Best Wallpaper Maker Apps for Android that Create Your Own Wallpapers

Why use best wallpaper maker app for android? Why you finding Best Wallpaper Maker Apps list? Wallpapers are an important part of your phone and are one of the easiest ways to refresh your device. Wallpapers are the face of your device after all, so they better be good. We have already shared an awesome wallpaper with you – both live and static.

Best Wallpaper Maker Apps

You know what would be fun? Create your own wallpapers instead of using existing wallpaper and you do not have to be an artist to do so. There are some really great applications in the game store that allow you to create wallpapers that are unique and truly yours and require minimal input.

Here are 8 of the best apps to create your own unique wallpapers (Best Wallpaper Maker Apps for Android).

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Tapet unlimited supply (really) design wallpaper material for your device. What’s cool about Tapet is the huge amount of wallpapers it has to offer. It is relatively small and require no Internet connection or download size to create wallpapers. So that Tapet is my best wallpaper maker app for my android phone.tapet

Tapet has dozens of models and huge color schemes which he combines to create new wallpaper every time you use it. These models are growing even more with In-App Purchase.

Tapet comes with predefined templates that can be modified easily with a few scans. It has so many amazing combinations it is almost impossible that you will see a screen again, once it’s gone, it’s gone.

Wallpapers by Tapet are based on chance. New wallpapers can be created using different scans. Keep dragging until you find what suits you best. 

Developer: SharpRegion
Price: Free+


Tint is a wallpaper designer simple and minimal super gradient. It allows you to select two colors to create a gradient in different directions as vertical and horizontal. Once you’re satisfied with what you have, you can set it as wallpaper or save it to your device.tint

It is very easy to use and somewhat addictive. Just play with different colors and you’ll have plenty of awesome wallpapers, simple and minimal. It’s best wallpaper maker app for cool user. 

Tint - Make Gradient Wallpaper
Tint - Make Gradient Wallpaper
Developer: SV Dev
Price: Free

FreshCoat Wallpaper Creator

FreshCoat is the first wallpaper creator, I came across Android. So yes, it is quite old compared to other apps on this list, but, of course, is one of the best creators painted paper for Android.

FreshCoat hosts dozens of effects and textures that can be applied to solid colors as well as images. Just take a picture from your gallery and add an effect / texture / filter and get something unique.freshcoat

Although FreshCoat has tons of options, it is very easy to use and has nothing to complicate the overall experience.

The app was not found in the store. 🙁

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WallMate – Wallpaper Animator

wallmateWALLMATE is a powerful facilitator wallpaper or a Live wallpaper designer. You can create your own animated wallpapers using built-in forms, animations and colors. There are dozens of options to choose from if you have a lot of opportunities here.

Although the wallpaper creator is a little hard to understand at first (very little), it becomes pretty easy once you get used to it. If you do not want to create wallpapers from scratch, select an integrated set of wallpaper or packs created by the user and start editing.

Wallpapers, once fixed, like static wallpapers the animation runs while sweeping. The integrated screen game is pretty good. It offers an experience quite smooth.

Blur Wallpaper

blurWallpapers Blur look pretty dope. I think they clearly meet the line between simple and aesthetic wallpapers.

Wallpaper Blur allows you to blur, darken and desaturate an image from your phone. There is nothing more to it. It is simple, both in terms of usability and functionality, but is able to add effects dope on your existing wallpaper. It’s like having Muzei as wallpapers without the Muzei application.

Blur Wallpaper is best wallpaper maker apps for their simplicity.

Blur Wallpaper
Blur Wallpaper
Developer: Appdictive
Price: Free+

Photo Wall FX Live Wallpaper

Using Photo Wall FX Live Wallpaper you can combine different images from your gallery into one, like a collage. You get variety of configurations to choose

Once created, you can then add various filters and animations to make it more lively and interactive collage. It is optimized for smartphones and tablets.

Although many things are happening on the home screen, the drain of the battery is minimal.

Photo Wall FX Live Wallpaper
Photo Wall FX Live Wallpaper
Developer: Handy Apps
Price: Free+

Kwote: Quote Maker


Kwote is another best wallpaper maker app for android. Kwote lets you create wallpapers with various quotes and sayings inspired and motivated. It has tons of quotes divided into various categories like comedy, motivation, faith, love, etc.

In terms of customization, it has several filters, fonts and background colors to choose from. As many quotes and customization options, you can ensure that what you create is unique and entirely your own.kwote

While this does not allow you to add your own quotes, there is a solution here. To add your own quote, simply select any quote the options, select edit, delete this quote completely, and enter your own words or quotes. 

The app was not found in the store. 🙁

Ditalix Live Wallpapers

Ditalix Live wallpapers allow you to create abstract and interactive live wallpapers react to the touch. Although it does not allow you to create live wallpapers from scratch, it offers a huge amount of customization options that can be applied over existing wallpaper.

It has a user wallpaper section created from which you can download many wallpapers in different categories and start customizing them immediately.Ditalix

It gives you just the wallpaper and then let the rest of the configuration for you to deal with. It comes with a lot of shapes and patterns. There are so many options like deciding animation effects, duration, glow, grids, colors and much more than that will surely require a little time to get what you want.

Once created, you can share your free live wallpaper on the web and vote on the creations of other users.

Ditalix Live Wallpaper
Ditalix Live Wallpaper
Developer: Fahrbot PRI
Price: Free+

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Have you created your own wallpaper with best wallpaper maker app for android? How did it go? Or you prefer not to get their hands dirty and rely on pre-made wallpapers?

Do the applications mentioned above encourage you to create your own unique wallpapers?

Tell us what you think about it in the comments section below and if you create some amazing wallpapers using the apps mentioned above, do share them with us!

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