft apps you can make use of. But which one should you use? That depends on your needs. Here are some of the best anti-theft apps for your mobile phone.


#1 Find My Device

This app by Google comes already installed on your Android phone. This is a good app to cover all the basics, such as locating your phone. Through your Google account, you can track your phone within a given distance. You can also set the phone to ring at full volume to alert you.

Moreover, you can lock your phone and write a message on its display screen. This will stay until you disable it, or find your phone. Further, you can wipe all your content as a last resort. If you own an android phone or planning to buy Spectrum Mobile, this app can be a life-saver.

#2 CrookCatcher

CrookCatcher does what its name says. How? It will let you catch your mobile thief by clicking his photo. This will happen as soon as the thief tries to unlock your phone with the wrong code. After that, the photo will be sent to you through email. This way, you can catch any person who commits phone theft. 

Additionally, this app uses up less battery life compared to others. The best part? You can install this app for free. However, it comes with ads.

#3 McAfee Mobile Security

This is a popular anti-virus app, but it comes with extra features. The McAfee app includes an anti-theft function to help protect your phone. It has a device lock feature and a thief cam. When someone enters the wrong password three times, the app will take a photo. 

Plus, the thief cannot delete the app from the phone. The app also has a device tracker and alarm setting. You can get it for free from the app store.

#4 Avast Antivirus

Like McAfee, this anti-virus app also has anti-theft features. You can use it to find your device’s last known location. It also includes photo and lock functions. This app will also register your phone as stolen, through SIM Security.

Moreover, this app includes privacy settings for your phone. You can lock certain apps, such as Photos, so no one else can access them.

#5 Cerberus

This is one of the most popular apps to prevent mobile theft, with many fancy features. It protects your phone in three ways. These are the web portal, SMS, and auto-alert.

Cerberus can track your phone’s location easily. It can also help you wipe all data, lock your phone, and ring an alarm. Moreover, this app can record video and audio.

This is a paid app with a free one-week trial. You can get it directly from its website.

#6 Anti-Theft Alarm

This app differs from the rest on this list. It cannot track your device, but it can prevent theft. How? By sounding a loud alarm in certain cases. For example, you can set the alarm to ring if your phone is removed from charging. 

Similarly, if your phone is moved from its place, dropped, or has its sim changed, the alarm will ring. It will only stop when you enter a code. In this way, this is a useful free app that can help deter theft. 

#7 Where’s My Droid

Where’s My Droid comes with two plans: free and paid. The free app allows you to find your phone through GPS. It also has options to ring an alarm, lock your phone, and wipe your data.

The paid version has fancier features. These include remote photos, geo-fencing, and passive location tracking. Further, it prevents the thief from deleting the app. This app is best known for its multi-device support.

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