How to Become a Professional Player in Mini Militia (Doodle Army 2 Pro Tricks)

You Love Doodle Army 2: mini militia game. If you new on Mini Militia family and trying to Become a Professional Player in Mini Militia (Pro Player).  This Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia guide will focus on how to perform these techniques that might work best in a certain button placement as Doodle Army 2 Pro Tricks. You can use any comfortable configuration you want, but when most people miss is the use of the scrum. This is one of the most versatile features of the game.

Mini Militia (Doodle Army 2) Pro Tricks

The regular player does not shoot and melee simultaneously. The pro Doodle Army 2: mini militia does.

Here are 2 ways to achieve that,

  1. The thumb switcher:
    This configuration may seem a bit odd. Wherever you want, You can place grenade reload and zoom . I focus only on purpose, movement and melee placement relative to these (This applies to all configurations).the-thumb-switcher-min-awesome-techniques-to-become-a-professional-player-in-mini-militia While moving, as you all know, pressing melee, you move faster. so use your right thumb to press the fray, and soon an opponent shows, start shooting. Also, you can use your thumb to mix LEFT pressure, and you will not have to stop shooting if it is approaching. further damage.
    Place your buttons so that you can achieve the fray with both thumbs comfortably, and switch between them as required.
  2. Melee fapping:
    This configuration is more commonly known as three-finger configuration. Since the fray is so important, you assign another finger to the fray. This will be your finger INDEX. Place the fray in the upper left corner of your screen so that when you are naturally holding your phone, you can touch the corner of your screen with your finger comfortably.melee-fapping-min-awesome-techniques-to-become-a-professional-player-in-mini-militiaIf you prefer to use your right hand to it, simply place the fray in the upper right corner and offset this with other buttons.

I do not have to explain a lot about how to use it. You can move, shoot and melee ALL THE SAME TIME. 3 different fingers for different tasks. Also, you will begin to move naturally much faster than you’ll be pressing so more often than usual melee.

See also:


When you crouch, your goal is stabilized and bullets do not divide much. Also the exposed area of your avatar reduced, which means that the opponent will take over a smaller area than when you are standing or outdoors, for example. This means they can not be to you perfectly. Try to crouch ALL THE TIME. Now there is another “use” of crouching in reducing damage taken grenades. The problem with this is that you still lose some health. I will go over better technique to counter the grenades later in this guide. Just remember to stay low when you are vulnerable to bullets and fire merciless.


Base to Base Combat

There are several spots in almost all the maps where you can apply the basic basic combat. This form of fighting should come to you by instinct where you always try to stay in front of your opponent. This can work against 1 of 1 more efficiently than many players.

Now, most of you say that in a one against one. But you must learn to play one against one perfectly because it is the cheapest possible type of game (no distractions). If the opponent gets sniper / other long-range weapons, the game becomes simple face. base-to-base-combat-min-how-to-become-a-professional-player-in-mini-militia

Here I will show how. Look at the player on the left.

  1. Sitting correctly, taking cover. Watch for grenades and get ready to flee,
  2. shooting position. Do not mount more than shown in the photo, or you will start to take a huge fire. often return to the “1” position. Play safe.

Too exposed and you will die if you come this far forward or skip. If you must leave the place, throw a grenade and rewind.

This applies to almost any location on the map where you can hide behind a small object or a stone. Try to follow it instead of dying like crazy in the air. Mastering it takes a long time. I followed her for over a year and I’m not even close to the master.

Watch your laser pointer. You just enough for your bullets to pass through. Come over and you’re open fire. Keep in mind that unless you come, the better.

Here are some places where you can practice basic combat based.

  • ICE BOX – This map has a variety of points that can help you train for all kinds of game sure to aim as precisely as possible..
  • SLIDE MID POINT – For precise sniper training, and any gun with a 5+ zoom.
  • NO ESCAPE – For shooting type pistols, such as uzi (with or without double), Ak-47 Maverick, M15, or any gun.
  • HIGH TOWER – for any gun (but try grenades and gas) The opponent can be easily locked in place if they move inside. There are also two places like this here, one above the other. If you seem to lose grip in one place, you can move up / down to the next place. Stand there and take cover, do not let the opponent take the respective opposite point.

For now, try to improve your aim with a basic combat based. This includes keeping the opponent out a gun and shoot when they expose. If they fire, you take cover. Play like it, share some grenades but never expose yourself too much from your “base.”


Camping and Rushing(THE OPPOSITES)

  • The camp holds your field, waiting for the opponent to make his move.
  • Rushing moves confidently before the gun camper and attack (When temporarily distracted)
  • To play like a pro, you must find the right balance between the two. You do not need to go to the opponent each time, they will come for you. Do not get too close; Just keep decent distance and you will have better chances of getting the kill.
  • Rush and you will die too if your opponent can predict your move (NOOB MISTAKE).
  • Camp too and you will be killed by grenades good or good rush with shotgun.
  • If you rush, do it only when you are 100% certain that you will get killed. Move unpredictable madness around with the positions of the enemy and expose or camp behind and wait for the camper to move or the move by using your grenades. It’s just a patient game.

The Natural Curve of Enemy’s Movement (THE UNPREDICTABILITY)

Have you ever noticed when 2 players reproduce all but one of them spawning a split second earlier and it would have moved slightly away?

When this happens, the player returns to kill the player just spawned in a sinuous movement away from the first player. This is more evident when the two are in the air. Now I’ll tell you how to get the kill when you created earlier or later.

  • If you have spawned earlier, you have to assume the other guy knows how you will move. This is unpredictability. DO NOT MOVE TO A CIRCULAR MOTION. Move to him and fire merciless spam and mixed together. Your health will decrease rapidly, but with practice, you will be the man standing. You have another option to get away and throw grenades, but you may expose you to the fire of the opponent (or another player).
  • If you have generated later and say that the opponent calls that curve toward you. All you have to do is to improvise in the situation. Aiming for him will not be effective because it will be constantly moving fast. Try to aim slightly ahead, keeping in mind the direction in which it moves. If you do this well, he will be dead before he gets closer to you.
  • Otherwise, you can always mingle spam when it’s close enough, but remember that your health will go down as it will take. To reduce the damage done, try to stay CROUCHED on the whole time. Better if you can take cover behind a stone or a section of the wall.

Spatial Awareness


Awareness also includes the status of your firearms. Gun switching is like changing equipment on a bike, you must continue to do so quite often. Always wear a combo of a long-range and short-range weapon. Keep both charged so you can go and start shooting instantly.

If too many people are around you, and you’re about to be surrounded, DO NOT DUMB MOTION COMICS OF SUICIDE. His lame and a very good thing market. Instead, you can block a certain way by throwing gas. If this is timed, you might get a kill of only gas, and it will give you time to focus on your opponent.


As you can see below, I’m surrounded in three directions, with the gas blocking me on the left. Adapt to it. Prepare to die, but manage to sneak a kill with it.

Mines, Grenades and Gas

  1. Gas

    Gas grenades can be very difficult to use. Meleeing really helps them achieve decent distance. The # 1 priority is to take gas directly on someone. Watch when people are stuck in a box or cup (even if it’s just for a few seconds). Enjoy it and lock them with gas. Timing is the key. Remember how it spreads and the distance it goes. This is about 1/3 of distance regular grenade. The # 2 approach would be to block someone an entry. But use the gas in narrow passages or tunnels. Anyone aura around him outdoors, do not waste. You can also predict when someone will rush and try to draw them into the gas.

    If you are on the side of dodging gas, all I can say is beware, especially if the opponent throws well. Try not to sit in vulnerable locations such as cans and cups. Control your urge to rush. (Opposite the above paragraph quite good).

    Another controversial aspect is the gas on spawning points. I speak only because many people do, but do evil. Try to keep the gas where you are, and move away after you spawn, instead of disposable. Well, it depends on how you start the gas, but my way is the safer choice. But it’s still not cool. If you do that, there is nothing to do other than to memorize the spawn points on the cards. I strongly recommend not to do this because it’s very cheap and unfair.

  2. Grenades

    If you move back and throw a grenade at you, notice how less distance it covers. This can be very useful for a short base basis. Of course, also run away as you can is the main objective. Melee made that happen. Observe how the fray slightly deflects the goal due to the movement of the hand of the avatar. Practice pressure on the grenade while the hand is always in motion. In other words, throw a grenade just after the melee, and it will go quite a distance. You will control the trajectory as and as you train.
    Let’s say someone throws you a grenade. Most of you crouch in such situations. This will reduce the damage taken, but it is risky. The best solution is to run. The more you do, the better your reflexes get, and you’ll begin to dodge earlier. In fact here’s a pro tip.
    Learn to use your environment. Check angles on surfaces and how grenade bounces when thrown against a wall or a bump. Remember that not all of the distance.

  3. Proxy mines

    Let’s be honest here, everybody hates mine. And love together. Points obvious planting it are spawning spots, behind the bushes, and in places where people are moving very fast. It will be hard to notice. Another use is cheap to go very close to the opponent and suicide (does not work every time).mines-grenades-gas-kills-min-how-to-become-a-professional-player-in-mini-militia
    I recommend you take them as the way they are supposed to be. If you master the calculation of the target deviation melee, mines will be a toy for you. They are really hard to avoid, and unlike grenades, they almost instantly exploding when not planted on a wall. But you will need to either predict the movement of your opponent, or wait for them to precipitate. Be careful if you want to rush you with mine. You risk suicide.
    The right movement of mine is pretty easy to understand, you just need a good understanding of the speed / slow you have to throw. Adjust it by moving in the same direction / reverse. That is to say, if you can not treat it Melee’ing.

Moving away from enemy

The worst short-range rifle that you can meet with an opponent’s shotgun. Let’s say you forgot to take the cover, and you either have to rush, or die. There is a third option. CURRENT COURSE. Just continue to shoot him while you move back and away from him.

With a little luck and a good purpose, you could get killed. Otherwise, you have at least escaped the reach of shotguns. You bought time to find a weapon. Just move and spray in opposite directions and you’re good to go. You have to decide between the campsite, rush and retreat (back). This choice varies weapons opponents, so be careful.

Holding Opponent At Gunpoint

Very effective for distinguishing lost killers. Do not try that when you have a more powerful weapon than your opponent. See pic below for example. In each case, they have to die. Let’s say your opponent is camped somewhere and they have to move. They have an output that you are covered. Camping outside this output makes them nervous and they could choose to rush, which works to your advantage. If not, no one will stop throwing grenades / gas them. The idea is to force them to abandon the kill. If you’ve played a lot of online games, you would have been in situations where you know you will die. A pro player acts out of instinct and manages to save or to kill with die. Do not give this choice to your opponents.


Reduce zoom and wait. Stay on their only exit, and the fire as soon as they appear. You can only get good at it by playing with other pros.

Backing Up A Teammate

It’s a pretty simple concept. But he needs you to focus primarily on the team score rather than the staff score. It also means being vigilant. I can not stress this enough, stick together. It has been said a million times and it’s a boring cliche, but people still fail. They fall too far behind, leaving them alone mate, or they rush instantly, realizing unnecessary.

Know what type of weapons you are good and your teammates. If someone on your team is a better sniper, be kind enough to abandon it. You will have someone covering you when you rush. Know not to throw a grenade at your opponent when your teammate is in combat. But ultimately do what’s best for the team. If you betray, it is a less given to kill opponents. All earned killings are a bonus.

Never miss opportunities. Shoot an opponent when he is distracted by your partner can be the best way you can help. Stop worrying and will save lives. Make sure that your teammates have the same mentality, and you will find your team win automatically.

Note to non pro pack players

Pro Pack is not a big deal, believe me. If you have the skills, the weapons available to you are more than enough to win any game. Here is some more information if you are looking to buy pro pack.

Practise hard, and wreck everyone.

Whatever configuration you choose to go with, just remember that it only takes a day or two to get adjusted. Bear with it, do not go back to what you had originally, and you get used to it in no time. Play a lot of survival (single player), then go to play fast and practice with less experienced players tend to make mistakes. If you play with the pros directly into custom rooms when you are on a new configuration, you will be defeated and feeling unmotivated. DO NOT PLAY WITH PROS UNLESS YOU ARE COMFORTABLE. Play 1 against 1 and not with 6 players in total, so you have to play on custom.

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