How to use Volume Chopcut app if Volume Keys not Working on Android

Smartphones, no matter how they are great, carry the risk of being damaged. Accidentally drop your bag and you might have to buy a new one. Even if you keep it with care, it is possible that it could be damaged. One of the most frequently encountered by users of smartphones problem is that the hardware buttons stop working and they do not know the reason.

Fix Broken Volume Keys with the Volume Chopcut app.

Earlier, I shared what to do if your smartphone power button stops working, in this article I’ll tell you how to take control of the volume of your android smartphone when its volume buttons stop working because when it comes to Android devices there is hardly a part that can not be solved, modified and improved.

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Using volume chopcut app when Android Volume Keys are Broken
Using volume chopcut app when Android Volume Keys are Broken

For the power of the volume buttons, we’ll use an application called Volume ChopCUT apk. So what this app does is that it takes the functionality of your buttons and transfers on the broken volume screen. Take it like this – earlier, we hardware buttons for home, back, and recent applications, but now all the functions of the hardware buttons were put on the screen.

How to Use Volume ChopCUT  app on Android 

Volume ChopCUT  app is very simple to set up, simply select the appropriate settings after installation. These are the main options:

Controlling Volume with Voume Chopcut App
Controlling Volume with Volume Chopcut App

1. The basic notification: This option is very light because it adds a single persistent notification in the notification panel and you can assign a function (volume/alarm / call volume/ringer volume media ) to her. Several functions may also be affected, but only one line will be used in the notification database option.

 Voume Chopcut Extended Notification feature.
Volume Chopcut Extended Notification feature.

2. Extended Notification: This option also adds a persistent notification in the notification panel, but it provides extensive control over the basic notification. To make the process easy, it adds built-up and down buttons for volume control.

3. Floating Equalizer: This is an experimental feature that gives you access to EQ via the floating button.
Other than all the above options, you can also integrate with Google Volume ChopCUT now and you will be able to control the volume through voice commands. To do this, you have to give him access to accessibility settings.

Floating widget on volume button apk
Floating widget on volume chopcut  apk app

4. Floating Widget: As the name suggests, this option adds a widget that floats on the screen and can be dragged anywhere. This widget draws over other applications so that it will always remain above all other app. Tapping on the widget gives access to volume controls for the media, alarm, ringtone, and call. It has a number of icons to choose from for the widget. Icon size and transparency are customizable.

Download Volume ChopCUT App

Download Volume ChopCUT.apk file>> here (File size: 4 MB ) if your device latest version then download Assistive Volume Button.apk

Have you ever faced such a situation? Did you find this useful workaround?
Do you have another tip or trick to control the volume, although the volume buttons do not work? Tell us in the comments section below.

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