5 Best Free Tower Defense (TD) Games for Android

Tower Defense (TD) is a genre of game in which the player must stop the waves of enemies from crossing the map by building different types of towers which shoot at them as they pass. Each tower has different capacity, cost and prices. The player must build the right kind of towers at strategic places in order to effectively kill and stop the advance of the enemy. These games require quick thinking, careful planning and fast finger-tapping.

The Android has many games tower defense premium available on the Google Play store. So, if you want to play these games on your Android phone, here’s our list of the top 5 games free tower defense for Android.

1. Kingdom Rush



Kingdom Rush is one of the best games of the classic tower defense game created by Ironhide. The game has a great game and has four different types of towers with numerous improvements specialized towers to defend your base against hordes of enemies.

Besides the towers, you can also use hero skills to attack the invaders. There are over 50 different enemies to fight, a tough little elves from demons. Kingdom Rush offers three game modes: Campaign, heroic challenge, and Iron challenge, and each mode has three levels of difficulty can be changed at any time before selecting a level. When you finish each level, you get stars that can be used to upgrade your towers and abilities.

What’s best about Kingdom Rush is that it requires an Internet connection, so you can play online if you’re in flight or just out of the signal. The game also has achievements, micro-transactions and is also free of intrusive advertising. If you’re a fan of titles tower defense, Kingdom Rush is definitely for you.


2. Guns’n’Glory WW2


Guns’n’Glory World War 2 is another great tower defense game that created a scenario of World War II, where the center of the battlefield is focused on the Allies and the Axis powers.

In Guns’n’Glory WW2, you stand on one side of the conflict and remove the incoming enemies using tanks, bazookas, rifles and machine guns. Unlike most tower defense games, in this, the enemy counterattacks. That means you also have to use the dynamics doctor to keep their soldiers alive while defending things.

You can choose to play as US or German forces Germanythe axis and each side has different special units to take advantage. Americans have a flamethrower unit and the Germans have a doctor who can cure other troops.

The game comes with 4 different units to recruit, 12 challenging maps and 3 modes of difficulty. It also has a set of skills for updates RPG style and powerful items for tactical advantages. Players can also earn Glory Coins and spend them on the troops and improvements to the battlefield.


3. Pirate Legends TD


Pirate Legends TD is an interesting tower defense game that is set in the vast ocean. In the game, you’ll play as a pirate captain and have to fend off hordes of pesky enemies as evil Imperial Navy, cannibal tribes and hordes of zombies.
You have 20 different towers to defend your ship, all of which are upgradeable and have their own special abilities. Besides the different types of towers, Pirate Legends TD also offers two special guns, 5 different flying heroes and 5 Special items as Kraken, gyroscope, jagged rocks, etc., which means that when the enemy break through their defense the tower can do more than just watch their inevitable march at its base. You can even change the angle of fire of your ship.
Best of Pirate Legends TD is its excellent graphics, allowing you to enjoy seven different settings – all perfectly hand painted.
Pirate Legends TD is a game of very nice tower defense with great graphics and visual appeal. If you’re looking for a free game of tower defense is a challenge and looks great, then TD Pirate Legends is the game for you.


4. Castle Defense


Castle Defense is a great tower defense game that has good graphics and deep game. Like other tower defense games, your primary objective is to prevent enemy forces from reaching the base of the construction of towers. There are four different basic towers to defend. Each tower has its own specific and unique features, and each can be upgraded in two main towers of the strongest defenses.

It will also be able to deploy soldiers to block the enemy advance and use spells to attack enemy forces. The game provides three types of soldiers to choose from. The barbarian can attack ground targets and do heavy damage, the champion has the highest HP and can heal themselves, and the magician can attack both air and ground targets, while having the ability to lock a few seconds.

Castle Defense offers a wide range of game modes for the campaign, including normal, hard, mission and endless, and Arena mode, which allows it to compete with millions of players in the world arena.


5. Towers N’ Trolls


Towers N ‘Trolls is a tower defense game fast paced where you must defend your base from waves and waves of trolls. The goal is to kill all the trolls before they reach your castle. There are lots of different towers can be built to defend your castle, including the ice tower, scout tower, catapult, cannon, beam, etc., all with different attacks and specialties.

There are also runes on some levels, that magnify the power of its towers, adding additional damage, greater range, firing rate or faster. In addition to jewelry, you can also find chests hidden in some levels to be open with a tower treasures and gold mine from time to time, which give extra money. Cash, of course, is used to buy new towers and upgrade existing ones.

Towers N ‘Trolls HD offers 65 challenging levels across 11 worlds of fantasy. Each world has a unique gaming environment, obstacles, and terrain. There are four game modes available to you: Campaign, Challenge, Open Mode and endless journey.


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