PUBG Mobile India: APK Download to be reportedly available on official website

PUBG Mobile India could have the APK Download link to be available on the official website but there is no clarity on when the game will be launched.

PUBG Mobile India’s APK download Latest News: There is tremendous confusion among gamers in India as to when PUBG Mobile will launch in India. After releasing teasers of the game around the time of Diwali, the game was expected to be launched by the end of 2020. There was a pre-registration page that had a doubtful authenticity and a Facebook page was also created, but recent developments seem to suggest that PUBG Mobile India is still some way off from being launched despite PUBG Corporation being officially listed on the website of the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. However, there is one more development that is going on behind the scenes.

According to some reports, PUBG Mobile’s APK Download links could be made available on the official website of the corporation just like other mobile games. The day the APK Download appears on the website, that is an indication that the game could be launched soon. However, officially till now, the MEITY (Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology) has still not given permission to PUBG Mobile to begin operations anywhere in India. Officially, it has not yet been launched anywhere in Google Play Store or IoS.


PUBG Mobile India’s earlier APK Download

PUBG Mobile India will be different from the global version in some ways. This will give the game a whole new identity in India and it will enhance the gaming experience for the users.

This apparently doesn’t mean that the game is available for download but the developers are giving final touch-ups to their website. The page also hints about a new logo for PUBG Mobile India with slight modifications over the global version.

Earlier, when the decision to unban PUBG was announced by the Central Government, there were speculations that the game would come back to India by the year-end. PUBG Mobile India has been furiously building-up speculation that the game would be launched soon. However, on Friday, the PUBG Mobile India game was apparently available for a couple of hours! According to several reports, the APK download link of PUBG Mobile India briefly appeared for some users. The APK download option was available but the button was not working. However, this has now raised speculation that the official site is testing the bandwidth before the official launch of PUBG Mobile India.

What will be different for PUBG Mobile in India as compared to the global version? Well, it begins straight from the name. The name of the game in India will be PUBG Mobile India while in the global market, it will just be PUBG Mobile. According to reports, there are changes in the gameplay for the Indian market. The developers have apparently revealed that there will be not be too much bloodshed shown and the dresses and characters will be according to Indian sensibilities.

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