Little Big City 2 Cheats: 6 Best Tips n Tricks for Buildings, Strategy Guide

Little Big City 2 Cheats Tips and Tricks for Android

Build homes to increase the capacity of the population of your city and unlocks Home Initiatives, which will attract new citizens to your island as you complete them. Here’s Little Big City 2 Mod APK for Free Unlimited Diamonds, Money.
According to the script, followed by the game, you need to convert a steamy island in a crowded country town and take it to new heights. To achieve your goal, you must work with the mayor and his eccentric team.Game game begins with the construction of buildings for homes, factories, markets and build roads for transport. Build shopping centers and parks for children and provide city residents with all necessary facilities. Upgrading already build Homes to make room for more people and earn money.little-big-city-2-mod-apk-for-free-unlimited

Homes – Little Big City 2 Cheats Tips

The homes recommended by each councilor City provide a specific set of bene fi ts in your city:
The homes of the Advisor Industrial Han Woo Jin has the largest capacity, advise homes cultural Luciana Flores provide the most effective initiatives of the house, and Technology Advisor Homes Arina Bosko embody a balanced approach.

Do not forget to place all your homes nearby infrastructure buildings, such as fire departments, police stations and hospitals, so they offer you maximum benefits for your city!


Safety security – Little Big City 2 Cheats Tips

Build hospitals, police stations and fire departments in your city to ensure the safety and security of your citizens.
Homes and services protected by the infrastructure buildings operate at maximum power, while those not protected appropriately have their reduced production.

Buildings Service – Little Big City 2 Cheats Tips

The service buildings are very beneficial for the development of the city.
They generate city initiatives, which reward you cash as you complete them, and they constantly accelerate the production rate for their respective production buildings, as well as income tax boost.
Homes like you have to place your service buildings nearby infrastructure buildings to ensure they provide the greatest benefits for your city.

Landmarks – Little Big City 2 Cheats Tips

Landmarks are special buildings that allow you to develop your city in new ways.
They are the main production centers, allowing you to produce advanced goods, but only in a queue. Landmarks also unlock advanced buildings.

If you want to build a specific benchmark, you will need a number of blueprints and a construction site.
You also need to have unlocked the previous Monuments overall.

Stadium – Little Big City 2 Cheats Tips

Every great city must have a stadium, increasing tax revenues and provides daily tasks.
When you finish a series of tasks, you receive a temporary boost on rewards for initiatives.

Decorations – Little Big City 2 Cheats Tips

Decorations let you add a personal touch to your city, making it beautiful to look at and very
to new citizens.
Use decorations will also increase the number of citizens arriving on the ship daily.

Little Big City 2 Cheat codes

Codes to be searched, if you have ;
1 diamond = 132120384
2 diamond = 132120256
3 diamond = 132120128
4 diamond = 132120000
5 diamond = 132119872
6 diamond = 132119744
7 diamond = 132119616
8 diamond = 132119488
9 diamond = 132119360
10 diamond = 132119232
11 diamond = 132119104

if you want 999.945 diamod ????
change code — > 8321856

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