What is Spotify ++? Should I use it?

Spotify is the most popular music streaming service in the world right now. If you are a music lover and want to enjoy it everywhere, Spotify plus is the best choice. However, if you have tried this service, you will find that the free version has many disadvantages. For example, you can only skip 6 songs per stream, you cannot play high-quality songs, you cannot create playlists. And especially the appearance of the advertisements will ruin the joy of listening to your music.

This is why users often find mod versions of this application, which gives access to Premium features without paying any fees. Spotify ++ is considered one of the most effective and popular mods. However, due to a major change in developer policy, this app has limitations which at present we recommend that you consider using it. Please refer to this article for an overview of this application.

What is Spotify ++?

Spotify ++ is a tweak with digital signatures of third-party applications like Tweakbox, Tutuapp. This is actually an adjustment on iOS, based on the developer’s Sandbox security vulnerability to deeply interfere with the application. From there, it is possible to change the user account status from Free to Premium. This means you just have to install this tweak, log into an existing account and use it as a Premium account without paying any fees.


There have been a lot of people using Spotify ++ on jailbroken iOS devices and confirming that it works. From a user perspective, you will find Spotify ++ really cool. However, we think you should see this story more objectively. Firstly, we claim that this application may present certain risks as it is an illegal action. Deep interference with the system can also cause the application to work unstably and damage your device. We have provided you with an overview of this app. And our advice is that you should consider before using it. Please refer to the content below.

  • Discover new music, albums, and podcasts
  • Listen to your Favorite songs and podcasts
  • Enjoy playlists made just for you
  • Search for your favorite song, artist, or podcast
  • Make and share your own playlists
  • Listen on your android mobile and tablet
  • Find music for any mood and activity

The reasons why you should not use Spotify ++ at the moment.

  • The developer has warned that accounts using mod versions of the app may be locked without notice.
  • Spotify is currently available in over 65 different countries. It offers monthly subscription packages at reasonable prices and is suitable for most people. So instead of using illegitimate mods like Spotify ++, you can upgrade your account directly in the app. In addition, you also have 3 months of free trial before deciding to spend money.
  • Spotify ++ may not function properly and is dangerous for your device.
  • Spotify ++ is only available on jailbroken iOS. Therefore, you need to jailbreak the device to install it. This is not possible with the latest versions of iOS.

How To Get Spotify In Any Country For Free! (force install)

How To Get Spotify In Any Country For Free!

Features Of Spotify++

As I said in this post above, Spotify ++ gives you access to all Spotify Premium features for free. Below, I highlight some of the most useful features of This Spotify Plus.

Download Music Offline

The only bad part of this is that you can’t use offline mode, but wait. I have a solution for that. I created a separate article where I shared how you can download music from Spotify for free without a premium subscription.

Unlimited Everything

Since we know that Spotify Free only allows us to skip six songs per hour, it’s very disgusting. That’s why we’ve removed this limit, which means you’ll get unlimited mixes and jumps in this Spotify Plus for iPhone.

No Ads

Everyone loves the ad-free experience. This is why this is the best feature of this apk mod. We have removed both visual and audio advertisements from this application, which means that you will not experience ad interruptions while registering your favorite songs.

More Features

Well, below are some more features that you would love.

  • Extreme audio unlocked
  • No Jailbreak Required
  • Unlimited shuffle
  • Unlocked Spotify Connect
  • Seek FWD button added
  • Choose any song
  • Seeking Enabled
  • Search Enabled
  • Repeats Enabled

Is Spotify ++ available on Android?

The answer is no. You can’t find it anywhere on the Internet. This app is only available on iOS and for jailbroken devices. So, if you want to use the premium features of the app, you can try the latest Spotify mod that we have provided here.

The peculiarity is that this mod is modified on the original version of the application, it is completely safe for users.

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